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Carnaxa rated it
Rebirth of the Wolfish Silkpants Bottom
November 3, 2018
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I made it to chapter 63 in this series and for that alone I give myself huge props. I usually try to finish everything I begin reading but I simply could not for this series and I am certain I wont come back to it in the future.

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The MC is a 30 year old adult living his second life as a 13 year old, how on earth can he not see the inappropriateness of his relationship with the ML. The ML is someone I wont ever want within 100 yards of anyone I know, children and adult alike, I found him to be a despicable person preying on a young child. Said young child who is internally an adult is quite an unbelievable character himself no one is that stupid, the author made both characters unlikable to me. The main plot felt lost as well, the revenge aspect was completely lost in the story and felt like it was more a side story to distract from the despicable ML and incredibly stupid MC. I wont recommend this to anyone. I personally dont mind slow developments in a story but the level of stupidity of the MC was too much for me to bare so I'm on to another series. I truly wish I could slap both the MC and ML.

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