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Only reading the first 8 chapters I must say it's funny XD I like how they point out how stupid are some cliches in the yaoi world - the yaoi logic (that I still like).

I definitely want to read it to the end.
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Chiyozora rated it
The Path of the Cannon Fodder’s Counterattack
July 21, 2018
Status: c71
I stayed up to 4 AM twice just because I had a hard time stopping myself from reading more. I liked how the MC has a strong personality. While he may seem dense to other readers.... people forget that compared to us he doesn't know the other characters' thoughts. He is still just a human. Sometimes I really don't understand what the other readers expect.

Anyway, the ML... is a typical ML XD I would really love to know more about the ML from the past life but oh well. *sighs*... more>> while the emperor can easily get angry if he is opposed... it's expected. He IS an EMPEROR. Just remember the modern spoiled childs. *coughs* But the ML is not stupid and really, I actually liked his cleverness and his actions later on. <<less
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Chiyozora rated it
The Founder of Diabolism
June 5, 2018
Status: c51
This is actually the first chinese novel that I read and just finished. So while I did sometimes get lost with the names and such, the provided guide actually helped me a lot. I really like the main character. Even though I am not a fan of flashbacks the ones in the novel are all important and actually interesting.

While the main couple didn't have that many outright romance scenes, I love their interaction.

Even though I didn't yet finish the whole novel I am already sad/dissappointed that there are less than... more>> 120 chapters.

Overall, I recommend this novel. :) <<less
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