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Tensei Shite Inaka de Slowlife wo Okuritai
December 11, 2018
Status: c22
Generic isekai

generic plot

im fairly fine with slice of life without much going on. But what really annoyed me about this novel was the authours sense of humour.

... more>> and that’s the femdom of the village, now being female myself, femdom alone won’t piss me off. But the way the females treat others, especially the males was practically abusive, as well as self sentered and selfish.

i feel like japanese novels don’t know where the line between, strong female character and oppressive female character is.

and then how the characters treat the MC, honestly, dragging around a 3 year old every where until he’s worn out? Denying everything no he says, and just expect him to accept and follow along?

Worse? A father Duelling a 6 year old and knocking him out because if some stupid joke? On top of that blaming it on the child himself. This is ridiculous, as a child I know that some kids get hit, but literally making them faint or forcing them to do sh*t otherwise they will get beat up, is terrible.

i know that this is suppose to be the black humour, but the authour is terrible at it. Despite there being a wide cast of females, none of the female are likeable in the slightest, and they all seem to be cut from the same cloth or unreasonableness.

genric slice of life Isekai, need good or at least, likeable characters, in Order for it to pull through. It this doesn’t have that.

it only has characters that for some reason think, oppression, abuse and invading of privacy is a good thing. And I find this book incredibly uncomfortable. <<less
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CharLok rated it
Ame no Hi no Iris
December 30, 2016
Status: Completed
I remember finding this gem on bakatsuki, back in the day where Xianxia was yet to a thing to be translated and novel updates was pretty much non existence.

But anyways, it was a time where translators focused more on Japanese light novels with good storylines and well structured plots even despite the trope littered mountain of novels.

This novel had a very deep impression on me, I'm not to say that I an expert at reading novels, but this one was an emotional roller coaster, and I must say, made me... more>> cry. I find it a shame that so little people read this, it doesn't give you that immediate satisfaction of adventure as most light novels do these days, but as I said, it's a wonderfully crafted story where you have to read the whole thing in order to relish the quality of the story.

Onto the actual story. I won't say too much, I much rather advise potential readers to dive straight into this novel without knowing anything since that's what I did and I must say I never regretted it.

But ultimately This novel is in one word, grim. It has that modern layer of cutesy moe and undertone of shoujo ai, but it doesn't make it any less gritty and heart wrenching. It has both its happy points and sad points, but most of the time I just felt this nervous sensation clenching my gut along with a vast amount of melancholy.

If you decide this novel please do, it's not a novel where readers tend to discuss about since the sense of closure is just so thick when you finish it, but give it a try if you feel like going back in time of the older era of light novels. <<less
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CharLok rated it
I Want To Enjoy A Country Life!
March 29, 2018
Status: Completed
This is pretty much just smut. If your here for BL s*x, especially threesomes then go ahead. There is story, but don't expect it to be good. The MC is pretty much a Mary sue, now that wouldn't be too bad, Ive read an amount of amazing books with Mary sue MC's, but this MC is pretty much an idiot, not even a lovable one, they try to pass him off as cutely naive and that is too nice. But nooooo, he's just an idiot that the author tries to... more>> pass off as naive but wise. Self sacrificing gentle uke. But honestly, he's not any of those, he's just an f*king idiot that has his idiocy passed off as positive, when it's a stupidly negative aspect. There's a fair share of naive and stupid MC's that I love, but I honestly cannot deal with this MC.

Slight spoilers (?) not much

It's always forgiveness, forgiveness.

he doesn't even realise his so called forgiveness is a stupid choice to make, he places the blame on himself, yeah that sounds self sacrificing, But his self sacrificed by blaming for his own RAPE, like, seriously, RAPE. ARE YOU KIDDING MEEEEEE.

Anyways, it's not the worst thing in the world, there are many BL's like this out there, with the whole, It's not rape if it feels good thing.

Honestly at one point, when he was raped, the author properly pointed out that it was a bad thing but then it just went back full circle and apparently, all the same sh*t that happened after it wasn't the same, WHEN IT WAS EXACTLY THE SAME.

Ok, I'm waffling now, but this really just pisses me off. This is why I don't read BL or any smut in general that romanticizes or deals with rape lightly.

Just for the s*xual stuff? Sure why not? But everything else, despite having potential, was terrible. It was just terrible. And it wasn't even just about the rape, It was the MC's reaction to it.

