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Chattyxx rated it
Return of the Goddess
June 1, 2018
Status: Completed
So I finished this book by reading the raws, and I just felt I had to leave a review.

So this book is literally one of the best Chinese novels I've read recently. If you're expecting some MC who just turns around and relies on her bf for everything then I think this is NOT the book for you. I can't say anything about the translation because I did not read it, but the original book is written really well! The main character is very three dimensional, and the male lead... more>> very devoted. I've read quite a few novels where the male lead comes off kind of overtly 2D because of how obsessed they are, but this male lead? Nope. He's patient and caring and very nice to the female lead.

I also really really like the female lead's behaviour and her way of thinking, she's very independent, but not to the extent where she's the kind of character that come off as too stubborn and refusing everyone's help. She's very likeable as people have mentioned above!


The female lead is very strong, and very very smart. Her back story is very tragic and I cried while reading about her, but it's made her into a super admirable person! Also her interactions with her manager and this rich girl who liked the male lead is very sweet! (Another part that I really like!)

The male lead is really very devoted and cares for the female lead a lot, like how he treats her is exactly what they call 捧在手里怕摔了,含在嘴里怕化了. To put it simply he's very careful with her and he really takes care of her a lot. He's always there for her, but he respects her space as well. And I think their love story is very sweet. They love each other a lot and it's super cute!


加油 to the translator! Hope that you continue translating and share this gem of a story with everyone! <<less
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Chattyxx rated it
Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man
July 14, 2018
Status: Completed
So I had finished this book a long time ago and it's utterly memorable!!

After seeing someone start to translate it I decided to reread it, and let me just say I got reminded about how much I loved this book. It's a really short book, and very very touching. It's the kind of ML you'll love a lot a lot and the kind of love that is so beautiful. The MC is also very likeable and overall, if you have a bit of time on your hands you really really... more>> have to try reading this book. It's so short but so beautiful and makes you want to reread again immediately after lol. <<less
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