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CandleLight rated it
Demon Hunter
March 27, 2018
Status: v2c5 part1
Absolutely enjoyed it!

MC is strong, but not OP. He have goals, but knows compromise. He can hate, but not indiscriminately. You can sympathize with him, not just ride along and watch him level the world like the usual these days.

What I most enjoyed though, was the world building. Makes you think that if apocalypse did happen, maybe the world would not be stranger to this.

... more>> I’d highly recommend this to people tired of the mainstream train, train, train, win.


to anwaya1’s review, did we even read the same novel? It doesn’t seem like it. All I saw was a narrow-minded, skewed, and biased reading. Like, how the hell do you do reading comprehension? I don’t mean to demean, I was just that surprised at your “summary”. I just can’t even... :/ <<less
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CandleLight rated it
The Book Eating Magician
October 30, 2017
Status: c189
I don't know why so much low ratings in reviews when I honestly found it very interesting so far. I mean, I've read a ton more novels of varying genres (except BL) and I found this one more unique than others.

I get that MC could do better with his questions, but it's not as bad as people are nitpicking about. Asking the book about immortality and so on? What would a kid who can't even graduate do with that? Isn't that more stupid? Like seriously stupid?

For all of you who... more>> thinks that's obvious, then you're probably one of those people wasting away in their basements wishing to win a lottery... like everything should whoooosh! Yeah, it's stupid.

The MC here is what you call principled, not naive. Though that call for arguements, but who are you to say people like him never existed. It's the so called hero quality... in fantasy setting... of a story of swords and magic... Get it?

People probably read too much novel like Satou-san (hi hi, too OP mc) and everything else is lacklustre or "bland" in comparison when a shounen-ish story is not full of cheat-like easy mode...

Ai, and that's my rant for today. Thanks for reading.

Have a good day! <<less
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CandleLight rated it
Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint
July 22, 2018
Status: c15
Review as of c15

Holy Crap!

I must say I’m surprised with this one. I wasn’t expecting it to be this good! Rainbow Turtle strikes again!

... more>> Plot: 5/5

Story of a reader living in the plot of his favourite novel. Sounds generic right? But when you add the terms channels, suscribers, donators, sponsors, and on, does it make you curious? And you add fantasy-apocalypse-gamelike settings genre? And an MC leaning to rational side, but not planning to solo-mode the whole thing? Ahhh I must say, I am hooked!

Characters: 4/5

Mostly MC for now, but overviewed other important characters as well. Can’t say much since it just started, but I’m liking everything I saw so far. Especially the said novel’s protagonist. He’s a douchebag, but I like it. Somehow, I could picture the novel MC read, and could sympathize why he liked it.

Translations: 5/5

Damn, it’s the almighty Rainbow Turtle, ‘nuff said.

Narration/Delivery: 4/5

So far the story had been very immersive. The pacing is great, diction and paragraphs flows amazing. Though, do not expect the western style descriptions that takes a whole paragraph. This novel is action packed and fast paced, not flower prose cake.


No, people, wait for a few more chapters because you will experience withdrawals otherwise.

You had been warned. Have a good day. <<less
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CandleLight rated it
Monarch of Evernight
May 25, 2018
Status: v3c89
I really don’t understand people rating this 1 stars. I mean, 1 stars should be those beta MCs type, an overly used plot, plot-hole covered, unreadable grammar, villain are brain dead, and so on, right?

This novel is none of that.

If you rate an MC as a pus*y for sparing a girl he would probably never meet again, and therefore 1 star worth of a sh*t stiry, then there’s something wrong with you not the story.

In fact, that decision of his differentiated him as a character. He grew up in dog-eat-dog-world,... more>> but he was not a dog and retained his compassion. This contrast highlighted how he will be different from the dumpster he came from.

The plot here was dark to say the least, and author balances it with MC’s character. Afterall, just dark after dark will be too bland. Now, if that’s what you’re looking for, this novel is not for you, but please do not impose.

I love stories like this where author do not get too caught up by his own plot, and the characters remain humane.

Translators, thank you very much for making this available to us! It’s one of the novels I look forward to read everyday! <<less
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CandleLight rated it
Dragon Life
May 14, 2016
Status: --
Ehm... my first review. As of chapter 28, I believe that this novel caught me with hook, line, and sinker (did I say that right?) I've always loved dragons for one, the main reason why I even picked up this novel. But...

