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MC is a prick, he is supposed to be a good person with good values from our world, but he become deviant quite fast

basically he got summoned with lots of other people, then thrown out because he already had latent power from our world which is incompatible with the divine power of the other world and the other world's energy tries to get rid of him by making all the people with blessing turn aggressive against him

he then start buying lots of slaves that he can trust and start his own faction, a bit like in shield hero, except the shield hero treat his slaves like family, while this MC here treat them... as slaves, pets, or best subordinate, ruling over them like a divine emperor, but pretending to still be a good an upright person, while he is really only concerned about the exp, skills and money they produce for him

i especially hate the way he treats the reincarnated girl and the monster girls and divine beings:

the reincarnated girl has a big trauma, she taught that she could live a happy cheat reincarnation life with the knowledge from modern Earth, but laws of natures are slightly different between the two world, resulting in her accidentally causing the death of a dozen people, after which her own family and village sold her away as slave, so she always push herself to please the MC as to not get abandoned and fix her mistakes so she would never hurt innocents again

the MC is absolutely aware of that, and each time he wants to shut her up, he bring up her mistakes from back them, which PTSD her into silence, he even finds it quite fun, as for the monster girls, he treat them basically like this: either you let me enslave you as my pet (totally not treating them as humans) or I beat you into submission

as for divine beings, basically it goes like this: "for millenium a divine beast has guarded this sacred mountain and protected our people from catastrophes" MC:"let's poke at it to harass it, if it attack us, we'll claim self defense and kill it, after that we'll try to find other legendary beings that exist from the creation of this world and repeat the process"

basically, I can't come to like the MC, he's a jerk, and impotent, he got hundreds of servants (and believers of a cult that see him as a god) positively wanting to s*x him, not even subtle about it, but nah, not interested

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Carmeops rated it
Strongest Abandoned Son
April 10, 2018
Status: c565
i finally decided to stop reading this, I can't come to like the MC, no matter what he goes too far

the whole "i don't mess with people, but people can't mess with me" mindset is okay in theory, but MC keep contradicting himself! he critique powerful people for treating normal people like ants, then he goes to kill all guards of a place to enter prohibited places, or kill soldiers wanting to check on his boat when he enter their territorial waters, or kill off investigators sent by the governments... more>> so they don't dare come again... ISN'T IT TREATING UNRELATED PEOPLE LIKE ANTS??

bloody hells, the world if this story is not sustainable as it is written, the big factions throw willingly their WHOLE strengths against the MC's faction every time a single person from their big faction hit the wall after pissing off the MC, and it seems they do that each time someone oppose them, without checking investigating before hand, how did those factions not kill each other to the ground yet? I refuse to believe not a single person from another big faction ever slap the face of someone from another big faction

also, MC wants to believe he is a proper nice guy, but if people he doesn't know are dying in front of him, he has never the thought of helping them "not my problem" while he could have saved them without much effort, heck, he even let his sister's adoptive mother suicide while he goes to kill a dude that he could have targeted any time, he also go explore stuff for weeks with his phone out of battery and gets upset when he comes back and his people are under attack and they couldn't call him for help, it happen ALL THE TIME! but nah, he never tries to fix the problem

he also always, always, always underestimate Earth and the practitioners of our world, "too bad this planet can't have that thing from my previous world", "wtf, how come I just found this stuff that is the same as my previous world, must be an exeption", "too bad i'll never get this", "wtf, I just found that"... he NEVER question himself on how he could have being wrong before, despite him finding countless times that stuff don't work his he thought

he has also the bad mentality of "people of Earth are too dumb to know the real use of precious materials, because they gave them different names than what I was used to from my past world, better steal those from them, so I can make better use of them" yes, MC is a thief, not even giving a sh*t about killing to obtain stuff that isn't his, he even freaking BROKE INTO AND ROBBED common people's banks in order to found his personal town!!

