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Dragon-Marked War God
February 16, 2017
Status: c408
This series is the stereotypical xianxia trash most of us ordain ourselves to read when we're scouring for long series to kill time.

> MC is basically a sociopath who kills anyone who pisses him off, and not in some "Sin City" cool kind of way, but the cringey teenager god-complex power trip kind of way. And for some reason, I'm not sure if this is a translation issue or not, but the characters describe his ruthlessness as "brave", and not just when he's following the series' formula of "fight some... more>> random dude, random dude is backed by strong person, power up, kill them, move on" that the entire thing is written as. I mean, that's typical-ass xianxia, so that's fine really.

>Overly convenient plot points.

Main character's girl gets attacked at his sect after making friends with the sect leader and another dude, but instead showing gratitude they both f*ck off on cultivating at the same time to allow the kid villain of the arc to basically try to r*pe her, so she ends up near death... and the sect leader doesn't punish anybody for this when he comes, doesn't give a f*ck. It's all a convenient plot point because the author lacks the creativity to write for the female character so he drafted one of the two lazy excuses used for the female love interest to go away: they need some miracle medicine in a coma, or they are just phased out because they can't compare to the power level. And this most recent chapter? 278, with the Flood Dragon. In what f*cking world does it make sense that the protagonist somehow thinks its a good idea to let the newly transformed Flood Dragon go? He has no qualm mass murdering random demons to eat their cores, and by essentially taking this Flood Dragon's blood essence, it's like the mortal equivalent of taking someone's cultivation away (which is considered worse than killing them) all for this arbitrary excuse of "we're both fighting against the heavens", which is just bullshit. The author just didn't want the protagonist to get a power jump too high so he made this bullsh*t excuse.


Other than these kinds of semi-rare primary events where sh*t happens that makes no sense to progress the plot, it is standard xianxia fare so it'll work for most people looking for a mindless read.

> You want characters with depth? Other than the main character, who is the psychotic wish fulfillment character who fails to act as a blank slate to the world, the only real character that shines is

a divine beast talking dog-like creature that apparently has Dragon Horse bloodlines?


Basically the epitome of Id; unrepressed hunger, lust, possessiveness, and so on as a character. Now frankly, this isn't my first rodeo, so this isn't the first time I've seen this kind of character before. Despite how it might be a little bit too much of copy+paste in a paraphrased format, overall it's probably the best character? I mean, is that compliment that the best character is basically stolen..? Ahh...

>Like most page-view based series, there's way too much bullsh*t repeated context. "The red blade, which as you know last chapter, was from Edwin's son, who was raped by a chimpanzee, echoed loudly the sonorous skills of a deflated balloon. The deflated balloon emotionally shook the consciousness. With a high scream, the blade goes towards the enemy. 'No you don't!' 'Break for me!' He grits his teeth while he shits himself thinking of scat porn." This is all one f*cking move of a fight. Thankfully the bullsh*t elongation of scenes may be consistent, but each scene isn't Dragonball Z level of making a fight 30 chapters. Not that this series couldn't be compressed to 1/10th the length if you cut out the filler-level context and repeated subtext.

So overall, yeah it's mediocre. But you're probably going to read it if you've gotten to this point. It's not going to kill your brain, but it's also not going to encourage a single novel thought. <<less
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Crimefridge rated it
Shen Yin Wang Zuo
January 12, 2017
Status: c448
Like most wuxia, the main concept of the novel is some overpowered protagonist with some legendary father figure training him to become stronger than him. It's all about cultivation, training, cultivation, training, repeat, ad infinitum.

You know how crappy wuxia writers write long "details" in paragraph form that are either redundant or blatant unnecessary recaps to fill pages?

This author is no different. If you're looking for a barely passable trashy series to get you through your escapist needs, this novel will suffice. Otherwise, if you want quality content, go elsewhere.
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Crimefridge rated it
Undefeated God of War
January 14, 2017
Status: c208
This is a dead end. If it weren't for the fact that there are some moments of slight humor that is somewhat surprising, the mediocre combat and training sessions that make up the entirety of this series would be a 2-star at best. The occasional humor salvages that rating, but that doesn't mean it's worth your time. It's actually worse because it breaks that mind-numbing shitty writing most wuxia have by having slightly clever moments that ruin your empty-headed trashy wuxia novel vibe. It would probably be easier to read... more>> if it was more consistently poorly written, because the few gems in there are almost jarring from the trashy-immersion that come with the majority of the wuxia genre. You want me to recommend this novel? No.

I actually suggested another novel that I rated 2 stars because at least it was mind-numbingly standard wuxia fare that allowed you to shut your brain off, but this one raises your expectations for a fraction of the time then goes back to pissing you off. In many ways, that makes this a worse series, but objectively, I still have to rate it 3-stars even if I don't want to. <<less
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Against the Gods
August 27, 2017
Status: c180
Read at risk of your own sanity.

The writing in this series is dreadful. The author will constantly pull asspulls to continue the plot, even if it makes the MC seem completely idiotic.

