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Chaku rated it
Ascendance of a Bookworm
November 8, 2016
Status: c9
Ive read a few reviews and Id like to say theyre right and wrong about the MC, growth happens, people develop and some are slow to understand while others grasp it immediately, in other words people grow in different ways at their own pace.

Maine at first seems like a very unlikable selfish brat, who has tunnel vision, however really look at it from her perspective, if you were suddenly placed in a reincarnation situation how would you deal with it initially?

Usually the Protag adapts and gets powered up quickly,... more>> is able to get a number of cheat like abilities that help them immeasurably. Well this MC gets none of that, shes born in to a poor family (by our standards at least), has a weak body thats always sick, but blessed with a good family that takes care of each other, doesnt have any high aspirations of becoming a hero, she only wants to get through life with books. Sounds plain boring when you think about it? No powers, is poor, and wants only books?

The beauty of this story lies in the growth of the MC, her irritating personality slowly adapting to the life she has, at first acting like a Tourist who has no ties with the world, desperately finding an anchor to keep her their to endure a life she hates. She battles with just living, trying to find a source of worth in this world, her horrifying discoveries and her resolve to make what she wants and take it. The support characters draw you in, and at first they are what carries the story, but slowly without a doubt, Maine is the MC and a fantastic one at that. Please dont judge this story based on a seemingly boring premise, or the MCs irritating personality, she will become someone you will love dearly as time goes on, embracing her warts and all. <<less
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Chaku rated it
My Fiance is in Love with My Little Sister
April 15, 2018
Status: v2c2
I gave this a 1 star because the story doesn't progress as of chapter 20, its a cycle of endless suffering with no resolution. There is a goal it seems, what that might be is anyone's guess, either way, it's an arduous chore to get through, I have never given a novel 1 star before, so this is my first one.

Its similar to Groundhog Day, without the humor and over a longer time frame depending on the MCs actions, the MC is stuck in an endless loop, reliving the same... more>> crap over and over with varying outcomes as she tries to alter her fate, however once it resets shes back to the beginning, forced to go through it all again. Unfortunately for the MC, she retains memories of each reset and feelings of love for the ML which is never returned, as the title states her fiance is in love with her sister, unrequited love, and betrayal is a constant theme.

I truly loathed the ML and FL, and to the MC I am over it, I won't read beyond this chapter, that was it for me, I feel there needs to be a warning to the reader, that if you are hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel then it might be a long time coming. The translations are slow, this isn't a criticism, I would probably be reluctant to translate this since it bogs the reader down into a depressed state, I can't imagine what this must be like for the Translator, you have my pity. <<less
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Chaku rated it
Assassin Farmer
February 15, 2017
Status: c5
Im already in love with this novel, it reminds me of another story called Kanata Kara which I adore.

MC is from a prominent family with unsurpassed skills in embroidery as the synopsis detailed, after becoming a victim of foul play she is reborn into another world where fantasy like creatures and people with powerful abilities exist.

Level headed, taking a pragmatic approach she ventures forth with very little and encounters many interesting and unusual things, her meeting with an injured man sees her connect with him in ways we are still... more>> yet to uncover :D

I enjoy the interesting characters, and since there are only 2 so far I look forward in seeing them both develop :D Su is very adorable, a floofy kind of character that is endearing with her ability to be positive and ready to get things done. Lin is the silent brooding type that seems at odds with this inner self, this guy needs to be more honest lol.

Su has 2 other companions that you will learn about as you read the novel :P so far there are only 9 chapters, hopefully we will see it spamming the Novel updates with multiple chapter releases! One can hope!. <<less
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Monette is a very charming and funny MC, she lives her life without issues other than her childhood trauma of being rejected and called ugly by her former fiance Prince Alexis, as a result, she has taken to hiding her self beneath an enchanted armor to protect herself from further harm. Years later the Prince is now engaged to Monette's younger sister and was living quite happily till he was recently cursed, the bad luck that befalls him is rather creative, and if you are a kindhearted person, you may... more>> think its undeserved.

