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CreamPuffDelights rated it
Shadow Hack
February 5, 2018
Status: c90
This review was written due to my sheer anger and grudge against Qidian's dumb as f*ck ranking system, although I would not be surprised to find that they rigged it considering that there is no possible way something of this quality would be approved by any number of persons. The fact that they delete negative reviews such as mine probably doesn't help, which is why I'm posting it here so people aren't deluded by that meaningless "power ranking" from Qidian.

Let's start of with the first 5 chapters. In those first... more>> 5 chapters alone, the author has tried to squish in damn near every single dumb-as-f*ck wuxia cliche as he humanly could. I understand that no book can be defined by their beginning alone, however the sheer idiocy requires at least a comment so that people know what they're getting in to.

  1. The MC finds himself with a typical middle-ish but declining noble family. Naturally, the father almost immediately finds himself crippled, leaving his family, and the MC, with their reputation and honor stained, something that supposedly drives the MC to change his attitude to be more serious.
  2. The funny part was how in the first 2 chapters, the MC emphasized his laziness, boredom and complete lack of anything resembling a motivation to live on his own capacity. This changes almost immediately after his father is crippled and their future livelihood is threatened. This by itself is not weird, a strong enough shock can and will change someone's personality. However within a span of less than 24 hours? That's not someone maturing, that's someone with a mental problem.
  3. Secondly, in the process of maturing, naturally his cheat, special powers, or hack in this case, plays a massive role. I don't begrugdge a reader's need to feel special by having an MC with a special power, what I DO dislike however, is how this Hack operates. The fact that he finds it by sheer dumb luck is nothing new. The fact that the hack works by giving him what is essentially an immortal clone body that can fight, die and farm experience and whatever else with absolutely no repercussions whatsoever while our dear MC basically kicks back and sips on a mojito is not only new, it's pretty lazy writing.
  4. Due to No. 3, our MC essentially gains power like nobody's business and within 5 chapters, our dude is already blasting aura and power like a goddamn saiyan at the typical, cliche, overused opening ceremony where everyone's power is ranked. This follows long into the story, where it becomes more and more apparent that the MC is abusing the hack like a boss with no risk whatsoever to himself. Simply feeding off the good luck, plot armor and farming his shadow clones give him, way up until he's fighting beasts entire realms above him simply because his shadows are essentially immortals with a resurrection button that's attached with a minor cooldown issue.
  5. Back to the opening ceremony. Naturally everyone around our dear MC will "whisper" very audibly at that, their negative comment, looking down and despising our MC who's noble but not quite noble, powerful but not quite powerful family from a teeny tiny town, in the middle of billion league continent, falling into ruins because his father got crippled. Just as naturally, the moment the MC's unforeshadowed, previously unknown fiancee appears, their comments suddenly turn from how "he suits her so much" to "trash doesn't deserve this jade like, lotus like, peach like, etc etc woman." Now, I know that these despising comments serve to fix the mood, so that everyone can look forward to how satisfying it will feel when the MC eventually slaps them down with TRUE POWAH, however this only really works when its done subtly. When it's done in such a stupidly blatant manner, where the people around him can't seem to hold their opinion for more than 5 sentences, I stop hoping for a face - slapping, and start wondering if everyone around the MC was born with a concussion.
  6. Next, his aforementioned fiancee that appears out of nowhere. The novel doesn't outright say it, but the way she is portrayed when she comes up to him out of nowhere, and starts saying sorry that she will leave him behind due to his lack of talent, makes it pretty clear that she's supposed to be villain. Note however, that while her tone wasn't even condescending in the least. She was being upright, she knows that her talent is better than his, something he himself admitted barely 4 chapters ago. She knows that with his father crippled, his family will not be able to sustain his needs if he opens his meridians or whatever. She knows that she will be going to a higher tier due to her talent and the rigid-as-f*ck-social-strata where rank apparently matters over everything that the author keeps talking about, but not high enough that she can carry him there. So she's apologizing, without actually saying the word sorry due to her aloof and proud personality. What she doesnt know however, is that the MC has already gone super saiyan, thanks to AFK-Grinding with his new hack. So what does our MC and the "Whispers" around him do? Instantly bad mouth her. The MC even goes one step further and declares mentally that the two of them are now strangers and cuts their childhood bond just like that because "SUPER HACK". You know what's the best part though? That buddy that stuck by him in that chapter that also supposedly had no talent and is promptly forgotten in later chapters until somewhere around 80? The MC does EXACTLY what his childhood sweet heart was trying to do. He even lampshades it by saying, "His talent and mine have a large gap. I will send money to him for his loyalty now that I'm swimming in cash that my clones farmed for me because that's all I can do." f*ck, that's cold man. As cold as irony.
There are a shitton more I could say, but this is all WITHIN THE FIRST 5 CHAPTERS alone. The sheer brainless, stupid as f*ck, plot armor level thickness cheat and lazy writing infuriates me, especially when there are genuinely good novels on Qidian but are buried by the macho, DOMINEERING MANLY novels like this one. <<less
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
Poison Genius Consort
July 7, 2017
Status: c201
I... personally am unable to see the attraction of this story. I can acknowledge that it is well written for a chinese shoujo novel and that I can see how others would definitely appreciate it far more than me. Even the Male Lead is far more reasonable, far less stalkerish and far less abusive, if aloof, than almost any other Male Lead in this genre which is thankfully enough, one of the few things I enjoyed about this story.

However as an individual, I am completely incapable of enjoying this story.... more>> The MC is not an assassin, she's a perfectly normal doctor, equipped with a cutting edge analytical system embedded in her mind which conveniently enough, comes with a personal inter dimensional pocket and medicine generator, Doraemon style. Her actual skill on the other hand, is pretty much just that of a normal modern day doctor who just so happens to be pretty experienced in the resolving, and administration of poisons.

She's not going to identify poisons and sicknesses at a glance, she's not going to pop out some miracle pill that can heal instantly nor is she going to tower above anyone in power. I actually find that fact rather refreshing.

However, therein lies the issue. She's fecking SURROUNDED by assholes. In most other CN novels, these people most likely wouldn't survive any longer than 20 chapters. In this novel, they not only stay alive the entire story, the MC heals them, helps them, saves them, so they can backstab her REPEATEDLY. over and over again.

