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Really love this manga! Not only is the story excellent, but the translator is the best at pushing out updates. I really love watching the protagonist's obsession and dependence on the Reader grow!

I also would LOVE to have a copy of Du Ze's doujinshi *cough cough* for educational purposes (/*/w/*/)
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CrookedCrown rated it
Misplacement Game
January 16, 2019
Status: v1c1
After reading the first chapter, I’m excited! This is a refreshing concept in the plethora of transmigration yaoi novels. The MC’s straightforward personality is cute (I like a bold shou/uke) and stands out against the tension of his environment. I’m eager to see how this let’s him survive any chaos to come. I’d recommend this to any yaoi fan who enjoys a good tranmigration novel and who doesn’t mind a little bit of potential horror.
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CrookedCrown rated it
Xia Niangniang
September 14, 2017
Status: epilogue
A beautiful story, one that makes you unable to stop once you start. It pulls at your heart strings and wraps you up in the emotions and ordeals of the characters as each chapter reveals more of the painful past. In the end, both characters got what each of them wanted, but were they actually happy?

This was a story about loneliness and really hit home for me.
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