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CrazyApple rated it
Rebirth of the Marquis’ Di Daughter
July 17, 2017
Status: c5
So far story is interesting. It's the same ole same ole tirelessly used troupe of girl relieving life but better this time. I'm super bias towards this since I enjoy a novel with a strong female lead. My only problem is the translation, it obviously needs an editor. For the reason that, right now it just feels like google translate and is just grating against the brain. I look forward to a steady stream of chapters. So that I can add another addiction to my repertoire.

p.s rating and views... more>> will change as the story progresses <<less
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Okay so first review ever (yey!)

Now this story is a pretty interesting fit into the whole "villaness otome game" genre. It follows a young girl by the name of Tiararose (different) who pretty much gains her past memories. From the looks of it the memories don't really effect her. They just give her the knowledge of future happenings i.e destruction route. Best part so far is that there's no weird 180 in personality! So it seems like an extension of herself like her mind just became clear. Anywho It's... more>> pretty interesting and I can't wait to see how everything unfolds and the so called "heroine" is fishy as fish sticks! Gurl is sheisty. <<less
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CrazyApple rated it
Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease!
July 18, 2017
Status: c122
MC travels from the past and migrates into the body of present day married women Song Wuyou (think I spelled it right). ML is an ass, a total jerk and I can't for the love of god forgive him for his past transgressions against the original body owner. Which I'd like to add is dead, dead and gone, never coming back.

... more>>

So we later come to learn that the ML actually loved the original Song Wuyou but because of her wayward personality he decided to act like a detached emotionally abusing cheating jerk. (and yes, it counts as cheating if you knowingly express warm loving feelings to someone other than your wife whilst you literally treat your wife like trash) So throughout the original relationship he ignores her and put her onto a downward self destroying spiral and when she almost dies he didn't even visit her but just sent the butler to serve her divorce papers. Fast forward towards now, new chick he turns to love this so called wife because she ignores him like how he ignored the original owner. like wtf?


I honestly cannot see my self rooting for this relationship. However, because of the story pacing and everything (with how short the chapters and the long events) it'll make it easier to forgive a crappy man. Truth be told he doesn't deserve her love. She needs to move on (since she has the original owners memories so she already knows he's crappy) and find real love. He needs to move on because he for sure does not deserve to have her love.

Anywho low rating is because of my bias towards the 180 the ML made and the total force situations into liking him..... <<less
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