Because, y'know, they're imperials. Royalty who can do whatever they want, they can scheme, humiliate and embarrass whoever they want, including the MC.

From some perspective, I will not deny that it's... new and a refreshing difference from all those other wuxia novels where the offending parties get slaughtered simply for offending the wrong person.

On the other hand... after 201 chapters of continuous abuse and political dancing back and forth, I would happily take the MC's place just so I can poison them myself and then sit down and happily watch as these idiots claw their own eyeballs out. <<less
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
The Sword and The Shadow
June 27, 2018
Status: c146
I dont need to say anything about the plot. Fairly normal strong to weak. The problem lies therein; I can't say how this will change in future chapters, but after enduring for nearly 150 chpters, I've already lost count of how many freaking times our dear MC will scream to the sky because some idiot young master somewhere let their dicks take over their brains, try to take the girl, get his ass kicked, involve his guild/family/ancestor, get someone hurt badly, or murdered, or raped, and yes, it happens which... more>> is surprisingly good since it means people will die.

My point being, once his valuable people suffer from whatever said guild/family/ancestor has done, he will go berserk and scream, regretting his weakness, and utterly lose his shit, leading him to do VERY stupid things. This rage will result in him going into his Bad ass mode (the black eyed, black everything mode someone mentioned in an earlier review). Sounds good right?

Not exactly. Said mode will let him deal with the matter at hand, except the people he kills are usually just the middle boss at most. So the big boss is still around, and causing trouble. And it DRAGGGGGS on and on and on. This pattern, repeats itself AT LEAST five times (before I lost count). Despite ALL his f*cking upgrades, grandma ghost and what not, he's basically still a weak as sh*t (comparatively considering the enemies his facing at that point of time), emotionally imbalanced 15 year old with a horrendously self damaging legacy.

I got nothing against the plot, its normal. A lot of powerful people take interest in him for whatever reasons, all of them step in to stop him just right from dying (PLOT ARMOR FTW AIMIRITE?) but they won't do a single thing to stop the suffering. They help him get strong, give him armor and education etc, but it's never really enough. The story just doesnt get going, and the MC stays weak, always playing catch up while the people he values suffer.

Long story short, pre-150 the story is draggy as shit, the protag is whiny/weak as sh*t and quite frankly, I really feel like torturing myself by reading about a whiny/weak protag. <<less
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
A Monster Who Levels Up
October 27, 2017
Status: c38
the writing is acceptable, as a time filler it works fine, but at chapter 38 my expectations of it being anything more than a minor time filler is less than 10%.

To begin with, there's the usual Korean fame avoidance trope that's nearly as iconic as the Japanese beta dense MC trope so no surprises there. The difference is how far this particular author is taking it, as of chapter 38, our dear MC already has 6 different personas, each of them famous and great in their own fields.

Next, the famous... more>> and great part. God like alchemy, god pike blacksmthing etc. Obviously. No effort either, pure luck and a cheat skill. From complete and utter noob to grandmaster level (by this story's human standards because somehow they're all pretty retarded) in less than a day,

God level beauties dropping like flies every other chapter, 90% of which of course are in distress in one way or another, which he alleviates by being god like out of nowhere, and they take special attention of him because why not.

You know the drill. Basically your everyday teenage wish fulfillment wankfest, only this particular teenager couldn't decide whether he wanted to be a wolf, a goblin or an orc, so he threw them all in the mixer together with a few gallons of pure plot armor.

I wouldn't even rate this story 2 strs to be honest, but like I said, I came here without any expectations of this novel being anything better than a time filler. <<less
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Didn't get past the first five chapters, and I admit this will be a biased review. One of my biggest problems with Japanese isekai novels is how.... OP they are.

I personally don't mind OP, its just that the logic behind it pisses me off something bad. Going to the root of the issue, these NEETs and trashes of society need that level of assurance before they even take a single step into a world fluffiness and healing.... because what? they got too scared in our world? So you're the only... more>> one who had a hard life? So hard that you had to run to another world, specifically one that bends over so hard, it can kiss your arse from a mile away just to make you happy? And even then, you had to pile on OP powers before you even considered living again?

This novel, in the first five chapters, basically exemplifies that though process, to the point where I thought it was a parody at first, but when no explanation or backstory was forthcoming, I realized the author was serious. He legitimately considered committing suicide to be a good excuse to go to another world.

The author probably though it was comedy thing, that the MC is so hopeless IRL that just hacking and deleting his character was enough to drive him to suicide, then wink wink nudge nudge, he goes to another world.

National treasure of a character aside. Probably not even much of a treasure if the company isn't even willing to do a simply roll back. <<less
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Treasure Hunt Tycoon
May 2, 2018
Status: --
I find a lot of the reviews here rather ironic. Currently, i've read up to chapter 200, and I can't say that this applies to all the subsequent chapters, so this review is only for the first 200. As mentioned earlier, a good chunk of the story isn't actual treasure hunting, as in going into caves or temples or what not, its basically a storage auction where you buy storage units at an auction, and hope like hell there's something decent in it. Obviously, it's not going to be named... more>> Storage Auction Tycoon, because that would suck.

IMHO, with his particular abilities, the MC could have done almost any other thing and still gotten rich, but went down the storage auction path because of plot related reasons.

First and foremost, I'm Chinese, and I was born in Guangzhou, however I was fortunate enough in that I managed to escape their brainwashing since I didn't have to grow up there as my dad was an expat in Singapore. Subsequent to that, I headed to the U.S. For my graduate and post graduate studies. Which is why I say that a lot of the reviews here seem to be rather ironic.

As a Chinese who is aware of people's perception of us, and an immigrant to the US, who is equally aware of the American's perception of us, I can state without any bias, that a lot of what the author wrote here is perfectly authentic, barring some of the more bizarre scenes. It might offend some of the readers here into posting 1 star reviews, but there you go. You might not think you do it, but as someone watching from the outside, I'll honestly say that yes, a lot of you actually really do act like selfish, racist a**holes. It's a bit more exaggerated here, since real life humans tend to be a bit more subtle (cowardly), so it's unlikely there would have been a fight, or even emphasis on face slapping, but hey, in a story about a bunch of idiots gambling their luck on storage sales of all things, you kinda need a hook right? Especially since this was written for Chinese readers in the first place, else it'd be horrifically boring. The first antagonist alone, with his little yellow dogs comment, I've seen and met dozens of times, and ironically, most of them I met in church. I won't deny that there are some really great people I met there, but that doesn't offset the rest.

