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March 20, 2017
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As a Chinese fan of TKA, it is exciting to see so many positive comments on TKA. Here I would like to explain to some of the questions or negative comments about TKA.
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I see that the latest translated release is almost 600 chapters. There is one thing absolutely right--this novel is really in slow pace, even in later chapters. However, it is not all about PVE and kill bosses/monsters. Approximately, after chapter 800, the story mainly transits from PVE to PVP. Then you can see all the pro players in Glory!

Like some comments said, this novel not only has an interesting MC but also has many excellent side characters. Here comes to the greatest point of TKA! All pro players that you have seen so far will have much more scenes and depictions after the story goes into PVP stage (chapter 800). Actually, after this novel finished, each pro player in TKA owned numerous fans in China. (BTW Huang shaotian and Ye xiu are my bias) And this is the reason why TKA becomes so popular in China. I started to follow this novel in 2012, during the time this novel was still in PVE stage. It has not been very famous on Qidian (the website for this novel) until it finished about 1000 chapters. Some of side characters even have equal or higher popularity than MC in China. (depends on preference). Also, later in the PVP stage, you will see more professional battles and esport spirit in TKA.
Here are some spoiler, if you dont like it, ignore this paragraph. Ye xiu will establish his own team and come back the pro gaming stage. There are about 10-15 pro teams. Each of these teams has its own characteristic. Eg. there are several strategic makers (smart people, Ye xiu is one of them), they may have different strategy focuses in professional league. Also, there are some strong pro player on gaming techniques or operate. Interestingly, some team only has strategic makers while some of the other only has strong operating players. Based on the unique situation of the team, they will have different policies and performance in professional league. (also change of club is possible for Glory pro players just like in any other sports). It increases more possibilities for this esport novel. Furthermore, they are adults and have many considerations towards Glory and championship. In my personal opinion, this novel becomes a truly esports story after 1000 chapters.

TKA is all about esports Glory. Dont expect to know anyone's background, or esports outside Glory, or any other reality issues. In fact, Ye xiu's background is still a mystery to readers nowadays... Butterfly Blue does not like to depict anyone's background or love story. So TKA is barely a novel for game, spirit, friendship, championship, and dreams.

Overall, if you think the previous chapters are too repetitive, sorry for that, it will continue until the end of this novel. But if you can kinda tolerate it, you wont regret it after finishing reading the entire novel.

A good news is that TKA will have anime released soon! First episode will be released on April 07, 2017 on Tencent video. There is a PV on youtube already. :)

Sorry for such a long comment. Enjoy TKA!
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