Oh la la~

The romance caught me off guard. You see, of the many things I've read, the most I do is smirk or smile or cringe or no reaction at all from anything tagged romance, but this one is one of the few that made me squeel with... more>> delight (thank god I was alone at home in 'that' chapter).

Still, the translated part is too few so who knows if it will keep up to my expectations. Just that, I really-really-really recommend this one to anyone wanting a real dose of sugar in their boring life.

Author-sama and Translator/s-sama, thank you for making this story available to me! <<less
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CandleLight rated it
May 20, 2017
Status: c68
I don't know why there's quite a few unfavorable reviews, when in fact, this novel is breath of fresh air! (To me at least). You know, I've read everything that has 50+ chapters I could get my hands on, and 70-80% of those where dropped after I've been through 10 or so chaps...

I know, I know, there's a few series that doesn't really kick off until a few more chapters. But heck, there's TONS more that are worth saving my few minutes in life for.

Dragoon is one of those 20-30%... more>> I didn't drop, in fact, I read it all the way until the latest chapters. For me, that is a very gratifying experience, because most of what I'm reading now are for the sake of 'knowing' not 'enjoying' like Dragoon made me feel.

Anywho, that's that for overall impressions. As for the things I liked:


- Character development. When was the last time you've read about bad guys you 100% disliked, turning into new leaf, and somehow pulls at your heartstrings?

-Plot. Yes, the plot. You see, this is a shounen style novel, and an easy to see through goals are exactly how shounens are meant to be. In that sense, the MC here does a great job in being focused to his goal (LMAO). Aside from that, what I liked here is, though the plot a glaringly obvious that its common sense to see them crystal clear, it does not take away the feeling of curiousity towards the next chapter, i.e. You end up wanting more, and that is my definition of 'good story'.

-Pacing. I don't feel that it was either fast or slow. It simply feels just right. (Then again, that may due to Yoraigod's amazing amazing amazing grace with all the chapters pouring out.)

-MC is dense as heck. Ahem, though his dense-ness has its annoyances (its a running gag here), the times when its funny outweighs the cons, making for a funny MC that makes the story go forward without compromising the story (yes, I'm looking at you, typical JP MC that obly knows how to be 2D hero fjdkdvis). Some might not like his denseness, like someone in the review complaining why won't he just notice and start his harem... smh. I belive the issue is with the spoiled readers overdosed witb harem novels of how any MC with multiple possible heroines but never sticks his fingers to them all, is a spineless, cowardly, and useless MC when in fact, those harem MCs are the nasty fuckbois, must-stay-away-from, exist ONLY in some guilty delusions, that no normal girl would be attracted to. As for the collection of crazies, nymphos, and yandere in the so-called gatem? Yeah, sure, read more JP novel and lose sight of reality, and they will exist. In that sense, Dragoon MC, as an idiotic shounen MC, is NORMAL.

... Ahem, I digressed.


... and things I didn't like?


-Main Heroine. Though I said that the characters here are really great, I found the heroine particularly lacklustre when listed among the cast. She may be the MC's restraint or else the novel should be titled to 'Rudel's Misadventures', but still, I can't help but hope for more with her because I find the interactions between the two as less than desirable.

-Romance. As you might be clued in already, the romance here... well, this is as of ch68, I sincerely wish the interactions between the two (or more) could improve. Just my two cents.


Rant over. Thank you for reading all that, lol. You have my gratitude. <<less
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CandleLight rated it
Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao
October 19, 2017
Status: c83
One thing: If you haven't read this yet, well, what are you waiting for?!

This novel is so fun it's unbelievable. I actually can't help but snicker in every paragraph or few, and full blown laughter somewhere in the middle. As a comedy, it's undoubtedly among my top 3 in this website, leaning on 1st actually, it's just so great!

Of course while reading, please bear in mind that it is a novel meant to entertain, not to be a textbook example of what a 'novel' MUST be. There's a huge difference.

... more>> (Though that's applicable to like 90% of novels at NU)

Anywho, I most certaintly would recommend this to anyone looking for a reason to smile. <<less
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