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ChickenBakuba rated it
Advent of the Archmage
February 13, 2018
Status: c62
Well, as the translator for this novel, I think it'd be more weird if I didn't promote my novel.

DGM (Descent of the God of Magic) is an action novel. Our MC, the best magician of a popular MMORPG, is transported onto Feloma continent, a world of fantasy with swords and magic. He is equipped with nothing but his former experience in the previous game as the best magician and a game system. And his mission is to save Feloma continent from the dark forces threatening to destroy it.

Every chapter is... more>> more than twice the usual fyi. (Hits 2.5 words sometimes until I condense my translations)

While DGM follows the generic template of an OP MC, the enemies are rational and don't act on their emotions, unlike typical Xianxia characters. Enemies are also quick-witted and not brain dead, even outsmarting the MC sometimes. The plot is very good and especially original. The first arc (~27 chapters) only describes one night.

The MC is also levelheaded and quick on his feet, and every character has their own unique quirks and you actually remember their names. They are also introduced at a good pace, not 5 different characters with different backstories squeezed into a huge wall of text. Most characters are also more than what they let on initially, some with tragic backstories that actually impact you. Not the typical 'entire family slain and he has to avenge his parents and 1, 000 siblings' sort of overused cliche. And they're actually integral in fights and plots, not some useless potato like in The Magus Era. World building is also a tiny part of this novel, it describes the various regions and alliances, and introduces the magic system and theory to the readers later on.

Now, our MC.

MC doesn't grow at an insane speed either. Instead, he is constantly handicapped by his low comprehension and level of spells, and has to think fast in situations. And he isn't all-powerful and whatever bullsh*t, he actually gets surprised at times. His growth in power is gradual and progressive, just right. The fight scenes are also brilliantly crafted, some are epic while others are sheer intense standoffs with both sides hatching ideas in split seconds to crush the other opponent. If there's anything about this novel, it's the fight scenes. The most of the best fight scenes I've seen come from this novel, hands down.

Well, personally, this is a solid 4/5 as far as I can see. The quality thus far beats any Xianxia novel I've seen before (including Coiling Dragon, ISSTH, Stellar Transformations and whatnot) except for WMW maybe. They're both uniques in their genres.

However, the novel is getting more and more cliche, and even repetitive. You know what's going to happen before it does, and it's simply not fun anymore. Wrote more about this in a comment on chapter 38 I think. But still, this is a really good read, still above average. Unless you detest the magic genre in general, then this is the perfect novel for you.

I heard the MC picks up a sword later on, but that's like 400 chapters in I think. Considering that every arc is like 100 chapters+ <<less
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ChickenBakuba rated it
Thunder Martial
May 21, 2018
Status: c63
Tl;dr: I've had my fair share of cultivation novels, and my verdict? Read it.

"That's right. Brothers are meant to be betrayed when there's a benefit."

If not the best, it's definitely one of the better Xianxia/Wuxias out there. Pretty tentative review, but as far as I know, the various characters in the story are intriguing, and there aren't any dopey sidekicks or distasteful, boring cronies.

Like all other cultivation novels, it starts off slow. But as the story progresses, we get to see something beyond the tip of the iceberg. Every single character has a unique personality (granted, there are many characters and it takes effort to remember them all, especially since they have Chinese names) and there are no boring characters. Each of the characters turn out completely different from... more>> what you expect, and some random character whom's name you don't bother remembering can reappear as an important character in later parts of the story. Hell, a guy who appeared a paltry two times in the story ended up being the cause of a certain antagonist's downfall. As the translator, I had to compile a wikipedia for all the characters because of how often the story went the polar direction of what I expected.

The clichés are used well and in moderation, and I particularly like the various quirks of the mc's friends. One of his love interests has a particular sharp tongue, another friend was introduced as a boring, ordinary cultivator but as the story progresses, we realise there is something more to him that he lets on.

The fight scenes are exciting, enough to get your heart racing, like any other Xianxia novel. To be frank, the only reason why I picked up this novel was because I got blocked by a paywall during the climax of a fight scene.

It is a refreshing and terrific read. Give it a go. <<less
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ChickenBakuba rated it
June 6, 2018
Status: c2
Writing this tentative review because the novel looks really good. The characters aren't braindead and the story looks good. This is a gaming novel like the King's Avatar, but it seems pretty different with the different terms like 'Tactics Core' and other stuff. Besides the author going crazy on the 'beautiful woman' descriptions, the story looks interesting with proper dialogue and banter. Something which I've rarely seen in CN novels.

It's actually pretty funny too
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ChickenBakuba rated it
Dungeon Defense
August 31, 2017
Status: v4 afterwords
"I can smell a scent somewhere. It is the smell of fat emanating from disgusting masses of flesh. It is the smell of greed and hypocrisy."

Don't be fooled by the mediocre synopsis, it doesn't do even an iota of justice for this novel. This is a diamond amog the rough, a once-in-a-lifetime novel that could give Berserk a run for its money.

The novel is centred around conquest, but nothing you'd make it out to be. It sets of light-heartedly, with comedic dialogue. However, it pays careful attention to the development... more>> of the plot and does not neglect it in the slightest, progressing at a comfortable pace. (Genuine comedy not those stuff in generic LNs or WNs) The novel gets progressively darker, but unnoticeably as it advances at an appropriate place into the story. At the later parts of the story, the true colours of the novel are unveiled as the comedy is dissolved and replaced with plot twists and the like. It begins to take on a more serious and gore-ish tone, with graphic depictions of torture, rape, necrophilia and many, many others.

Each arc is brilliantly charted and plotted out by the author, seemingly keeping readers dancing in the palm of his hand. Even the slightest detail expands into a full-blown arc within a chapter. The character development is probably the best characteristic if this novel. It introduces several characters, but carefully develops every single one, especially the ones you don't expect. The use of literature and rhetorical speech also compliments the dark and main (conquest) theme of the novel subtly and correctly.

This is one of those novels which ignites a spark of primal hunger in you for more after you're completed. This is a gem, a unique drug like NGNL which will leave its marks in the halls of fame - but will never to be seen again.

For the poor, unenlightened people who have yet to experience DD, I strongly recommend you to give it a try. <<less
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