There's also a rather peculiar trend where the author tries to hype up the subject at hand, like the first was a massage chair of all things, and the second was a harley davidson bike. A lot of it went over my head as incomprehensible chatter of industry insiders, but basically the author made it sound like it was the most important thing ever, but it came across as particularly artificial.

The dialogue is also strangely stiff, and the people talk like they are rehearsing from a script at times, with perfect grammar, overdone accents etc.

Minor issues aside, the story is actually surprisingly intriguing for a bunch of auction gamblers and pretty well written without any of the usual young master nonsense. So far romance is practically non-existent, short and awkwardly written, but since this is written by a Chinese author, i'll take it as just another feature of Chinese literature. <<less
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
March 28, 2018
Status: 600
As much as I like some parts of this novel it really bears mentioning that the first 100 or so chapters are a complete and utter f*ck up. In fact, I'm 200 over chapters in and I still consider it a massive pain in the ass despite our MCs improvement.

The sheer stupidity, the utter lack of anything resembling wisdom or even street smarts.... In short, the a good chunk of the novel you will spend wishing you can clobber the MC for being a ball-less, short sighted, idiotic piece of... more>> human scum.

It is to the point where the translator herself has to step out and post a VERY lengthy essay begging people not to abandon the story outright because the MC is that shitty. The level of idiocy and short sightedness of the MC here does not give me a good feeling like LMS' weed where his god level scroogeism and selfishness hides a hurt and desperate young man. There, I feel like its understandable, weed is a product of his circumstance, but still he refuses to let it affect his core characteristics. Here, grid is basically a piece of sh*t whose stupidity, arrogance and self centredness makes me just want to shank him because of the way he completely wastes the potential of his legendary class, usually because he did not bother to get enough information or cowardliness. Some will defend him saying that Grid's a unique MC in that he's not perfect like all those others MCs, some will point out that Weed is exactly one of those "other MCs that are perfect from the get- go and never develop. I say both of ya'll can stuff it, imperfect MCs are one thing, perfect MCs are another, but Grid, for the first 150 chapters is a cancerous ass tumor, plain and simple.

One very blatant example in the first 60 or so chapters, he focuses on shitting out tons and tons of rare and epic level stuff, yet he continuously curses the system and operators for not gifting him with legendaries and so on. The problem?

1. Normal blacksmiths have to pray to god and sacrifice their first born son for an epic which he craps out on a regular basis.

2. Simply asking around or checking the forums will reveal that a characters level can influence crafting success rate, as explicitly said by one of the operators. Grid however, does not bother to do any checking or information gathering, the instant he realizes he can make alot of money from crafting, he immediately forsakes his levelling and spends more than a month crafting, during which his level stagnates at 40 plus, and he curses everything and everybody like a whiny, ignorant child.

3. Even the goddamned part time blacksmith duplicator girl knows how important a hammer is to crafting. Due to greed and his desire tonsave money, he refuses to get a better hammer, he sticks with the basic one. At the end of said crafting month, he finally finds out and curses everyone but his own short sightedness.

In summary, the novel.. can be good. Good action, reasonable plot, decent comedy. Almost as good as LMS, but that the first few hundred chapters is a massive slog of idiocy and ignorance that you will have to bear before you get to the good parts.

For the most part, romance.... I won't say non-existent....

His AI wife is barely developed at all, her entire function is to be there for him to save > marry > wait at home pitifully and get one or two sentences every 100 chapters > f*ck > give birth. The real life harem candidates have it even worse, because while they at least appear in the story more often, their role usually tends to be VERY, VERY minor. And they also give up EVERYTHING, the life they have built up until now, the money they made, their pride and self respect, they give it all up to do whatever Grid wants them to do.

the Korean girl even lampshades this, bitterly mocking herself and saying that despite spending all her time managing Grid's money, buying land for him, developing it while playing catch up with him in game, Grid being the EQ-less jackass he is, acts like he deserves it anyway and proceeds to ignore said girl. I pretty much quit reading then and there.

Before the white knights come out and flame me, I simply want to point out one last thing.

Is there a reason why he is such a failure? Yes there is.

Stupid reasons, entirely brought about by himself due to his short sighted, uselessly self confident and ignorant personality, but still reasons nonetheless. <<less
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society
November 15, 2017
Status: c192
I liked this novel. Could even say I loved it like I loved Everyone Else is a Returnee. At least for the first 100 or so chapters, or more specifically, up till the point where he becomes somewhat self sufficient and the romance becomes more obvious.

Let me explain why my feelings for this novel changed though. To start off, the novel was great. It had all the necessary ingredients to be as great as EER, a somewhat dumb but proactive MC that noticeably grows stronger. Sweet and substantial dialogue between... more>> the MC, other dungeoneers and especially Lorreta, the shop NPC who turned out to be not so NPC-ish after all. Altogether? pretty dang close to 5 star level. It was fresh and there was great potential, the idiot MC knew he was an idiot and was trying to fix his problems.

The selfish but realistic attitude of not sticking his nose into the Earth saving business unless there was something material in it for him bugged me a little but it made some sense. I mean, if your damn world was overrun with monsters, its not like you or your family could survive for too long without a home either right (There ARE ways to do this, but we don't find out until much later so the impression is if the Earth gets overrun, everyone dies) ? But since there were other local heros doing the work for you, I could see the reason behind his selfish decision.

And then he unlocked his class and things went downhill rapidly. Grinding bosses over and over and over again makes for horrible reading, so at least the author had the sense to make it go by quick. However, that is offset by the impression that the MC is lucky and gets power for no goddamn reason at all since his efforts are not actually described. Skills come in one after another until all they are just another statistic on an imaginary page that devolves combat scenes to a simple question of: "Does my skill counter yours? If not, can my raw stats outright ignore it anyway?"

The romance part is even more stiffling. Lorreta I understand given she's one of the few characters to have any consistent contact with the MC over his career as a dungeoneer. Now lets take a look at all the other harem candidates.

Fire witch: Met twice. Fall in love on the third meeting. Confesses on the fourth, upgrades to undying love no matter if its not returned on the fifth. Each meeting is barely substantial enough to last 3 chapters and each meeting is less of a meeting and more of a "a dungeon just popped up, and I need help destroying this MC" kinda thing.

