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Charslay rated it
I’m Really a Superstar
January 16, 2017
Status: c368
I really don't understand all the good reviews for this novel. People say it's funny and I can't really see why, maybe the first or second time something happened it had some appeal. Then it happened another 10 times, then 20 more times. To be frank this is another one of those novels that repeats itself every chapter. By chapter 368 I could literally guess what words were going to be in the chapter. I guess this can appeal to some people for being ''funny'' but for me all I... more>> see is a typical retarded main character who can only see one single way out of any given situation. Every time it's direct confrontation making things more difficult for himself and everyone else. I mean obviously with the kind of people that screw with him, I'm not surprised he would want to mess them up, however it's always the same type of people and it's always for the same type of reason. There is absolutely nothing new at all in any bad guy or situation.

Well if you read that little rant then great, if not, bottom line is this novel isn't even worth a rating of 1.0 in my opinion. Give it a shot if you're interested for the first 10 chapters, but if you don't like the first 10, then stop reading, because those first 10 or so are the entire novel. <<less
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Charslay rated it
So What If It’s an RPG World?
January 16, 2017
Status: v9c10
Personally I really like this kind of main character. A lot of people called him a pushover but I think he's just more laid back than other main characters out there. I've read all the chapters currently translated. The powers and events that happened never felt dull or rushed to me, and the characters weren't all the average run of the mill side characters that can't think for themselves with no personality at all.

The main ''objective'' felt kind of ignored most of the time while they all went about and... more>> did their own things, they never really addressed things such as why they were there, how they got there, and if it's possible to get back. Obviously they are trying to find ways to figure that out, but so far they have made next to 0 progress.

The main character is OP for sure when he gets into a fight, but despite that even when he wins a fight against someone, he doesn't kill them or injure them greatly unless he considers them to be an enemy... AKA someone who hurt him or his friends. To me this gives a lot of appeal to this novel because he isn't the typical arrogant bastard you find in a lot of novels.

Overall, despite it's occasional faults for me this novel is worth the 5 star rating. Give it a try for the first volume or so to see if it appeals to you. <<less
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