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CHR rated it
Spirit Realm
October 11, 2016
Status: c56
This novel is really good. I personally think that the detailed description is a very good thing to the story. We know every character deeply, unlike others novels that the are all one-sided. We actually got emotially attached to the charachter and we care about something other than the MC. I think that this novels deserves 10 star, its a real injustice to rated this with 3 stars or lower.

And I really liked the others authors works but in writing slyle and history, this the best for me. But the... more>> others are nice too. Great translater also helps. <<less
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CHR rated it
Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon
January 31, 2018
Status: c45
This novel started in a way and ended up in a totally different route, first the main character is a bit of an obsessive with sucess at any cost, but kinds of makes sense since only people with strong ambitions can enters dungeons,

... more>>But after the main character gaining talents in the dungeon, out of nowhere this ends and the MC starts ruling over people like a king in his dungeon and starts competing with others but now in real life, bacause of this and translation being almost dropped this novel gained a 3. <<less
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