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BurntToast rated it
A Tale of Two Phoenixes
October 29, 2018
Status: c48
I love the concept, characters, and execution. I have read a number of web novels, and this is permanently in my top three. I love how every character is dynamic, powerful, but not impervious. The FMC is intelligent and proactive, and does a decent job of competently navigating her new environment.

In fact, this is the first isekai that I've ever actually liked. This is also one of the few times that I haven't been sure as to the MMC's angle, and I find that fascinating. The author does an excellent... more>> job of navigating her characters and her world while maintaining a beautiful but realistic overtone. I hope to see more of this, and huge thanks to the translator.


  • You're looking for a progressive (politically) story. The author holds very traditional Chinese values and while she has no problem with standard harems, seems relatively repulsed by reverse harems. A bit of a missed opportunity in my opinion, but I digress.
  • You're looking for romance fast. There has been little to none as of yet (ch. 48)
  • You're looking for an omnipotent anyone. The FMC doesn't crush anyone, and as powerful as the MMC is, the FMC still seems to keep him on his toes. Everyone is unlikable in their own way, which is honestly my favorite part. Imperfect characters are so important to me.
  • You want a harem. For a harem story, there isn't much of a harem. That part was a bit sad, but I like everyone's interactions all the same.

  • You like physically attractive but still imperfect people
  • You like a proactive heroine who keeps her cards close to her chest and convincing character interactions
  • You want to read an intricate plot line that keeps you guessing
  • A well-developed, immersive setting with decently realistic boundaries (by webnovel standards), legitimate political intrigue, and a handful of literary trolley problems
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