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BumChikiBum rated it
The Novel’s Extra
October 9, 2018
Status: c128
MC and all of side characters have clear personality, have clear reason in every action. Good plot. Decent world building. It's good novel. I mean it. It is really good... and then...

...... All of misunderstanding gathered and created somewhat melodrama and much more misunderstanding.
...... Slow but sure, our MC becoming more OP (I have a bad feeling about this, every Korean Novel with OP MC I have read until now = All of them become trash and boring).

I love the story, I hate melodrama
I love Evandel & Rachel,... more>> I hate Chae Nayun
I really hate prolonged misunderstanding, always reminds me of that f*cking misunderstanding about marriage in Ze Tian Jie which resolved after hundreds of chapters of torture.

There are things I hate in this novel, but I can't stop reading this. That's why, I just have to lower my rating. 3/5 <<less
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BumChikiBum rated it
King of Gods
July 3, 2018
Status: c1064
Summary of Ch. 1 - Ch.1064.

... more>>

Started so cliche, with our MC (Zhao Feng) bullied by one of sect's disciple and then he didn't know what to do to survive in the sect because his talent was below average. But, no problem, because one day he came out of his house and struck by lightning. Why? I don't know maybe he was just 'unlucky', he came out when Uchiha Madara traversed through his land or something like that. So... he died? No, somehow he didn't get really burned by it instead got the power of Mangekyou Sharingan of Uchiha Clan from Konohagakure. (Arigatou, Uchiha Madara-sama!)

From then on, he absorbed the bloodline of Uchiha known as The Ninth God's Eye in that world. His attitude changed from being a cheeky brat to a cold attitude boy with calm demeanor (Just imagine Uchiha Madara in a cheeky boy body). With Uchiha bloodline in his body and Mangekyou Sharingan in his left eye, he defeated all of his opponent in every competition and duel in his continent (and neighbour's continent).

    • Not enough power? Can't really develope the Sharingan? No problem, just copy opponent's power and study it for a few moments and... hulalala...
      1. he attacked,

      2. opponent and crowd surprised,

      3. he won. Done. This is Uchiha!!!

    • Not enough Nakama? No problem, just go inside the cave in the forest to search for savage pokemons. Yosha!!!! My dream is to become a pokemon master! He walked for a while and... hulalala...


System : "Congratulations, you have found an unknown pokemon egg. To hatch it, you need to feed it with your Uchiha blood."

he did it and... crack...


System : "Congratulations, the cat inside the egg is now your 'lil pet. He/she is known as Meowth and popular as the eternal companion of Team Rocket."

Detail :

Name : Meowth (Hermaphrodite 'lil b*tch pokemon)

Evolution Phase : Meowth --> (Lv. 28) --> Persian

Region : In every region in Pokemon World

Level : 1

Hp : 5/5 (Weak af!)

Learned Moves:

- Scratch

- Growl

- Slap

- Steal

    • Not enough man power / subordinate? No problem! It's my turn! Prepare yourself Kaiba! I use spell card, "Change Of Heart!"... Blink...
      Description :

      Name : Change of Heart (Spell Card)

      Effect : Target 1


      your opponent controls; take control of it until the End Phase.

      I choose Skeletal Maid Commander in your monster card zone!

      ... Blink...

      Skeleton Maid Commander : "Irashaimase, Gosujin-sama!"

    • Not enough army? No problem. It's my turn! I use spell card, "Multiply"!
      Description :

      Name : Multiply (Spell Card)

      Effect :





      Special Summon

      as many "Kuriboh Tokens" (Fiend-Type/DARK/Level



      200) as possible, in

      Defense Position. These


      cannot be Tributed for a

      Tribute Summon.

I summon 100 Skeletal Kuriboh!

... Hulalala...



P.S : Romance


Zhao Yufei --> Zhao Feng --> Liu Qixin (dead)

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BumChikiBum rated it
The Returner
May 28, 2018
Status: c7
It reminded me of Seoul Station Necromancer with cliche, less attractive and kind of vague background (at least for me). Conversation between characters is decent (until c.7) with decent setting. The MC personality is funny enough to keep you go on reading this novel.

Overall this is decent novel, for now 3 stars and no more than that. But you know, only 7 chapters released so far with 577 chapters remain unreleased (or maybe untranslated too? Who knows). So, just hope it will develop

Edit: Can't believe everyone easily rate 5 for... more>> something 'decent'. I have no objection for your 5 stars if this novel has solid start regardless of the origin (Ze Tian Ji, The Path Toward Heaven, Reverend Insanity, etc). <<less
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BumChikiBum rated it
Unrivaled Medicine God
August 15, 2018
Status: c85
The problem is that I already read a lot of xianxia/xuanhuan webnovels. That's why I find 'Unrivaled Medicine God' is so clice.