yeah, can't like the MC, he's a jerk, I stop here, have a fun reading <<less
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Carmeops rated it
Return of the Former Hero
October 10, 2018
Status: c97
i don't think this novel is for me, it's just bland and uninspiring, the MC has a one track mind, he thinks with his d*ck, that's all, nothing more, nothing less, he keep getting distracted in everything he does because he think about getting some, constantly, even when his life is in danger while fighting monsters, he keep getting distracted by his lust, not even because he is so strong that he can afford it, no, he is literally placing himself in bad situation, over and over, by being unable... more>> to concentrate for 2 min without switching his brain power toward his penis

there is basically no story happening aside that, all plot points are just there to help him get a new girl, or giving him the opportunity to have a s*xy time with his harem, even what seemed like a good start for a main villain just got disposed of abruptly, he existed only as a tool to make the harem group start travelling

there is no goal, no story, no sense of a moving plot, just messing around and having s*xy time with the girls

if it's enough for you, good, but I need something more, some sort of ultimate goal, or at least interesting characters that you like to react to, typical isekai MC achieve that by showing them interacting with the world using their cheats and making us feel the power fantasy this isn't the case here

the MC is not even that powerful, he act as "powerful former hero who defeated a demon king before, so nothing can harm him" but in fact he is a glass cannon who know only two good moves, one magical and one physical, to overpower a single target, which make him unable to move after use, and except those, he is a dunce who don't like to study or train, because once again, he only has s*x on his mind, so he is half baked <<less
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i quite like it to be honest

well, that's really because I'm not reading it seriously

this novel is just a dumb comedy about a lazy overpowered idiot who spend all his time in his floating bed and lightly molest the girls that hitch a ride with him, but is too lazy to actually s*x them

it's the classic parody of isekai adventurer, except imagine a dumb guy entering the adventurer guild on his full size floating bed instead and doing everything as comically leisurely as possible
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Carmeops rated it
Lightning Empress Maid
November 13, 2018
Status: c57
i really like the novel so far, but I'm taking break right here to properly add my comment about something that really piss me off about that world, how everyone wants to kill the MC while treating her like an evil monster, when in fact EVERY SINGLE TIME, she is on the defensive

... more>>

one day, out of the blue, after years of being the more than perfect soldier for the magic kingdom always doing her work loyally, perfect quasi-robotic execution of the tasks, a divine prophesy suddenly calls for her destruction, naming an enemy of the world

since people are sheep that have blind faith, they turn on her and try to kill her, she defend herself and kill the stupid troops sent to end her, and they dare call her evil because of it, like the prophesy was right and sh*t: SHE WAS DEFENDING HERSELF!

later she became a maid of a lower class noble who is bullied by other noble, she defend her master, other noble is pissed off and directly order his men to KILL her, of course she defend herself and trash them, she get called monster.. who is the f**king monster, for f**k sake?? YOU WERE GOING to MURDER her for no reason!

later as her master is slowly climbing back the social ladder, a merchant who doesn't like that SEND ASSASSINS to kill him, then after she kill them SEND AN ARMY OF 500 MEN TO KILL HIS FAMILY! she kill them and once again, she is the one being called a monster

the one time she go back to the capital (to check if the security of common people is still okay without her protecting them), she get found out and they are angry at her "how could you kill your fellow citizen like that, you monster"...


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Carmeops rated it
Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei
May 5, 2018
Status: c91
i just wanted to leave this message just in case the translation get restarted:

overall it's a real nice story, however you must be ready for really sudden jump in story atmosphere

... more>>

one chapter he is training at a human academy while making new friends with talented people and killing average demons/vampires together, soon after he is building public baths and rest areas while thinking of how to boost the tourism and economy of his village, followed almost directly by an epic fight at multiple time the speed of light while wielding entire universes as weapon

the novel constantly jump between those three "level" of existence, the "powerful individuals" friends, the "common people" family and the "over the top god tier/destruction of the world when sneezing" enemies that pop on occasion, it can be disorienting at time

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