Foreign world priestess: This one is even better than the fire witch. They meet once as noobs. They insult and fight each other. Boom, she falls in love and they basically ignore each other for 100 chapters. Their second meeting sets the tone for the rest of their interactions, wherein the priestess finally realizes that she is horribly outmatched simply because the MC is a Hero and hence by default, has a rather unbalanced stat growth distribution that puts him head and shoulders above every other dungeoneer simply because someone somewhere decided he'd make a good hero.

Protip: It's chapter 192. He still isn't.

the author then gives us a plot twist wherein the priestess' sister who was actually once a potential harem candidate, turns traitor and backstabs the MC and the priestess. Sounds like a good way to add some depth to the relationship right?

Noooope. First, the MC discovers the betrayal, and I can't say that there was no foreshadowing whatsoever, but it is so small and insignificant that there might as well be none at all. Second: After the priestess essentially loses her world, her family and her friends, she becomes a leech in the most literally sense of the word. There is no reflection or analysis on what it means for someone to lose their world other than a short paragraph, and said priestess simply becomes another moon orbiting around the MC simply because.

i wont go into details for all the other harem members, but considering there is currently at least 8 of them, well... let's just say there actually isn't that much detail at all.

Lastly, 12 year old girl. She was mentioned in some reviews above and she's also one of the main downfalls of this novel, but for a different reason. She's rather precocious and arrogant, but definitely well meaning. Selected as the one who bestows super powers to all the local fighters, she basically thinks herself as a saint, and the MC as her, and the Earth's Hero. Logic holds up so far, since its explained in story how she knows the MC is a hero, so she as the saintess and future wife of MC (because that's how all fairy tales end up amirite?) decides to mobilize her very large and very rich family's resources to build a massive organization with enough manpower to support the MC in saving the world.

Sounds great right?

What does the MC do?

Throw a tantrum on the spot.


He doesn't like people making decisions for him.

What conclusion does he come to?

Since he doesn't like being manipulated like a puppet, he must become strong enough that he can do whatever he likes.

What does he do for the next 50 chapter?

Do exactly what she's been doing.

How does he do it?

In a less effective, far more aggressive and ineffective manner in which he manages to insult every other person on earth, massacre most if not all the rankers on Earth who do not like his methods, bind all those that obey him to his Guild, and then flip everyone else off simply because he is that strong.

Ladies and gentlemen, our Hero.

The less said about his summons, the better. Cute moeblobs that serve little purpose other than power boosts and add some diabetes level sweetness to an already watery story. <<less
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian
November 15, 2017
Status: c223
Started out mildly decent, it had some interesting pull for an MMORPG story, but eventually some flaws emerge. Some REALLY serious flaws. Let's do this in an ascending order shall we?

Like usual, these guys want to write MMORPG stories, but somehow they don't seem to have ever played one before because when the f*ck have exclusive quests/items/classes have ever been reasonable in any actual game? But then again, this applies to naerly every single MMORPG style story written by Chinese writers because who wants to read about Average Joe when... more>> you can read about the special snowflake?

Racism is present because world war type events are around, but the MC really takes the cake sometimes. Story intentionally portrays the Japanese and the Americans as complete idiots that give the MC all the opening he needs to abuse them and then kill them.

Little details like positioning, critical weak points, physics and mechanics only ever seem to apply when the MC is losing, never when winning because at that point, he can overwhelm them with raw stats anyway. Similarly, all the tricks he uses is never used by his opponents because somehow no one else ever thinks to experiment within the game so only the MC knows all the loop holes. Again, very standard trope in wuxia styled MMORPG stories. All these little loop holes allow the MC to essentially do everything solo, to the point where after chapter 100, the team is essentially just there as cutboard cutouts to show that no, this isnt a SINGLE PLAYER GAME, when he eventually needs to fight a boss that can deal more DPS than all his broken self healing/ damage avoidance skills/ unbalanced pets / summons / equipment can tank, or an event doesn't let him do it solo.

And when they DO get involved, almost every single boss fight simply turns into a matter of counting down their hp percentage after they inevitably overcome whatever trivial mechanic said boss uses via whatever special snowflake item/trick/skill that the MC managed to get against all odds.

Let's ignore the completely skewed drop rate while we're at it because if we started, we'd never finish.

Thanks to all of the above, after chapter 100, the entire goddamn story becomes meaningless because the MC will win. There is literally nothing that can overcome his raw stats, there is no other player than can pose a threat, so the plot becomes increasingly boring and mindless.

there are only three categories of men protrayed in this novel. And a grand total of 5 males who appear for longer than 5 chapters (Somehow there are god level beauties everywhere, including the NPCs, but i'll talk about this later). The first category is of course the alpha MC we have. the second category will naturally be the 2 perverts that never seem to be attracted to the MC's fishes, but can eternally make pervert jokes like the most desperate people alive. Every other guy falls in to the third category, including the last 2 male consistent male antagonists whereupon they are all, without exception, complete trash/scum.

There is LITERALLY NO OTHER KIND OF GUY IN THE STORY. Last but not least : Sexualization of women. It wasn't so bad in the start, in fact i'd even say it was non-existent. Just the usual "more beautiful than any living person" white peach/lotus/nice descriptive word/jade nonsense that you find in any other wuxia.

But then somewhere down the road, around the time when he starts banging his former teacher because he paid for her mother's surgery, the descriptions about women turn really vulgar and disgusting. It also happens at least once a chapter and every woman that approaches the MC essentially becomes a giant walking pair of "badonkahonks". Literal word used by the way, and a very often one at that.

Note that this includes NPCs because apparently this is the chinese version of League of Angels. <<less
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God of Cooking
February 5, 2018
Status: c185
Writing a review just to counter that one star review about how the focus is on purely American food. It's not really his fault, he read in deeper than most would expect, chapter 101, yet at the same time, it is also a perfect example of why some novels cannot be defined from just a 100 chapters, be it beginning, climax or end.

The first and longest arc is from the first Chef tournament, which as was stressed, is held in America, attended by Americans and watched by Americans. Naturally the... more>> majority of the food displayed would be American, or European. However as if the author knew there would be exactly these kind of comments, the very next arc is a travel arc which showcases national cuisines, such as Japanese, Korean, Thai and Brazilian. No Arabian though, so at least he's not wrong in this regard.

