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CloudDaoist rated it
Throne of Magical Arcana
September 17, 2017
Status: c132
I rarely write a review... but seeing those 1 star make me really mad. just because Qidian translate it you people rate it bad.. I know qidian is suck but the novel is innocent !

This novel is definitely "Masterpiece".. it's not a sh*tty cliche xianxia where you find a sh*tty young master as cockroach villain.. this one is on par with "Release the witch" maybe better !

Lets begin with the story.. it's about Isekai, History, Witch, Politic, Church, Advanture, Musician, and a little bit tragedy.. (MC is both sorcerer... more>> and musician)

OP MC ? no.. his power is weak, so he often sceme on his enemy. But MC music skill is on par with young Beethoven lol..

Music ? you love classic music themed story ? this is for you..

Romance ? we still don't know who will be the choosen one.. but all the girls are awesome !

Influence ? for you who don't have any patience and rated it 1 star because MC still very poor, weak, struggling with a small street gang and don't have any influence.. I tell you MC is the most famous young musician that was treated like a noble right now

Villain ? we still confused about who's the real villain right now.. people in this novel is reasonable guys.. not like a young master who finally lost his face then hunt MC till the world end.. many people displeased with MC at first.. but they become his admirer at the end, not his enemy.

Witch ? yes church hunt them.. MC hide his power, and use his musician identity to cover his sorcerer identity

A western isekai world with witch, church, and music.. what are you waiting for ?

rated 12/10

(I play piano.. that's why this one hooked me so hard) (and sorry about my horrible grammar) <<less
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CloudDaoist rated it
Sundering Nature
November 23, 2018
Status: v5c15
Those who give this one star definitely have sh** taste.. Please ignore them..

This novel is absolute masterpiece compared with trash xianxia novel out there. Trust me, I've been reading web novel since NUF didn't even exist back then. Sundering Nature really have a fresh and unique story. Mystery element is done very well, make me curious and giving me a lot of goosebumps. Those who rate this one star must not even complete volume 1 yet.

The beginning might look cliche with betrayal thing and arrogant young master villain, then MC... more>> meet with super high level guy that change his future.. That's just the prolouge, the way the story progress is unique, Arrgghh just read it..

I'm not good with writing, so I can't explain the awesomeness of this novel.. MUST READ !!

(MC plot armor is really thick, though) <<less
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