Contradictions like having some higher-powered character than the MC not being able to catch a bird significantly weaker than them so they can end up in some life or death nonsense.

It seems like for some reason the "Harem" tag is missing, but it should be there since the MC tries to have s*x with anything with a pulse.... more>> Not in the bard-like "Oh my true love" false bravado kind of way, but in the "I'm really in love with all of you but constantly get you killed and treat you like crap written for wish-fulfillment" kind of way.

5 stars? 60%? What?

The whole story is filled with exposition dumps and horrible, unneeded side character conversations that go on too damn long. Here's a "fan fiction" example:


"I will defeat you with my vibrating red fist of resplendent cheddar grating!"

"Oh, as expected, he reached the 15th level of Cheddar mastery, what a legendary cultivator who will shake up the world!"

"He will make General Tsao so proud, the Tsao dynasty will surely rise to the top with him in charge.

The vibrating cheddar fist exuded a fragrant smell of absolute power. The swinging fist swung at the character. The character, surprised, attempted to dodge it. The character used his Dragon Pulsing Constipation Medium Expert Technique, and then he suddenly remembered his master.

"Go Fungus, I will beat you into waterfalls!"


Do you understand? There are infinite amounts of words put in these chapters, but no substance or meaning. Why is this popular?

It's the kids overrating it, 100%. <<less
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Crimefridge rated it
Spirit Realm
April 13, 2017
Status: c250
The saying "You are how other's percieve you" is very much emphasized at the very beginning of this story. The first couple of chapters shows the perspective of the other people surrounding the protagonist without letting you see his point of view, and it works really well. The reviews I saw describing how good the beginning of this story was were absolutely correct. This mechanic worked out great...

... and then I got to around chapter 80 and it completely gave up. The series already declines from the first 10 or... more>> so chapters, but I'd say chapter 80 is the point where the author just gave up. Exposition / filler bullsh*t is what makes up the rest of this story. Is it worth reading?

.................. no, probably not.

The main protagonist's personality is kind of ridiculous. So is his priorities.

Like, if you love someone, wouldn't you be working towards them? But for some reason, this idiot gets sidetracked for his ego and bullsh*t over and over again, at the expense of those he supposedly cares about.

Now, I get the Wuxia trope of "me vs the world" in that the protagonist doesn't bow his head "because he wouldn't be himself otherwise", but this goes beyond that. He's just... a kind of psychopathic dick.

I'm not rooting for this character. I hope he dies. Him and all of the plot conveniences that allow this sh*t story to continue.

If it weren't for the beginning, this would be a 2 star.

Don't. Just don't. <<less
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Crimefridge rated it
Absolute Choice
April 14, 2017
Status: c340
This novel has a lot of lackluster bullsh*t throughout. The author is trying to write his way out of a paper bag and he's failing. There are moments where the novel is kinda fun, but mostly cliche and filler.

God, the thing that kills the me most is that the author makes this a "pseudo-mystery" and leaves you "clues" but the clues are actually all lies! You can't build a case with false information! That makes no sense! It's bad writing!

And so is writing in Saitama as a homage character! It... more>> was completely unnecessary!

I enjoyed a few things about it, and I hate a decent amount of things about. I guess that's why I gave it a 3.

Recommend? Dunno. <<less
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Crimefridge rated it
Reverend Insanity
August 2, 2019
Status: Completed
Time travel is in most cases an excuse for an author to power trip about being so well equipped for things with knowledge they aren't privy to. And to be honest, this work does suffer that. The "gu worms" idea is truly stupid, but has had moments of profoundity.

As a veteran of the wuxia/xuanhuan genre, I can attest this series needs a know how, an instinct, of when to fast forward mentally to truly enjoy it.

It is filled with brutal, mindless filler, but the gems buried deeply within are more... more>> than worth the sift. <<less
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Crimefridge rated it
Chronicles of Primordial Wars
January 26, 2017
Status: c122
The first review that people see on this page is a 2-star, and that's just wrong.

This is borderline slice of life transported/reincarnated action... The main character is a modern Japanese who for some reason ends up becoming an orphan in a primitive tribe after finding some mysterious stone in a cave with tribal drawings.

The thing I like about this main character is... he's basically normal. He doesn't fall in love with his f*cking wolf-dog like those obnoxious MCs from wuxia, there is no harem, and his higher-than-average intelligence from the... more>> pseudo-reincarnation doesn't make him pretentious, though his "fortune" is a bit on the high side (LUK stat maxed out, minus the near-death that comes with it).

Overall, it reads like a journal of a guy just adapting to a caveman-esque lifestyle and how he's rising up the social ladder from the bottom.

It lacks a little on the inter-social conflict that I would expect in this setting, but minus how that portion is downplayed, and how the characters are a bit shallow most of the time, the story is fairly enjoyable.

It's like staring at clouds in the sky. There's not necessarily much deep meaning, but sometimes the imagination can be compelled with a bit of movement.

