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CartmanBruuh rated it
Nine Star Hegemon Body Art
January 10, 2019
Status: c222
This novel may seem cliche and quite honestly the face-smacking does get repetitve. HOWEVER, the world building so far is great and since I love novels about MC’s with mysterious pasts, it only adds to the enjoyment and suspense.

But the most powerful strong point of this novel is the MC. I noticed that most Chinese author’s use shamelessness as a form of humor, which is funny for around 200 chapters till it gets stale and unfunny. However, this Chinese author mixes some funny western humor in there for the mix,... more>> making this MC quite enjoyable. He reminds me of Meng Hao, who was shameless but also quite serious when it mattered. <<less
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CartmanBruuh rated it
Talisman Emperor
May 13, 2019
Status: Completed
Ok so being completely honest, all the tourneys and arrogant young masters did get boring throughout the novel. But I stuck with it cuz the world building was really good, especially the last 300 or so chapters which reminded me of the world building of martial world. The end of the novel became more about Chen Xi's dao heart then cultivation, so it was quite refreshing and Chen Xi really did become a legendary cultivator towards the end. I also personally loved Chen Xi's relationship with his sect members, especially... more>> with his senior bros and sisters. In general, the novel wasn't terrible, but the quality in the middle parts of the novel could have much better. The ending was surprisingly good for a webnovel too and there's even side stories after the last battle. Also the name "Talisman Emperor" doesnt really hold much in this novel. Granted the Talisman dao is one of his main daos throughout the novel, it's not really used much when he's fighting. I think a more proper name would need to relate to the River Diagram somehow, cuz this WHOLE novel revolves around those fragments. The River Diagram fragments are literally the infinity stones of this novel.


Final boss is the supreme sect leader, who's been controlling every step of his life (even before he was born) until about the end. We can even say the supreme sect leader wrote about 95% of this novel

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Dragon-Marked War God
January 6, 2019
Status: --
This novel is just rinse and repeat once he gets to the higher realms. It’s at the point where the author is just reusing names for techniques with a slight difference.

“Why should we trust you to make this heavenly pill when you just came from the mortal realm?”

”Because I have never failed a pill concoction before”

... more>> sh*t, this would make just more worried. A person who is the greatest and has never failed? Bullsh*t.

Honestly, though it wasn’t really a bad novel until he left the mortal realm. For some reason, he seemed to have struggled more in the mortal realm than he is struggling in the immortal realm right now. <<less
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CartmanBruuh rated it
Peerless Battle Spirit
March 9, 2019
Status: c1000
Tbh, the novel had alot of potential especially with the overarching plot about Qin Nan's actual identity (is he some sort of reincarnated god and the peerless war god was just his servant?) Mysterious past stories always intrigue me and the first 300 chapters had me hooked.

Until, I realized that the mystery probably won't be figured out till like chapter 3000. So much potential wasted because the author wanted quantity over quality. This novel is now just a basic xuanhuan with maybe an interesting detail about the overarching plot now... more>> and then.

I guess the only thing I can say now is that the MC's character is a bit more likeable than the rest. But thats about it, nothing stands out anymore. However, I would probably bump this novel up to 4 stars if it was completed and I could binge read it, so I could skim the boring archs and get some of that juicy plot. <<less
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CartmanBruuh rated it
Overlord in Cultivation
December 16, 2018
Status: --

The premise and setting of this novel is very interesting and unique.

The world building is amazing and very mysterious.

Perfect blend of face slapping with training.


Grasping at straws here, but the names are super confusing.

Action scenes happen in seconds. No sh*t talking for a chapter until the real battle begins. Not sure if this is a bad thing or good thing though because it is preferential.

Need editing on some chapters.

Overall, I am super engrossed in the plot and the worldbuilding which makes up for its cons.
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