Lastly, an actual review for this novel. I won't say much, but it is one of the most mature novels, with actual character development, subtle parody of other novels where the MC of God of Cooking pokes, investigates, tests and refines the so-called system, and ultimately comes to the conclusion that as convenient as the system is, as much of an advantage it gives him in some areas, there are A LOT of things that cannot be simplified or quantified with the typical Korean author's hard on for "system" type novels.

The MC himself grows from this, fully admitting that he does not have the talent others think he does, and he slowly peels off the inferiority and guilt he feels when he receives other's admiration for something that is not truly his own capability. A very mature and subtle outlook that I find is utterly absent from most novels of this kind.

P.S. The romance is a slow burn fluffy as f*ck piece of art that does not involve a brainless, meaningless harem of any kind, which as far as I am concerned, is an automatic 5 star when compared against the sea of novels we read nowadays. <<less
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
Otherworldly Evil Monarch
June 29, 2018
Status: c650
Disappointing to say the least. There are many good things about this novel; it had a good and strong start like most Xuanhuan/Xianxia novels, it has great and hot blooded fight scenes that draw you in, it has very well done comedy scattered across the novel (fairly frequent toilet humor included), I wouldn't say the characters are well developed, but they are consistent in terms of keeping to their objective and main principles. Even the members of the harem had their fair share of air time and interaction so I... more>> wouldn't consider it completely shallow.

The reason I rated this 2 stars at best?

The first and most minor reason: wildly inconsistent power levels. Granted, this is unavoidable if you want to feel the hot blooded fight scenes, so this depends entirely on the reader's suspension of disbelief. For example, the author goes to very great lengths to expound on why the power structure is so rigid, why one level difference can make a f*ck ton of difference; like a gold can casually brute force a fight, while the silver will have to spend most of his energy to even pierce a gold level fighter's natural skin. This is used to put the MC's focus on pure skill and training into focus and his advantage therein. The problem? MC isn't even silver, yet his fingers can tear off throats and pierce chests; the reason given is that this are the human's natural weak points because no one else was smart enough to test this kinda sh*t in life threatening situations amirite?

The second reason: MC's wildly inconsistent Emotional quotient. First chapter alone expounds and bootlicks the MC's assassination skills to the high heavens. Praises his understanding, and sheer ability to manipulate human nature to his every whim as if everyone else besides him are nothing but dolls in the face of his domineering ability. this is raised, ass kissed, worshipped in the whole book and it never stops. With one exception. Whenever he has to deal with a girl, the MC instantly turns in a dumb as f*ck brute due to his "lack of experience" with 50% of the human race. Now... this might seem a bit abstract, but don't you think that maybe he would have needed to... y'know communicate with a woman somewhere down the line of his "job" as the KING OF ASSASSINS? Were ALL his targets nothing but men? Were all his targets surrounded by nothing but men? Because I'm pretty sure an assassin would have had to know and understand the people around his target to set up an assassination. This gets even worse around the middle chapters when he has to manipulate and fight actual women, and he has zero to no issues whatsoever manipulating them into his kill zone, and yet the author insists on turning the MC into a steaming pile of sh*t every time one of his harem members start crying.

Third reason: Hypocritical as f*ck MC. Consistently described as ruthless, logical, apathetic. You know, the usual macho Wuxia MC cliche. Only his principles mattered as an assassin, an even if he had to walk to death beacuse of them, he would do it with NO RAGRETS! In actual story? I lost count of the number of times he happily betrays his stated principles. For example: one very early and lengthy ass kissing session from the author describes him as a secretly righteous assassin, kills off slave traders and then forces slave traders'enemy to pay up even though they don't even know him or asked him to do anything. In story > ruthlessly abandons orphans and slaves he saves from a slave trade house. making sure the say every few sentences that he would have happily stood aside and let them do their sh*t if it wasn't because of pure coincidence. Even after saving them, and seeing that they have no "talent" and are worse than wastes because of their crippled limbs, still advises his uncle to just end their misery and kill them off because they have no money to support the orphans they saved.

This is just one of MANY MANY hypocritical things he does. Talks a sh*t ton of things about how he's a great. efficient assassin. One silent strike and no one in the world stand up to him.

In actual fight? At least half the chapter is taken up by his boasting before an entirely shounen style fight takes place. Reallly.... really hypocritical. <<less
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When I started reading this, my first though was: Are delinquents in Japan really that retarded?

... more>>

The synopsis is not wrong, this really is a story of a daily everyman. It's a strange incongruence because I know when most people read, they put themselves in the main character's shoes, they revel in the strength and ability that they will never experience in real life.

In this story, the MC is not talented, he is cowardly as f*ck, and because of that fear, he hurts people around him, typical of a delinquent. Later on, as actual danger approaches, actual danger that his yankee bluster can't deal with comes along, he just sits there frozen in fear, or spends most of his time thinking emo, angsty thoughts. A normal farmer's kid, surrounded and best friends with someone this world's most powerful people who believe in him to the death, but he will keep repeating that he's not worth it, sort of like Harry Potter, but with even less self esteem. Again, typical of most delinquents. They will keep trying to push him to be a better man, but you'll have to read about him being completely uninterested in developing his potential and throwing everything away for what most would consider a very tiny and stupid goal despite so many good things around him.

And that's not even taking into account the REALLY stupid stuff he does while acting arrogant and super self confident. Again, like a typical yankee. The only reason he's still alive, is because of plot armor. Because how else would a super strong delusional yandere hell bent on massacring the demon race suddenly transform into a super strong delusional yandere hell bent on raping your 10 year old ass, just long enough for someone who is actually strong enough to arrive?

Then it abruptly takes a jarring turn into a more cheerful mood and suddenly no one is sad that their father died anymore. It's marginally better after the time skip, but again, it's VERY draggy and a pain in the ass to read, and because there's more action, there's also more chances for MC to do REALLY STUPID THINGS again.

For example, his personality regresses because he again becomes very aggressive and uncaring to everything in this world, so its VERY frustrating to read about how callous he can be despite having it so good. E.g. He has people around him that trust him with their lives, but on his journey he still refuses to tell them whats going on despite not even bothering to hide that he's different from them. This attitude eventually became so annoying that I couldn't keep reading.
In summary, the story is bad enough that the MC is powerless as sh*t in the grand scheme of things, but his useless bluster when interacting with the world, zero social skills despite having a healthy social life in this world since he was five years old and refusal to grow into a better person despite repeatedly making promises to do exactly that again and again each time something happens was cringy enough that I could not read past chapter 50. I'm sorry, but this is where I bow out.

