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Crystalraven rated it
Dragon-Blooded War God
October 3, 2016
Status: c103
No. Just no. 1.) The MC is as sh*tty as his father. 2.) Every character in the world aside from his family exists just to fight he MC.

3.) Generic sect, generic sect elders, generic young genius in the sect who has eyes on top of his head.

4.) MC one of the biggest hypocrites I've seen in Xianxia.

... more>> 5.) MC has no baseline principle. At least other MCs don't go back on their words and blames someone else when they get held in contempt.

6.) MC doesn't have distinctive traits. He has nothing to him except his stupid bloodline. This is the case for a lot of Xianxia MCs but in this it's more prevalent. 7.) Bland fights. I'd forgive this if the novel has great narrative and plot like TTNH or Everyone Else is A Returnee, but it doesn't have great narrative OR plot.

8.) The world is so underdeveloped. Now it may be just because the translation is just barely a hundred chapters out of three thousand, but if you can't get the reader to get a solid understanding of your world and be immersed in 100 chapters, you know something is wrong.

9.) Character development is lacking. I'd feel sorry for the mother if the author gave the reader more insight to her psyche. But he didn't. The readers saw everything from the MCs perspective. So when the mother's 'tragic' story got revealed and the MC forgave her, the readers felt enraged at worst and indifferent at best. Not even a shred of sympathy for a character with so much potential.

I can go on and on about this but I'll just stop here. If you're bored or just finding something to pass the time when waiting for other novel releases, just read PMG or MGA. At least those try to justify the fights. The only good thing I can think of in his novel is the romance. However even that isn't enough to make me stick around. <<less
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