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Bugis-san rated it
How to Live as the Enemy Prince
May 1, 2019
Status: c9.2
This is a hidden gem

Im surprised that this doesn't get more exposure.

I can't say anything more because lack of chapters but I can feel that this novel will be a hit.

I like the style and I hope that this novel get more exposure.
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It's about war between two sides. But it did not feel like war at all. Utter disappointment. Totally lack the feel of seriousness/urgency. Can you believe that the protagonist didn't kill a single enemy during a war?!! It's a fking war!!! He just knocked them out. This is no seinen. Blabbing while fighting. Lovey-dovey atmosphere despite at war. It is to the point that telling your skill/power to the enemies is nothing news at all.

Tl;dr : Complete misleading tag. It is Shounen.

Edit: Tag has been changed to Shounen
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Bugis-san rated it
A Monster Who Levels Up
December 2, 2017
Status: c40
It is not good but not bad too.

MC is attention seeking. Female lead is cardboard characters. The plot? Meh. Early in the story, the MC has clear goal but as the story progress, the goal become non existent. So how about action? If you want some action packed story, this is not for you. Fight scene is boring as hell because this sorry ass MC is attention seeker although indirectly.

Conclusion: if you doesn't have any novel to read to pass the time, then you can read this. You might... more>> find this novel fun. Idk <<less
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