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CreamPuffDelights rated it
June 14, 2019
Status: c50
First things first. The badass and edginess is just a fake out.

Second, the actual story up till now depends on the MC to think up various outlandish schemes to outwit the people that want him dead, but can't because some seriously contrived reasons (which they regularly break whenever they want to 1-up MC, but only serves to let the MC re-1-up them again).

Third, after seeing how badass he was in the Prologue, and the scattering hints in the actual story that he actually really is badass, I want to tell... more>> all readers that there has not been a SINGLE battle, (unless you consider kicking an underage a battle) until chapter 50. There might be actual battles somewhere down the road, but after 50 chapters of him.... slacking, I get the impression that all those "hints scattered around that the MC is OP" really just feels like bait to keep the reader reading, and let him continuously get trodden down, manipulated and used, without some serious retaliation.

Four. I've mentioned his slacking. It gets annoying. Very annoying. All he does is slack, scam people into doing his work for him, get blocked by some momentary obstacle which he promptly removes by scamming someone else and then slack some more. To the point where I'm quite frustrated by how frequent the author/translator uses the words "just maintained a smirk and a slothful appearance" when you really just want to pound whichever rich/almight/arrogant noble/bit*h happens to be the stumbling block of the day.

Lastly. Keep in mind of the formula I mentioned in point four. It happens over and over and over and over again. As at chapter 50, this is already the sixth or seventh "scam arc". Really, with how frequently this particular formula gets abused, this might as well be a Chinese Novel. Just without the catharthicism of being able to vent once the flies are crushed horribly.

Other than the first 3 or 4 scams, the rest get boring REAL quick, but get dragged out chapter after chapter. Not to mention that most (all) of his "scams" are only successful purely because a) the people are him are THAT stupid, and b) some unrealistic, contrived law or regulation that he abuses happily.

TLDR: reading this reminds me of Lazy Swordsmaster. Both MC's and their supposed laziness are pure frustration despite the tonnes of annoying flies buzzing around them. The difference being MC here is allegedly weak, while in Lazy Swordsmaster, the guy is genuinely OP. <<less
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
MMORPG: The Elementalist
January 14, 2019
Status: c150
Essentially another xuanhuan story pretending, and doing terribly at it, to be a MMORPG.

Very similar to Reincarnation of the strongest sword god in that its basically a xuanhuan with some numbers and physically impossible stuff thrown in, because a game engine that can take all the sh*t they do into account so far is outright impossible to make.

Y'know, take a dash of the big ass sects with the really impressive sounding names, throw some equally impressive sounding words onto some totally random stuff like NetherspiritDemonGodSpider, give the MC terribly unbalanced... more>> and peculiar skills that defy the laws of physics that everyone else is stuck to, beautiful bouncing peach/jade/lotus/heavenly babes popping up every 5 meters and all of them getting interested in our noobie little aquamancer, who somehow stops being quite so noobie the moment the story starts because he "Feeeels" how the game works and can "control" the elements far better than any other plebian elementalist playing the same game, utterly brainless characters that immediately attempt to go on a killing spree the moment his fragile ego gets poked.

Also very draggy and long winded past chapter 100, per the norm for these kind of novels.

In other words, its a cookie cutter xuanhuan. Just so happens that it has a real life element attached that lets the MC stop being chased by bloodthirsty super handsome, super rich young masters for a moment and be a normal guy who plays the game to farm money (of course), for some vague, undefinable little sister who doesn't even appear LOOONG into the story. <<less
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
Dungeon Defense
November 8, 2017
Status: --
Summarizing my review first, I would be the first to admit that I know full well why some villain protagonists tend to be so much popular than their respective heroes. Similarly, protagonists that stray off the beaten path in some way, or are twisted in one way or another are also rather popular nowadays.

Dantalion however, is not one of those protagonists. He starts off in volume 1 as someone who had to grow up under rather unusual and brutal circumstances, however the subtle actions he takes to protect his sisters... more>> and the frequency at which he makes comments about his family gives me the impression that despite his twisted way of thinking, at his core, he still holds on to his morals and is a good, if jerkassish person as his decision to sacrifice half of humanity for the opportunity to fill his pocket is any indication.

The issue starts halfway through Vol 2 and Vol 3. Due to circumstances in Vol 1, his actions has brought some attention to himself and as one of the puniest, weakest Demon Lords around, he has to do some rather questionable and outright cruel things without remorse. The story is still enjoyable at that point from a top down perspective because his actions are simply a way for him to survive.

However as the story goes along into Vol 3 and Vol 4, Dantalion starts to slide down a path wherein anything that isn't directly useful to him is automatically relegated to "amusement fodder" in the sense that if they're going to die, he might as well be the one to kill them, because why let someone else enjoy it?

Basically, without extenuating circumstances, Dantalion becomes a full blown horrific jackass without a moral compass whatsoever. Some readers may enjoy it, otherwise this genre would not be so popular, however IMHO, the story went from a reasonable anti-hero's struggle to survive, to a novel where the author does his utmost best to think up the most twisted and demented things in order to display how insane Dantalion has become in the process, but went overboard wherein the story simply becomes a stage where all the characters devise all sorts of over the top, INSANE, STUPID, COMPLEX strategies in order to OUT - MAD each other. No that is not a misspelling. In short, some will enjoy this story after volume 1. Some will not.

Similarly, some will think Vol 1 is very boring and typical. But everything after 2 is a rip roaring comedy of horrors featuring every kind of mentally ill villains you could possibly envision.

I'm personally one of the former, the complete lack of anything resembling decency, the absence of even a shred of humanity in this story makes it a rather poor time filler for me. Hence I will have to take my leave. Adieu. <<less
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
The Strongest Gene
February 6, 2018
Status: c200
I don't know where to start with this review. The Gary Stu MC? The lazy writing? The mountains and mountains of petty antagonists who lack anything even remotely resembling logic and try to assassinate people for pure "honor" and reputation alone? The weak so-called romance? The fact that this is basically a poorly written traditional xuanhuan masked over by a VERY THIN veneer of sci fi? The God level idiot cheat?