Well, most of Okyubou Desu's Novels are like this though, if you like the other books by Okyubou, then you'll like this too. <<less
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CharLok rated it
Miracle Drawing!
January 14, 2017
Status: --
Okay, I only read a several chapters so I don't want to penalise it too much. But as a pursuing art student, this does seem, like how @rosver has said, rather ridiculous.

I wonder if the author know anything about art, or university courses at all? I mean, if the protagonist wants to do game or manga art, he just has to look for a university with such courses right? And considering he's been out the country it won't be hard to find one. Since I'm personally applying for an animation... more>> and illustrations course.

And his critisisms on fine art.... I'm not going to say I'm a fine art expert, but I have been exploring it for necessary means, and I simply can't imagine strokes been concise and accurate. Paint strokes are layered, it's not like line art, and it's not like the more concise you strokes are the better painting it is. I'm a messy painting so I under stand this the best, heck I hate paint brushes, but palette knives are awesome!

Both painting and drawing isn't about accuracy, it's about expression, if he wants to express himself through animation and illustrative media then so be it, but the way he looks at other peoples art, especially fine art really bugs me.

"Even I can do that much" I honestly can't even begin to count how many people I have heard say this, whilst I won't say I've never said this phrase, but he's just simply over excessive. If not about if you can do it or not, why do you think there's things like artist copies and highly skilled fakes?

The skill in drawing, every artist has it, even the most abstract painter you've seen will have a level of skill in realism. A painting is like a book, it's tells a story, and you won't know everything about it by reading the first page, heck, sometimes even if you've read the whole book, you'll still discover more things when you read it the second or third time. Yet he claims that every painting he sees in the art museum as the same? I'm not say I like art museums all that much, but he's so excessively arrogant, there's no way he will simply understand a piece of art by looking over it once.

If you're an artist or an art fanatic, you probably won't like this. But if your not and is only looking for some easy reading then go right ahead, it's really as intelligent as it tries to be though. <<less
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Konjiki no Moji Tsukai (WN)
January 25, 2017
Status: --
Okay I'm not going to write anything detailed, but I think some peoples reviews are really too harsh. I must say this novel isn't the best.

Super cliche and typical. But let's remind you that when this novel came out, the idea of have stupid heroes and a different main character was still pretty new. And the way that this novel presented it was refreshing and rather original at the time.

While it seems pretty typical now, this was among the first novels that presented hero summoning in this way, so it's... more>> too harsh to simply cast it off as cliche.

As such, even now I enjoy it since it isn't overly littered with template scenes and the characters interactions are very much amusing. I'm not much of a harem fan, never mind Loli harem, but its acceptable and the MC really doesn't have any interest. It's easy to swallow once you've seen highschool of th dead *shivers*

I like the MC, he isn't super op, uses his brains and is logical, all though I'm not super awesome and rational like him I can relate. Whilst MC is always right, he's only right because what he says, is actually truth. In fact, it's an obvious truth. He doesn't butter anything up, or make anything seem less that what it is. And he can do that because he's detached purposefully, as I said, he's not super op, therefore he cannot possible find solutions to everything. There are of course, all sorts of complications and complexities in the social and political world. And the MC can see the obvious flaws and mistakes because he, like the reader, looks from afar and only gets involved if it benefits him. Not like those other novels where the MC tries to "right" everything when it's simply not possible. MC isn't right because he's "just", but right because it's true.

It only seems that everyone else is stupid because
1, cultural difference
2, hey, it needs an amount of plot right?
3, the world is complicated and people don't always do things because it's right, but because hey want to.

There are other intelligent characters there, that end up surrounding the MC, and mind you, they are intelligent, and want to change the world but can't, as such they become attracted to the MC because of his indifference. He won't judge them simply on their race and ethnic. His detachment and emotional strength makes him a person good to rely on when your unstable, since he won't feed you sugary or bitter words. Anyways I really like this, although it gets a bit bland after around 150 chaps. It's good nonetheless, and I expect it to pick up. Expecting an entire several hundred chapters novel to have the same pace and fresh excitement constantly, I say in an unreasonable and unrealistic expectation from some readers. There WILL be places where you'll get bored, and the point is to read it, know it, and that so called boring chapter can other serve as a good break or be a part of something bigger. <<less
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