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CKtalon_TMW rated it
I’m Really a Superstar
June 1, 2016
Status: c1054
This is just a joyful read. Just give it a chance!

Besides all the wuxia/xianxia/xuanhuan genres, there are plenty of other web novels on Qidian that are excellent. Currently one of the top on Qidian's monthly voted ranks is "I’m Really a Superstar" (我真是大明星).

The genre is "Workplace Novel > Entertainer". It is a great modern-day novel. I am caught up with the novel.

The general premise is that of a modern day human, Zhang Ye who ends up appearing in another modern day Earth, but now he has a game ring. It... more>> is powered by 'Reputation'. He gains Reputation if people approve of something he did. He can use the popularity points to have a chance at a jackpot which can grant him various benefits such as

stat increases (strength, speed, stamina), one-time items (save points, lucky bread, unlucky charm against one person, AOE unlucky charm, invisibility, etc), special game abilities (such as unlocking a 'merchant shop' where he can buy a specific item with his popularity points), skill books (hacking skillbooks, Taiji fist skillbooks, acting skillbooks, directing skillbooks, video skillbooks, etc)


His goal is to become the number one celebrity in the world. Now, notice I mentioned that he came into another modern Earth, but this Earth has something different with its entertainment history or even history. It can be backwater in certain ways compared to his own Earth, so he can plagiarize...I mean share the knowledge from his own world to this world and become popular as a result.

Late in the story, his lists of accolades become ridiculous, he is a top

host, top actor, top comedy skit actor, top stand-up comedian, top songwriter/composer, top singer, top hacker, Chinese professor, Math professor, top radio host, top poem writer, top novel writer and has even flown a plane after defeating hijackers.


If people like reaction chapters, this novel is chock full of them, and the language used is extremely 'flowery' (read swear words in a funny way).

This story also makes you more in tune to China, giving you a glimpse of their culture and problems they face. It can also give you some insight on why xianxia/xuanhua novels are written in such a way.

In fact, it feels like a modern day xianxia story. MCs use skills you don't really understand to beat their rivals? Zhang Ye uses his poetry and cursing to beat his rivals. Zhang Ye is a person who personifies the meaning the pen is mightier than the sword.

Oh btw, he uses

a Brick in later chapters to fight against other martial artists...

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CKtalon_TMW rated it
Martial World
March 4, 2016
Status: c2253
The story proceeds relatively fast as Lin Ming overcomes all sorts of difficulties on his route to the peak of martial arts with the Demon Cube in hand. There are some slowdowns in the plot throughout this massive piece of work, but the overall structure is amazing. The trouble Lin Ming encounters due to his enemies is filled with adrenaline as he tries to evade capture, and eventually be able to turn the tables.

The author’s plot creation is excellent and hard to guess until it is eventually revealed. The major... more>> mysteries in the story only begins after chapter 500. Throughout the story, there are touching moments and good romance. All characters and items are accounted for by the end of the story, which makes the story feel very well-balanced. <<less
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