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CrowFX rated it
To Be a Power in the Shadows!
May 11, 2018
Status: c54
This novel is a gem.

Expect a Shounen archetype story, but with the shounen elements perverted into oblivion.

Don't read this for the fights, but read this for the theatrical actions that is done often because of stupid reasons or the 'WTF' reaction from the antagonists and the casts outside of MC's harem-but-too-chuuni-to-realize circle.

Expect common Shounen tropes like waiting for enemies to ready their final form, talking when fighting, etc, but don't let this hinder you. The novel uses these tropes to bring more hilarious situations.

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CrowFX rated it
Kusuriya no Hitorigoto
August 23, 2017
Status: v2c7
Maomao is a cute girl, nuff said.

Anyway, the setting of the novel has a huge influence from the Chinese novel tropes, but very surprisingly never abused them. In fact, it can be seen as a very shallow reference to popular Chinese trope but never delve deep other than just 'borrowing' the setting.

The MC is not a subject on the power struggle of the politics, but instead gradually becomes an object of desire by different parties as her skill gets (reluctantly) known. Considering Maomao's achievements are done by goodwill (she is... more>> not a goody-two-shoes mind you), and those in power struggle are not really evil (Just their circumstances causing them to face each other), it becomes obvious these people want Maomao's allegiance -slash- affection. While not distinctively shown, It's clearly seen there is a tension to get the 'ownership' of Maomao, leading to hilarious situations as they try to mark her as theirs.

The MC is cute, both in personality and appearance, though she tries to downplay the latter via makeup to get under the radar. As a reader, you would probably see her as that little sister you cannot leave alone because if you do, disasters and misunderstandings awaits. The MC knows her limit, but definitely does not pull back to push things to the limit. She is a bit unhinged as well, in a cute way, (I mean c'mon, she prefers to drink more poison since she thinks it's not enough to get deeper analysis). In modern settings, you would probably see her as that mad scientist little sister trope, only she is the MC.

Basically, she is a very, very lovable MC. The kind which you want to hug and sit on your lap, but she tries to get away because of her personality, which makes you want to hug her more. <<less
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CrowFX rated it
The Struggle of Returning to The Other World
July 2, 2018
Status: c10
In simple term: this novel is mostly about someone that can't get over a rejection.

If you feel a strong annoyance when you deal with a friend who cannot get over his crush after rejection or a fallout with his girlfriend, YOU WILL DEFINITELY NOT ENJOY THIS NOVEL AT ALL.

Chapter 1 is a lie to both the MC herself and the readers. She said she will be an adult, naturally we readers assume she will left whatever feelings behind and search anew or at least keep being single without any attachments... more>> left, but chapter 2 proves otherwise. Where's the resolution the MC speak off? A mere lie.

Realistic? I don't think so. In the premise, there's never a relationship blossoming between the supposed male lead and the heroine to act as an anchor for plot point. Then there's a 1.5 year gap without any contact whatsoever. Enough time to forget those feelings or at least dumb them down so that the supposed male lead will just be a mere coworker relationship at best.

I actually expect a story where the MC is annoyed to be summoned again and wished to come back home, and during this time, the romance rekindled by sheer coincidence or at least done by the male lead, and ML tries to persuade the heroine to stay. NOT THE OTHER FREAKING WAY AROUND.

The only thing I saw in the MC is that she is pathetic to be unable to move on even after 1.5 years away without any contact whatsoever.

The good thing about this novel is the exposition is used in a good manner and the pacing is alright, the translation is great. The plot transition is also believable, no Deus ex or trash plot tool used (for now). These good points are the only reason why I rate it at 4 instead of 3. <<less
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I like the premise. It's probably safe to assume we are reading on the love rival's shoe but without our MC (the love rival) being a reincarnation or having any previous life memories. It's a fresh change for a start. for now I rate it 5 stars, but may change in the future after more chapters are translated
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CrowFX rated it
Atelier Tanaka
August 8, 2017
Status: c16 part2
I wonder why with the low rating.

The MC is a pervert, but not to the point of degenerate. Ok, his thoughts sometimes can be over the line, but he keeps it to himself and never act upon it.

It's like thinking doing explicit stuff to your crush, but doesn't talk about it to anybody. It's very humane and very relatable, unlike those perfect gentlemen without fault MC in many novels.

To me, this negative aspect of the MC is a plus.
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If you search for a fluff, then this novel is in your alley.

With that said, I personally don't think this is worth that 4.6 score (1st of August 2018). Somewhere around 4.0~4.1 is more appropriate.

The MC is well.. Rather mary sue, like nothing she will ever do will be wrong in another person's eyes, and for every ideas she hatched every one else follows without any second thought.

Is it bad? If the story is on a more serious tone, yes very much so, but until chapter 10 the story is... more>> filled with fluff instead of plot, so I suppose it's doable. But if you don't like this kind of MC, turn away now.

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