... more>>

- Promising young master from one of the top realm died.
- Rebirth in the body of useless young master from the lowest realm (mortal world).
- The previous owner of the body is good for nothing young master & has very poor reputation.
- His family is having a struggle of power in the city with his rival's family.
- He has a loyal servant (young girl). And apparently, she has extraordinary aptitude for cultivation. She has very foul mouth and annoying attitude.
- The previous owner of the body pursued some annoying girl but now she diligently licking every bum in the sect in order to accomplish her objective (killing the 'good for nothing' MC).
- Keep getting breaktrough in cultivation and suddenly 'proficient' in medicine.
- If someone asking "How can you change so much?". His answer: "I encountered some luck with a mysterious granpa / senior."
- A lot of useless talk before & in the middle of duel.
- A lot of useless scheme and sneering because in the end MC will always do something that makes his enemy and crowd dropped their jaw.


If you already read :

- War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens
- Alchemy Emperor of Divine Dao
- Eternal God Emperor
- Martial Upheaval
- Battle Through The Heavens
- Immortal Mortal
- Peerless Martial God
- Soaring Of Galaxia


Then, there is nothing new for you. <<less
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BumChikiBum rated it
The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron
August 15, 2018
Status: c18
The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron is really similar to King of Gods. Let's see :

... more>>

-Talented youth in his town, but apparently just below average in the institute
[Divine Cauldron (Yes) | King of Gods (Yes) ]

-Struggle to improve his cultivation before assessment in the institute
[Divine Cauldron (Yes) | King of Gods (Yes) ]

-Get lucky encounter by strucked by something from the sky, sudden improve in cultivation and the power of eyes
[Divine Cauldron (Yes) | King of Gods (Yes) ]

-Hunting some low ranked beast to earn money to buy elixir to improve his cultivation, ended up lucky and have good material from upper ranked beast
[Divine Cauldron (Yes) | King of Gods (Yes) ]

-Space and Time Manipulation technique using his eyes
[Divine Cauldron (Yes) | King of Gods (Yes) ]

-Ended up famous through competitions in the institute
[Divine Cauldron (Yes) | King of Gods (Yes) ]

-Sudden proficient in archery
[Divine Cauldron (Yes) | King of Gods (Yes) ]

-There are tiers in every technique for cultivation
[Divine Cauldron (Yes) | King of Gods (Yes) ]

-The world as a whole is rarely described at the beginning
[Divine Cauldron (Yes) | King of Gods (Yes) ]



Well, there are different things too. At any rate, just read it first even if you have a doubt about the story. It's not that bad, you know. <<less
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BumChikiBum rated it
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
August 27, 2018
Status: c28
To be honest, I think this is a decent webnovel. And before you get your hopes up on this webnovel because of 'cultivation' tag in there. I have to remind & telling you that :

1. There is 'slice of life' tag in there too. The main thing of this webnovel is about the daily life of our MC, Hao Ren. And cultivation is just one of the main part of his daily life.
2. Up until now (ch.28), there is no fighting scene. So, for you who like webnovel with... more>> a lot of 'battle between cultivator' scene, I think you have to wait a bit longer.
3. Don't expect a fast plot development. IT'S A SLICE OF LIFE (at least until ch.28)

The interaction between characters is good enough, and so far, there is no unreasonable plot. The author tried to build clear personalities in every character with a very simple setting from the start. Nothing special for now, but if you ask me is this worth to read? I would say, yes. <<less
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BumChikiBum rated it
MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian
May 17, 2018
Status: Completed
It was really fun to read at the beginning of 400 chapters (despite the repetitiveness). After that, things started to seem stagnant. The author failed to create more interesting plot than before (i don't blame him though because this is his first novel). As a result, the last 456 chapters become repetitive and boring.

In the end, if you :

    • Like mega harem and sexiness (+ s*x scene)
    • Like MMORPG novel with all of it's repetitiveness and deficiency
    • Like stupid antagonists
Then, this is for you. Just don't hope too much on this novel.
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BumChikiBum rated it
Worlds’ Apocalypse Online
August 8, 2019
Status: c1084
Somehow the description is different with the one I read. But, whatever. It summed up everything about this novel. Now, let me make a much longer description for you to really understand what's this novel about.

