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Calixta rated it
Hero? No, I’m an Ordinary Citizen (Monster)
January 2, 2019
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One of the worst self-fulfilling isekai ever, you can hear the author moan between chapters.

As pointed by more and more readers, the protagonist is supposed to be omniscient, matchless, with the life experience of hundreds of years and EMO, yes you heard it right, our protagonist is supposed to be an eternally depressed living god. Despite all the premises the author contradicts himself at every opportunity. The protagonist is all mighty and super experienced but gets flustered like a 13yo virgin, he is supposed to be terminally in love with... more>> the demon lord of another world but s*xually harass his maid every second! He laments his inability to change anything despite his powers so often that it feels like at any moment the cursed dragon sealed in his right arm will start throbbing to fight The Men in Black.

Two points made me cringe the most,


first : he is supposed to be a loner because he is send to different worlds and doesn't want to miss his friends, a self called loner BUT his kouhais, that never before visited another world and that in real life have know him for a relative short time, are desperately in love with him?? He saved them once in the past but most of the time he ignores them but he is still their god? Is this the senpai power?

Two: The knowledge of the protagonist is supposed to be boundless and his spells of a completely different scale, he even creates a spell that AUTOMATICALLY searches and saves the true history of the world for his personal use only, but with just a glimpse the queen sees through his camouflage, what the heck queen were you actually more powerful than our one-man-army of gods protagonist? But then why not use your seer talents to save your country instead of beg the help of a random otherworlder?

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