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Still, Wait For Me
June 28, 2018
Status: c86
My friends and I have a group that meet up and talk about stories we are reading and find to be unique and form within us a strong sense of emotion, be them good or bad.

A story I bring up time and time again is this one. It is very human but at the same time, he is too plot oriented. He doesn't realize things unless the plot requires it or knows the whole time and drags it out for drama.

Points hit in other reviews,
1. The author is... more>> a loli-con. (Yes author, not MC, if the author cared for the girl to not be a loli he would change the point of which the story was set.)
2. A true slice of life. (Kind of but there are always faults.)
3. MC doesn't act the age he is.
4. The MC actually has a purpose in mind.

Now my opinion. This story is a masterpiece scratched right down the middle. The MC is so indecisive you question how he made it 31 years along with how at his final moments of life he's so gung-ho about chasing after the girl he loves. Then every move after he calculates 10 moves forward besides, you guessed it, the choices surrounding that same girl.

Yes I know that is actually a well-written idea and executed well but I feel something is always missing. Though if his only plan was to end up with her again he would idle away his years making the same choices and mistakes again but eventually seeing her. He instead creates butterfly events changing the course of his history. He wants to fix the faults of the girl's past.

My initial thought was great, he is trying to be there for her through her hard times. He loves her and is willing to give up everything in the world for her.

Went into the group brought up the story, we all read 80 chapters over the week and then talked about it.
The characters are well written and connectable. (I see myself as Fu Cheng currently, girlfriend is 5 years older than me and is very hesitant about public events.)
We enjoy the backstory and how he wants to solve the mistakes of his friends and those around him. He doesn't want money to be rich, but to be rich because that is what brings his family a better life.
Girls have their own unique quirks but I feel they all lean on the tsudere side. (I could be 100% wrong on this I just believe so.)

Now where my thoughts changed. This story is built on the butterfly effect and I feel that itself is executed well and to the T. This is the story's scratch down the middle though. The MC is unwilling to even so much as look at another girl and so much as believe she could be better than his lover from the past life.

But who is to say that the girl he loved then and the girl she is now will end to be the same person? Confusing? Sorry.

Let's say, person A lost their dad they would always be looking for a father figure in their life. Now you go back and time and make it so they don't lose their dad. That quality in their previous life is no longer a part of them now in the new life. MC is going around changing the girl's past and it won't have changed it to her personality? You mean to tell me she will be the same person in both lives even with her fate changed?
On a story made around butterfly effects, this seems like a big one.
He pushes girls away constantly unable to be with them because his heart can't belong to them.

So I close this off with a set of TL;DR question,

Can the girl you love now be the same girl even when her past has been changed?
Can you be wrong about the person you love?
When is enough running enough? <<less
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