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Conspiring Cactus
Conspiring Cactus rated it
Battle Through the Heavens
June 14, 2017
Status: c833
BTTH in a nutshell: Here's a girl, there's another girl, MC nearly died here whew, here have another girl, power up, oh no girl A went back to her clan, power up, another girl please, the girl from before that disappeared returned, oh that girl almost died, filler chapters, power up again, girl hates MC but doesn't kill MC even though she wants to, another girl, more pretty girls, girls.

I love this novel. A competent MC that isn't hung up on "justice", hard working, who gives back all he receives... more>> with interest. Cast of characters is decent, the setting is interesting. Other than dragging out events and the antagonists being repetitive in personality, it's a good read.

Just kidding. Kill me.

On a more serious note, this novel is bland. The fight scenes are half-assed and the story makes no sense. Please don't get me wrong. The world that the novel is set in is fantastic but the characters and their attitudes make it stupid. The protagonist is a plain idiot, his chick is a Mary Sue character that apparently loves him but doesn't trust him enough to tell him important things (ffs I'd enjoy this more if this novel were NTR), his side chicks are annoying (Yun Yun is stupid - perfect for him, Yanran is a dolt, Yan Fei is plain annoying Medusa is a snake - no pun intended - and wants to *spoiler* but chooses not to; and don't get me started talking about that loli and the relatives). You may find this opinion stupid but take a good and hard look at the story again. Look at the female characters. Are they good characters on their own or do they just serve the protagonist's needs, wants, and desires?

Now, the badly written harem is just one issue. The second is how typically cliched it is. Compare BTTH to nearly every other novel on the Chinese web literary world and you'll find at least 20 other works that are similar. About 3 or 4 are translated and can be accessed by foreign readers. This needs no explanation. The third is how it seems to drag on and on without inserting important information within chapters. This led to me skipping chapters entirely without bothering to even go through them.

"Oh Cactus but you skip chapters so how do you know whether it is important or not?"

Because I've read up to chapter 600+ before putting it on hiatus and reading it from the beginning, and realising how much time I've wasted on a piece of garbage. Then I proceeded to skip chapters entirely even after 600+.

Overall, I'm tempted to drop this god-awful novel but then started thinking about how much time I've invested in it. I'll probably read till 1000 to see whether it improves or not. Knowing web novels, best of luck to me. <<less
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