In a way, it's refreshing. Everything above is practically analogous to the entire wuxia/xuanhuan genre for some reason, yet this... more>> one stands out in a certain way. We always complain about Wuxia protagonists' sheer luck and plot armor guiding them down the optimal path or giving them the best item out of nowhere. ' All those MCs have their own cheats, talent or skills, but it really takes a special kind of mind to write a story where the MC's cheat is LITERALLY Plot Armor. The author doesn't even bother to pretend otherwise.

Yes, the Plot Armor skill has a finite resource, as in there's always a certain amount of points he can have to spend in any given situation and only regenerates at a slow rate of 1 point per hour, but considering that the author usually, and conveniently, forgets to keep track of how much points the MC has at any given time, this "Restriction" might as well be non-existent because the MC will ALWAYS have enough points for whatever situation he has to deal with. This results in an MC that knows his ability can do practically do whatever he wants short of being an auto win button and a plot that meanders around with zero substance and focuses on merely hyping up the MC and being as stupidly flashy as possible.

From changing the weather to making people fall down stairs, whenever he wants, the MC has zero ambition, zero planning, zero foresight simply because there's no need to have them.

Dunno what potion/gene to make? No problem, close his eyes, spend some points and bam. Perfect gene out of nowhere that can deal with the situation at hand perfectly.

Ambushed? No problem. Close eyes, spend points and throw a random rock at a random place. Critical hit on assassin's testicles.

Badmouthed by random dude on the internet? No problem. Close eyes, spend points. Said dude chokes on a baguette.

Like I said, in a way it is fresh. Put another way, this MC is basically a blank shell. Nothing he does is his. All he had to do, was be born with this Plot Armor ability, suffer the first two chapters of horrible flashback story where the Plot Armor ability makes his life hell, get reborn and boom. Smooth sailing from then on. <<less
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
Return of the Female Knight
August 14, 2019
Status: c170
So many 5 star reviews praising the characters for having "intelligence", for the MC to have "common sense" and "dignity" etc.

I've read to the end of the stories in the raw, and I can promise everyone else with a lick of sense that those guys are probably just bots with fake reviews because the MC of this story suffers from the common affliction that all other shoujo novels do.

Basically they are stupid, emotionally and socially crippled, because how else do you get a multi chapter story to publish for women... more>> eh?

MC does not have common sense. Far from it in fact, for an alleged brutal, mercenary female knight used to a life of wandering, blood and indignity, a lot of her issues and obstacles in the story come from the fact that every time she encounters a problem, she will fuss and moan and angst about it, before being the absolute princess and letting the matter rot and fester somewhere.

Obvious, this comes back to bite her in the ass to say nothing of her complete lack of anything resembling ruthlessness or cunningness. The very first arc in the story already exemplifies it. Think of how the maid she let go came back to bite her in the ass, rinse and repeat just with different characters and situations, but the main crux of the problem remains, and voila, that is EXACTLY how the rest of the story goes. She never matures beyond the "oh my, ah my heart, why must I do such things, this poor thing, I must be good to her even though she obviously isn't a good person."

No shit. You're supposed to be a mercenary, but you've never seen, heard or maybe even DONE a simple assasination before? One that would have neatly cut off all your issues without leading it back to you? Really?

MC has dignity? My left foot has more dignity than her. At least my left foot doesn't automatically transform into a brainless, angsty, swooning idiot every time the male lead appears within 5 km. Doesn't seem so bad in the first 50-80 chapters, but my God, the last 40 chapters. Near perfect damsel in distress. <<less
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
Tempest of the Stellar War
April 3, 2018
Status: c150
Take a look at the 4 star reviews and read them, see what they're talking about and at which point of the story they are in. I don't blame them honestly, because I do agree with them to a certain extent.

The story starts of strong, MC is misunderstood and downtrodden by nearly everyone except his fatty best friend. No issues here. MC finds a cheat, left behind by the weird old teacher guy that lives near him. Again, standard xuanhuan cliche. MC gains best of the best cultivation technique, or... more>> at the very least, cultivation technique that can rival the best, with potential to be even better in the future, from said cheat. Standard right?

The problem?

  1. The cheat I mentioned comes in the form of the super special rubiks cube mentioned early in the story. Basically serving as a time chamber where it can and does drill 2 years worth of SUPER GOD LEVEL physical and combat skills, in just 2 days. Nothing wrong with this per se, but the majority of the story up to here, especially in which the MC uses his 2 years worth of newly gained skills to triumph in an Online game in mech vs mech combat. That's basically it, there is zero to no meaning in the combat, it is ALWAYS the MC supposedly killing the opponents by being overly skilled but there is no depth in the combat itself. The MC also basically fights like God Level Kakashi and copies all his opponents skills in just one glance and uses over the top "calculation" to infer weak points, or bounce laser shots that no one else can imitate. All this, from a 2 year worth of training, condensed into barely 300 worth of words, so as a reader, I simply feel like this guy got strong out of nowhere. At that point, the MC just feels like a blank self insert for us readers wank off/wish fulfillment. The MC himself has the personality of a wet blanket, and a dumb one at that, to makes things worse.
  2. The physics/einsteinian bull sh*t can be more or less ignored, partially because I do not have the ability to verify what they say, and partially because it has little to no impact on the story itself and mostly serves as just another way for the MC to show off his intelligence. Again, its empty noise because we dont know if the science is right or not, but when EVERYONE AND THEIR BLOODY GRANDMOTHER starts FAWNING over the MC over it, it becomes really tiring and annoying to read.
  3. The MC's complete and utter lack of anything resembling EQ. I'm not sure if this trope became popular or something, but recently i've been seeing alot of this kind of MCs. The kind that get effortlessly strong, but are hampered by God Tier IDIOCY. To illustrate: It's ALREADY known that he gets a portion of the bucks from the viewers whenever he fights. HE KNOWS IT TOO. But what does he do? Fight once a month. Why? He wants to save money from renting the internet room, so he only fights one battle to reduce the cost. There are MANY more examples, but thats the one that annoyed me the most. It's cute, but after a while, you really just want to slap him around for being so ignorant. It was the same for me after suffering through nearly 200 chapters of it in Library of Heaven's Path, and it is the same here.
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
Emperor’s Domination
July 19, 2017
Status: --
Pretty average all things considered. Currently at Chp 600++ and I can confidently say that there's no thought provoking or new cultivation methods. Everything in the story depends on one thing, and one thing alone: the rank of the cultivation method used. Even if your talent is rock bottom (guess who), so long as you have the highest and best cultivation methods, you're pretty much set. At first, with his cultivation level, MC can still jump ranks to beat people up. Even people a whole 2 realms ahead of him.... more>> Anything beyond that, he depends on the treasures he "finds" to chase them away. This lasts until 150ish, where his cultivation method is at least at level 2. Every battle from there on out is essentially MC tanking hits from anything and everything, laughing in his "domineering" style, and then killing them off, even people 3 -4 realms ahead of him.

