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CocaCola rated it
White-Robed Chief
June 16, 2018
Status: --
Very good as of ch36.

Protagonist is very human aside from his ruthlessness.

Protagonist is a alpha man that carefully plans his steps both in romance and real life.

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One word review:



-Chapters are as long as ONE action takes.


e.g. "Protagonist takes a piss in 500 words. Chapter ends."

e.g. "Someone pisses themselves."

e.g. "Cleaning someone that pissed themselves."

e.g. "Planting some trees."

e.g. "Juicing some apples."



-No character development of any kind.

-OP character for the sake of being OP, no relevance to story.

-No story or plotline.

-Really bad slice of life.

- No direction, just the story of a aimless shut in NEET hikikomori staying home.

- Etc.

If there's even one reason you dislike JP stories, you'll bore yourself to death with this.
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CocaCola rated it
My House of Horrors
November 6, 2018
Status: c120
Fantastic novel! A breath of fresh air.

Don't think, just start reading and I guarantee your evening will be a entertaining one.

I have high expectations for this one.
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