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Celciusss rated it
Godly Hunter
March 24, 2018
Status: c10
If you're interested in mostly the hacking concept and have even a slight amount of knowledge about such things, then I recommend giving this a pass. It's painfully obvious the author has no idea what he's talking about with hacking and technology and has probably never even played a 3D game. In the first couple of chapters the author actually says:

"In a traditional game, whenever a player moves, he can only appear on a space, and never on the junction of two cubes. According to traditional game logic, the cave... more>> passage should be divided into two rows of spaces. When he walks in the cave, he should be only able to walk on the left or on the right."

and then goes on to explain how this game is amazingly different in that he can actually stand on a junction..... yea that should tell you everything you need to know about the author's knowledge of technology, remember this novel first came out in 2014. <<less
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Celciusss rated it
Tokyo Ravens
January 29, 2018
Status: v2c4
I really like the story and setting, but as another reviewer pointed out, the characters suck so much enjoyment out of this story that it becomes hard to read.

It's incredible infuriating to me that the female lead treats the MC like complete trash when she was the reason he ever got involved in this entire mess. I also feel like she basically tricked the MC so that they would be together, but what is worse is that she tricked him into a relationship where the MC is suppose to completely... more>> obey her. How the heck could you make a person you love into someone who has to fight for you as a slave that is suppose to follow your orders and is suppose to never talk back, etc. Then, whenever the MC even tries to sticks up for himself when the female lead treats him like trash, he ALWAYS ends up being in the "wrong" and other people even say he was in the "wrong". Why was he always in the wrong? The reason is is that female lead is worried about him so that makes it OK to treat him like a trash slave. It's completely OK to call him an idiot when he knew absolutely nothing about the situation until recently, it's completely OK that she calls his friends useless, etc, etc.

If this author was intentionally making me hate this female lead then I would give him full points because of how angry it made me, but no it's not like that at all. The author writes the MC as someone who just accepts everything, including being treated like trash as long as it's by his female lead.

If you can stand MCs being treated like complete trash than this novel would most likely be amazing to you, but unfortunately I can't. <<less
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