No, this is not a hard 4-star. It's a rounded-up 4 star, but if I were to be honest, this puts it in the top 5% of novels you'll see on this site. So ignore that first review and dive in, since you're basically not going to find a lot of choicer picks if you voraciously read this genre. <<less
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Crimefridge rated it
The Avalon of Five Elements
September 4, 2017
Status: c164
... Meant to click 3-and-a-half stars

Anyways, this novel is overrated, as per usual.

74% 5 Star reviews? HUH?

... more>> The characters are generic. The pace is incredibly slow. There is loads of exposition dumping. There is training montages, but "different".

It's your typical Wuxia. The protagonist is a hard-working lower class citizen that gets an opportunity at martial school late in age, but has no talent. Then, he gets some fortunate encounter that allows him to springboard up the levels, ruthless and cunning, etc etc etc.

It's slightly better written that some Wuxia, but I'm not going to go out of my way to say it's phenomenal or trendsetting.

Primary difference is that there is an impending crisis for the world, so it's less "MC protects village from bad clan" wuxia to "MC protects world from bad clan".

It's readable. If that's what you're looking for, that's probably a compliment. If you're looking for excellence, look elsewhere. <<less
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Crimefridge rated it
Kasou Ryouiki no Elysion
April 22, 2017
Status: v1c1
I haven't dropped a series immediately upon reading just the first chapter and prologue before...

Unfortunately, there is a first for everything.

This is a cringey wish fufillment novel with incest + harem as the underlying theme. At least Suguha (Kirito's half-sister in Sword Art Online) was a subtext; this novel blatantly states from the get go that both siblings want to have s*x but the brother is reserved because of culutural norms. This series is basically half-assing bimbos, half-assing the game setting, and half-assing the writing. Even Sword Art Online was... more>> more immersive in the game world department than this.

I was looking forward to this series because I like the LitRPG genre and this is one of the few fully translated under novel updates. Unfortunately, it lacked any sort of subtlety of being a trashy no-romance harem novel. <<less
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Crimefridge rated it
The Dark King
April 4, 2017
Status: c387
If you are looking for a novel with hope- that isn't gruesome or f**ked up, making you want to hate humanity as a whole -then don't read this series. This series is fairly well written; while the world building isn't amazing, the ambiance and direction that the story takes is powerful. This series is like a Game of Thrones-lite. You know the main character isn't going to die, but could something incredibly f*cked up happen to him? Absolutely. Will his plans fail? Of course. One of the best things this... more>> author does with this story is making the protagonist seem fallible. In the beginning, he's a naive kid who gets basically used because he lacks the ability to protect himself. That sounds like most Wuxia right?

Except, it's a post-apocalyptic world. Imagine Fallout's desolate wastelands of nuclear radiation mixed with Attack on Titan's giant wall, but with medieval technology and nobility. He's woken up from a freezing capsule and technology has severely regressed. The humans are debase and he doesn't understand their language. Oh, and he's like 10 years old.

The premise might sound tacky. The negative aspects might seem like it's being purposefully edgy.

But it works. You may have read countless stories that have elements of this story in them. And you might think that that is basically impossible to pull off a combination of all those things well. I'd suggest giving it a try.

I will, however, critique this negatively in a few areas that aren't serious, but are the reason it will not get 5 stars.

Firstly, the characters: while they have motives, and there's multiple factions, the backstories of the characters are effectively non-existent. The characters can feel realistic enough for a scenario, but not engaging enough to be memorable. While the main character develops and grows as a person, he too suffers from a severe lack of backstory. Even what little fragments are littered very infrequently about his past are ban*l and useless to add to his character. Also, sometimes the fact the character has a "168 IQ" is a bit frustrating at times, and it feels like the author could have just written the story as if the main character was older.

Second, the history / specifics: the novel currently focuses on one section of a city, and we have a vague sense of the power structure and the roles of the factions. But basic things like the shops, their relationships, and their features are basically glossed over. It's not so bad that it breaks immersion, but in hindsight, it limits the novel in some way. We have essentially been given a description of the small walled in world our protagonist lives in, but he's effectively barely scratched the surface of it. I don't think this is an attempt to promote future adventures to said areas; I have a sneaking suspicion the entire concept of the rest of the "outer wall"- which the series calls the less important vanguard area where none of the most influential people live- is about to end entirely as an arc even though it hasn't been fully explored, and the "inner wall" (which of course is the privileged area) will now be the next one.

Overall, it's a good read. Not for everyone, especially if you are into hopeful, spunky action Shounen or traditional "MC powers up, travels to new place" formula.

If you like the dark however, "The Dark King" might be for you. <<less
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Crimefridge rated it
A Monster Who Levels Up
May 27, 2018
Status: c175
What everyone is saying about the ending is true. The genre throughout the entire story is "OP wish fulfillment", but the ending feels rushed, trashy, and the wrong type of ending.

The novel goes downhill from the beginning, where the OP struggles the most and you empathize with him having to keep his power hidden with his limited "human time". I'd have rather had an entire novel dedicated to his early moments as an adventurer dealing with his time limit and scraping his way up than this awful disappointing "bad end... more>> with hope" ending. 3-Star might be generous. Might be a 2. <<less
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