The prince is rather generic, he's noble, handsome and works hard for the people, yet that blemish to his character remains regarding his treatment of Monette. Given the nature of this curse, Monette is the number 1 suspect, during her self-imposed exile, she has learned witchcraft, it is Alexis who thinks she is the culprit.

While denying her involvement the Prince and his bodyguard decide to impose upon her, as she is able to ward off temporarily the effects of the curse, begging Monette to accompany them, she agrees under certain conditions, if they are not met she won't help them, as they journey together we get to know more about Monette and the other 2 characters.

Personally, I can't stand the Prince or Percival his guard, I would rather they go DIAF. However... Monette is an endearing character that will have you cheering and crying for her, the amount of suffering she has endured might seem small, but it affected her quite deeply. I find myself constantly telling Monette to leave this troublesome duo, that she deserves her peaceful life away from such annoyances, I can only hope that she finds a cure for his curse so she can finally get rid of them.

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Chaku rated it
Shini Yasui Kōshaku Reijō to Shichi-nin no Kikōshi
June 8, 2018
Status: prologue
What would you do if you were a walking death flag? Our delightful MC is like a cursed being, one who inadvertently triggers death flags without even trying.

The avoid death flag trope in stories like these has an added twist usually foreknowledge of certain events will enable you to prevent a gruesome end further along, but in our MCs case, just doing that will trigger yet more death flags, its as though the story is staying true to her end destruction.

The MC herself is resourceful, clever, and quick-witted, she struggles... more>> to overcome each obstacle with everything she has, doomed to suffer death flags till she eventually resolves the original trigger to that event (hopefully she dies from old age..) You refuse to accept her fate, constantly rooting for her as she desperately avoids every deadly encounter. The supporting cast so far is interesting, characters that you want to invest time getting to know, overall an enjoyable read which I fully recommend being added to your reading list. <<less
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Chaku rated it
Kenkyo, Kenjitsu o Motto ni Ikite Orimasu
April 29, 2016
Status: --
Reika is an endearing character, I love her expressions, thoughts, and realize I see myself in her, I empathize with her and cheer when she overcomes a hurdle, I love her greatly, the only thing I would like is more development of side characters. The story itself is very compelling, I look forward to all the updates when theyre translated, its probably one of the few stories that I want to learn Japanese for so I can read it in its entirety, Im thankful to the translators for working hard... more>> in bringing this out, and cant want for each and every installment.

Thank you to the author for creating such a warm and genuinely wonderful character, thank you for the story. <<less
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Chaku rated it
Nihonkoku Shoukan (LN)
September 15, 2017
Status: --
This looks really interesting so far, Im looking forward to more chapters, expectation really does wonders for the imagination, so far Im not disappointed, Imagine an entire country (modern Japan) being transported to another world of magic and fantastical creatures, the possibilities are endless!

Its too early to give a proper review, but this is in anticipation of something that could be awesome if done well, a whole country worth of possibilities, you arent limited by what you can do alone, not with so many people with talents of their own... more>> at your disposal, culturally it will be very interesting, imagine if it were America, Russia, China etc, I can think of so much that could happen with those countries involved!

Japan use to be an imperialistic nation, they would invade other nations, were very warlike, now that they are no longer in our world, the powers that keep them in check dont exist there, could it be possible that they might revert back to what they were? Or is there way of life now so ingrained that they have no desire to do that anymore, I wouldnt be surprised at either outcome. This is what this story means to me, possibilities, what route will Japan take in a world not their own.

I have read a few chapters of a similar story, I think it was Germany that was transported, the impact was felt in both worlds. Im sure the same can be said of Japan, the turmoil would be great, I wonder how deep the author will take this story, or will it focus on only a few key characters, I hope which ever direction is taken, that it is done well. <<less
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Chaku rated it
Maid Will Go on Through Thick and Thin!
January 20, 2018
Status: --
Not sure why this is getting such low ratings, it doesnt deserve that, this story seems to be one of survival, mysteriously summoned to another world high school kids in a chem lab from the chemistry club are transformed into fantasy like characters, mage, warrior etc, while our female MC is a maid, only a few chapters at the moment, so I cant really comment on this story till more are released, but I was looking at the rating and felt it was very unfair at least explain why.