You have an MC, he was one of last survivors of apocalypse in his world which directed by an extraordinary game-like system. Against all odds, he powered up to the peak of his world, but sadly, it was still not enough for him to survive. His enemy were demons, much powerful demons. Their power were... more>> out of his world. No one could stop them from invading his world. Finally, he - along with other survivor- had no other choice but to sacrifice themselves to kill one of the most powerful demon. In the end, he died.

Suddenly, he got reincarnated just months before apocalypse began. Somehow, he could came to another world to level up. Somehow, he got one of the most powerful system to help him sped up his cultivation progress and helped him directing the plots based on his memory of the past.

But, after he directed plots differently from the past. MC realized that, this was not normal game-like apocalypse thing. It was not only his world that faced apocalypse and, his enemy was not as simple as demons.

Now, the + and - of this novel:

(+) Things:

    • The battles are superbly written. You can easily imagine whatever the author wrote in the battle scenes.
    • The plots are so unusual compared to other novels. It's all about apocalypse, but it's not that simple as other apocalypse novel.
    • Rather than powerful, you can feel how weak the MC is whenever he levels up, why? Because his enemies are always much powerful than him.
    • Then, how does MC beat his enemies? He uses tricks and calculations, sometimes system helping him calculate things.
    • There are more than cultivation things here. Magic, Mecha, Modern World, Ancient World, System, Wizard, all of them are included in here.

(-) Things:

    • I just don't like how Author always spent almost 1 - 2 chapters on harem-related things. (I know it was important as to show the readers harem member's feeling on MC and their struggled to accept reality that MC had more than 1 lover) Still, It's just waste of time for me. Often, I skipped this.
    • His companion even after reincarnated are so weak.

Finally, I really recommend this novel as it has different vibe than other chinese novel out there. A really underrated novel. Deserve more recognition. Should be top 10 in NU all-time ranking in terms of quality.

P.S: I'd rather call this novel "All-heaven Armageddon Online". Why? Because it sounds cool, isn't it? <<less
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BumChikiBum rated it
October 23, 2018
Status: c520
This novel started out really annoying (for the first 100+ chapters), then it slowly developed and became much better in terms of story and characters personality. At this point, this novel seems promising and could become one of the best VR novel. But...

How can this novel become one of the best if the author decided to keep the annoying things from the early part of the novel and combined it with new annoying things?

  1. MC personality, he matured to become a better person? No, he just become less ignorant and still annoyingly greedy, petty and cheap. This kind of character didn't deserve to become MC.
  2. Moreover, every side character somehow attracted and become attached to MC. They want to become devoted followers of MC. They want the MC to become their king, their leader. They thought the greedy, petty and cheap MC deserved their loyalty. What a fool side characters.
  3. Up to 300+ chapters, the personality of every side character (2 heroines included) become dull, bland, and narrow minded.
Even if you rarely think too much of every novel you read, keep prepare yourself if you want to start reading this. Because, this novel will absolutely make you feel annoyed. Good luck
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BumChikiBum rated it
Magic Industry Empire
November 17, 2019
Status: Completed
Even though the way Author made the MC reacts on every maddening situation is so frustrating, overall it's really good novel.

As far as I remember, the first hundred of chapters was really unusual for me. No bloody killing, no madly power up obsession & lack of arrogant young masters. It's all about making money and innovations.

Despite the rush & somewhat ridiculous ending, this novel is really worth my time.
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BumChikiBum rated it
A Monster Who Levels Up
May 17, 2018
Status: c70
Started with interesting and lovable plot. The change of POV is decent. In the end, all of them ruined when MC suddenly become OP af and finally I dropped this novel. What a disappointment.
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BumChikiBum rated it
The Magus Era
May 30, 2017
Status: c1315
Started with the world which is so savage and straightforward way of living. Author 'somehow' forced the readers to adapt to this kind of savage way of living. Just kill, kill and kill regardless of opponents background. If you can adapt to this, then you will surely find the plot started to evolve and you will understand the basic plot of this novel in around 100 - 300 chapters.

The characters development (MC and Side Characters) is good and acceptable. The cultivation description is easy to understand. The setting is decent.... more>> Villains in this novel are really 'clever' in bullshiting and blackmailing.

This is good novel, if you like Ancient Godly Monarch, Avalon of Five Elements, Spirit Realm or Against the God, then you should try The Magus Era. <<less
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