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Chawey rated it
The Prodigy Sefiria’s Overpowering Program
March 23, 2019
Status: v2c7
Interesting story. But as this is my first review, it's kinda hard to convey my thoughts about this novel. So, just bear with me please. =) Anyway, I like the plot as most of it is interesting. MC at the start, hides his knowledge by behaving like what a child should be, while at the same time, tried hard to learn magic so the he can become a "prodigy", all the while charming all the villagers with his baby smile. =) But while it is interesting, I didn't like how... more>> the programming code was written, especially on the battle scene. I think it's ok that the author wrote the programming code when MC learns or test his magic, but it may annoy some people when the codes appears even at the combat scene. I am one of them, but then again, I can just skip reading those codes. =) All in all, I like the story. But as the translations stopped since 2 years and 7 months ago, it's kinda hard to write full review of this, especially since this is my first (review). Even so, I will wait for good translators to pickup and continue where it left off, so I could read this interesting story. =) <<less
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