Characters... more>> seem compelling I want to learn more about them and what they do. The MC is intelligent, useful and not a burden, her title as maid might be a bit misleading, she is your typical "Do something" to help kind of character. I hate useless people, and so far shes proving her worth.

The story is still very much a mystery, so there is lot to uncover and reveal, so hopefully we get a story that is more fleshed out, either way Im looking forward to journeying with these characters. <<less
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Chaku rated it
Release that Witch
December 6, 2016
Status: c92
Such an interesting story it truly is, its also regularly updated by the great awesome translators who are so quick that it makes my mind boggle I never have to wait impatiently for a release!

Roland is a reincarnator, who finds himself in the body of the 4th Prince, who awakens his previous life memories, this world is primitive compared to where he was from, he presides over the execution of a witch, his previous world common sense rejects such ideas, despite being reincarnated, having a mechanical engineering background, he... more>> logically tries to understand what is happening. Memories of the 4th Prince paints the picture of a useless man, who only sought pleasure, while not a completely horrible character, he was a man of little worth, when left to lord over a small desolate town in the middle of nowhere Roland struggles to understand the predicament he is in, realizing that he is in competition for the throne alongside 4 other siblings due to His Fathers decree. As the story unfolds Rolands previous knowledge becomes the foundation for the world he creates alongside the Witches, the future is uncertain, but due to his ability to apply modern technology and magic, he establishes the beginnings of a new life filled with great potential and love.

This is a fantastic story, with such scope and depth that you wont find yourself bored for an instant, the array of characters are wonderful, there are no overtly OP displays of power, even though it is blatantly OP but its the progression by which it came about that makes sense, even if it is a bit convenient, like getting the right assortment of powers/people/circumstances to push his plans forward.

That aside it even has an educational component hah, I spent time outside of the story finding out about various things that are described in the story, and got smarter or at least more aware as a result. It encourages you to think about the possibilities not in a predictable way, even though there is an obvious linear progression in what Roland is aiming for, but its like an excitement of what might come, and when it does happen that feeling of satisfaction arises, its like deciding on which pathway will be taken, if he goes A route or B route in accomplishing his goals, its truly satisfying, add the witches magic into the mix and you have pure harmony.

There are no outright villains in the story much like Game of thrones, sure there are rotten people, and those that seek to overpower another, its not a Defeat the Demon lord kind of scenario, there are enemies and allies of sorts, even the fantasy aspect is really unclear, there are demonic beasts, and a demon race, there are devils and Churches which Im sure you can figure out where such things can lead, spanish inquisition anyone? The crusades? Salem witch hunts?

As Rolands siblings vie for power, he races against the clock to put his plans in motion, with determination, and intellect used to defeat his foes and build the world around him, we are immersed and invested in Roland, journeying alongside him as he accomplishes his goals.

I highly recommend reading this story, you will be entertained and perhaps will learn something new along the way :) <<less
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Chaku rated it
Running Away From The Hero!
July 28, 2016
Status: c2 part1
I have to disagree strongly with the reviewer above me whose views are fine btw, without spoiling to much, I consider going to school torture of unimaginable proportions, thats my perspective, standing in front of class was a nightmare when I had to do poetry reading or prose, debates and other public speaking horrors that still leave me shaking to this day, I found exercises before doing the fun stuff with sports tiresome and cruel, back in my day we had corporal punishment, which either involved the strap, (a... more>> leather belt like tool to instill discipline in naughty children), the cane, a formidable wooden stick used on your hand and or butt, the ruler or the whip stick that is used by being smacked across the knuckle or around the legs, being placed outside whether it was rain sun or hail, getting your mouth washed out with soap if you spoke a bad word within range of a Teachers hearing or tattled on by other brats.