By that point, you can pretty much tell that nothing short of a full blown Immortal Emperor will rattle him, and since there are none alive, the MC gets away with being a jerkass. And that's actually a plot point, because of how old he is, how he has literally experienced EVERYTHING there is in the world (even the ones that occur once every few millennia apparently), he can solve EVERY situation possible with no tension whatsoever.

There is no suspense, there is no fascinating battle, anyone who offends him dies. Young masters and their fathers and their father's father and their father's father's father deliver themselves to his doorstep. No matter where he goes, his antagonists are entirely from the category above, there is no long term enemy.

If someone extremely strong shows up, he WILL ass pull his way out of it, up to and including using his physique tribulation, which he has been somehow suppressing for God knows how long, just in case some Ancestors decide to f*ck with him out of nowhere, to turn into a giant-green-super saiyan-gorilla and r*pe everything him around him (granted, this only happened once so far. A similar ass pull was used later on, but he didn't turn into a giant gorilla this time, just summon a bunch of thunder clouds from his tribulation, which he then used to OHKO an entire sect). Essentially, every single one of his antagonists spend roughly 20-50 chapters whining, and grating, and putting people down, to the point where you actually don't mind Li Qiye being a jackass because you want to rip them apart yourselves.

There. Is. No. Variation.

They all talk 20 - 50 chapters, building your hatred up, then they die in 2 - 3, whereupon he moves to another region, rinse and repeat. Also, somehow, Li Qiye's reputation never really seems to improve because no matter what enemy he faces despite his achievements, random background people still think its wise to mouth of to him when they KNOW he can rip their great grandfather's in half.

This obviously gives him the capital to be "domineering" and "arrogant". Some people find it "Fresh" because no one else has done it. Even I thought so at first, but then after a few cycles, his continuous "declarations" of "I-can-do-everything-and-offend-anyone-because-I-am-Li-Qiye." starts getting a little stale/grating, and trust me, he does not change. There is no need for prudence or modesty because quite frankly, he can ass pull his way out of any situation imaginable.

Outside of being bossy and domineering, he demands trust and loyalty, but up till chapter 700-ish, he has yet to tell anyone of his real circumstances, and he goes out of his way to mope about his past friends and life. Everyone else around him turns a blind eye to this and bends to his will simply because "He's-Li-Qiye. He-knows-everything."

Author even lampshades this idiocy once or twice.

His "important" sect lasts maybe bout the first 3 books, at which point, you can tell the author is getting tired of using them as a plot device and they slowly fade out of the story to the point where they literally only show up at the end just to collect some handouts from the newest dungeon Li Qiye has just conquered.

He collects pretty women to be his swordsmaids, which I assume, is another word for harem members, because its definitely heading in that direction (granted, he doesn't really treat them in a romantic member. His interaction with them tends to be rather condescending in a supreme-teacher-teaching-a-noobie kinda way). The women don't seem to mind, and are slavishly loyal to him all things considered.

Said pretty women, are obviously rather 1 dimensional, and last all of 10-15 chapters "huffing at this random noob's intolerable arrogance" before they start "flushing and blushing" for the rest of the novel. Do note that the way he gets them to join also usually consists of taking one look at them, finding a deficiency or some issue with their body at which point, he cooly and mysteriously shows off his kickass collection of god level cultivation methods which can fix anything and everything.

Voila, harem member getto daze. <<less
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
End of the Magic Era
March 18, 2019
Status: --
In what is basically Qi's standard operating protocol, this is another new novel with many many 5 star reviews.

I guess all I can do in the spirit of fairness is to give a 1 star review instead.

I mean, Reallly.

Is it asking for too much that a Chinese author manage to grow some balls and write something original? Y'know, instead of using the same old super powerful all knowing devil reincarnating back to a time when everything is abundant so that he can reign supreme because he knows all sorts of... more>> rare and uber powerful recipes and skills? Because that's exactly what this novel is.

Take any one of those novels out there, all 9 trillion of them, SOTR for example, slap on a western shade of paint, where everyone has western names, in a western setting, but somehow act like perfect cultivators, down to the uselessly vicious enemy family across the street that somehow perfectly balanced the scales of power of this tiny Tony tiny tiny tinnnnyyyyyyyyy town, right up until jusssssssst as our MC arrives, whereupon the MCs family instantly falls apart jusssssssst in time for him to save and be a BBBBBadass in the process, a touch of the brainless young masters, the uselessly antagonistic young master's uber perfect elder brother, with a super powerful teacher from the super big sect, that is secretly subordinate to another even bigger super sect, who just so happens to send even more useless grand young masters down to get their assets kicked, and voila, you get this novel.

Why are there even sects in a novel where everyone is walking around with names like Keith?

Anyway, sound familiar anyone? If so, then you already know what you can look forward to in the next 200 chapters. Then he'll go to the next plane/continent/level/dimension where the air there is abundannnnntly MORE powerful and the people there are consistently juuuuussssst a teensy bit more powerful on average, y'know, just so the MC doesn't get to lord about immediately.

In summary? Just another Xuanhuan knockoff by another pathetic copy paste Chinese writer.

I'm Chinese, and I goddamn cry for my home nation's literature level. I mean, even the transmigrator plot point is here, and just like all the other knockoffs, it serves ZERO purpose in the story. All it does is let the author be lazy and write from the perspective of a modern person rather than as a person from the narrative itself.

Or at least as modern a person who is intentionally emotionally and socially crippled purely so that the author can draw a few cheap laughs when they act like the ret*rd they are, ala Library of Heaven's Path (God, I still don't know why people legitimately like to read about retards), and then let them smack some faces, because let's face it, face smacking might as well be the national sport in China if the way these authors keep abusing their works to fit in just one more face smacking scenes is any indication. <<less
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