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Your typical high school rom-com... Except it's done in such a beautiful and diabetes inducing way. The MC may be dense, but he explains why he is that way because of his concept called "Loner's 3 principals" And it just makes this story so hilariously sweet. Highly recommended for those looking for something different and lighthearted that will surely put a smile on your face and ache your "xianxia/wuxia/chuunibyou" hardened hearts. You'll be puking rainbows by the time you catch up from all the sugary sweetness you will eat from... more>> this novel. <<less
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ClarkyDee rated it
Everyone Else is a Returnee
February 20, 2017
Status: Completed
I won't write a review because I doubt I can sell this novel as well as the others who love this novel as much as I do, so I'll just add a little thought.

It's interesting how the reviews that gave this novel a low rating and saying "overhyped" only read a couple chapters... Keep reading and you'll find out why the MC has to be op because in the grand scheme of things... He needs to be. At the early chapters, you can only compare the MC to the other... more>> Humans, but he was never meant to be compared with such low tier creatures. But oh well, drop this novel if want it's your choice/opinion. : I just feel sorry that you won't be able to experience the comedy and action that most of us here love about this novel.

Update: The greatest story ever told and translated. Nuff said... <<less
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