This was perfectly legal and acceptable to do at the time, so this is what Im saying now, by our standards today it would be considered cruel and abusive, in this story its simply the way it is, spare the rod spoil the child, train our future recruits to be magnificent villains for the organization, or die.

This perspective is from the Teacher who is the MC not the hero, its refreshing because of the insight this person with very little power at least in terms of magic ability and fighting skill has however a huge amount of survival cunning and savvy to be able to train and mingle with such OP monsters without suffering any ill effects. In fact he has prospered, in an evil organization no less!

How interesting! No tropes of enter hero, hero power, harem waifu, demonstrate power, dense MC, saves the world, destroys or falls for the evil villain, then happy ending, Theres none of that, just a good old regular human with a bit of previous world knowledge to see him through. The encounters he has with other characters are like a box full of chocolates without the box label description of contents, you never know what you will get inside, and therein lies the enjoyment factor, his insight, his interactions with others, and his ability to avoid or head off death flags that come his way are so refreshing without doing a single heroic thing at all.

Please read this gem, its really worthwhile, my thanks to the author for creating it, and thanks to the translator for picking this up, my world would be less bright without it, its not a literary masterpiece that will win a prestigious award, it doesnt need that, it simply entertains :D <<less
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Chaku rated it
October 8, 2017
Status: --
I felt a need to write an early review because the score for this is so low, I think its too soon to give a proper score but I gave it 5 stars to balance things a little, this does start slowly but we are introduced to the main characters so the author is fleshing them out allowing us to get to know them better and there circumstances.

Making assumptions is never good, so let's just say there is potential in this story whether it ends up predictable or not still... more>> waits to be uncovered. <<less
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Chaku rated it
Welcome to the Raindance Cafe
January 23, 2017
Status: c2 part2
I gave it 5 because its early days and the initial review score seems unfair, so to balance it I have given it 5, I dont want people to be turned off due to the score.

From what I can see with only 3 chapters available, is potential, its written well, the characters seem engaging and interesting, wanting to find out more about them and their circumstances, the setting may seem rather mundane and cliche, but from the prologue Im getting some Potentially interesting vibes.

I will change my rating if this... more>> doesnt pan out, but to give it a 1 is unfair. Heres hoping that it will produce the goods :) <<less
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Chaku rated it
Heibon na Watashi wa Tonikaku Hibon
August 3, 2016
Status: c1
Only 8 chapters so far, but what a wonderful 8 chapters Ive read! Thank you to the translator for picking this up!

Basically the premise is our MC is summoned along with another, however she is treated like trash that needed to be thrown out, while the other is treated like a heroine would be treated.

She is helped by a mage who has 1 week to get her ready for life out in a new world, as expected what can you really accomplish in 1 week? Our MC isnt OP, shes... more>> rather weak, but has a tenacious spirit that refuses to give up or back down, due to her circumstances she tries her best with what shes been given, and well, Ill leave that up to you the reader to find out what happens next.

The reason I like this novel so much is because shes weak, she has to work hard to get anywhere, how many OP protags are out there that can do everything without earning a damn thing? This woman has had to struggle from the start, earned every small step she has gained and I cant wait to see how she makes it through the rest of the story!

There are various characters who really flesh out the world and make you enjoy it more, I really want this story to continue and hope both the Author and Translator continues doing a stellar job in bringing this world to life, its has so much potential! I had read this a while back but forgot the name of the story, and had to make a plea out on the forums for the name so I can add it to my reading list, Im really thankful! I remembered to check up on this story because of another novel I began reading which is called Running away from the hero, the MC isnt summoned but reincarnated, he wasnt given any cheat skills only his previous world knowledge which didnt really help him as much as he hoped, he had to rely on his innate cunning and survival skills to get through, and despite being much weaker than others, he managed to achieve great things. I really like Protags like this, they dont rely on cheat like powers to give them everything handed to them on a silver platter, they actually worked hard to get anywhere.

There are a few other novels that also stimulated my memory of this story as well, so Im glad I have the name again! Thank you Mintzu! <<less
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