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April 16, 2017
Status: v2c1
One might assume the prologue where the MC monologues on his normality is unnecessary fluff, but this couldn't be farther from the truth. While it does little to define the character - that mostly occurs in ch 1 - it quite adequately sums up the story. This is a serious attempt at exploring what happens when you put a person with no business being the MC in the role of being an MC. Using gaming as a fulcrum, the MC is lunged into love comedy-esque developments that his overall personality... more>> (e.g. Introversion, low self-esteem, etc.) simply can't keep up with. Misunderstandings ensue.

So yes, there's some drama, but it's the funny kind of drama. The stupid kind where you say you're going first and then another guy goes "But I want to go second!" The characters more-or-less struggle for the same end goal, but through a combination of miscommunication, their own quirks, and certain love comedy contrivances (which I stress is not necessarily a bad thing), the characters miss the fact that they're on the same team leaving the reader to stare blankly wondering "How did that happen?"

The drama never feels too serious as characters (or at least the MC's friend who seems to be the most savvy) are aware of how ridiculous some of these developments can get, and no one's feelings have been hurt thus far. At the very least, everybody only has the best intentions for each other.

One thing that I can't praise enough is how colorful the cast of characters is. Each character is surprisingly diverse in their range of character traits and realistically bounce off of each other. While some of their actions may seem odd, you can never say they didn't do it for a sensible reason. <<less
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