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Breaker12 rated it
I Shall Seal the Heavens
April 30, 2016
Status: --
I can't even begin on how amazing ISSTH is. Words can't describe this masterpiece. This story is truly splendind in every single sense whatsoever. This story will make you laugh your ass off, will make you emotional, will make you pumped up and will make you cry. You're in a for one hell of an emotional trip.

The author, Er Gen, is truly a brilliant genius. Unlike most Xianxias, ISSTH doesn't repeat itself and it always has new surprises in store more the most seasoned of readers. The universe he created... more>> is beautiuful, breathtaking and utterly amazing.

Well, for a more technical and direct review, here goes.

Starting off with the MC, Meng Hao. Meng, oh Meng, he is the BEST Main Character in existence. Shameless down to the bones, a bashfull faced killer and master con artist, he is the most fleshed-out character that I have ever seen. He also has an insane character development, going from a weak little schoolar to the most badass guy in existence.

The side characters also have splendind character development, and although not as apparent as Meng Hao's, it's still pleasing, at least much better than most other Xianxias. There are also some side characters that simply make your day through their dialogues and actions.


The best characters are without a doubt the magnificent Lord Fifth, the most dignified furry lover under heaven and the almighty meat patty, Ultimate Vexation, that is able to even cause the mightest of cultivators to suicide.


As for the plot, as I mentioned before, its amazing. This isn't your typical weak to strong story, this story is all about defiance of the heavens and reaching the path of perfection.

There is much more to say, but I believe that I would need to spend hours and hours typing this to say it all, so I'll stop here for now.

TL;DR: Is ISSTH good? No. Is ISSTH amazing? No. It's freaking perfect! Best novel I have ever read and I definetly recommend it to everyone under heaven. <<less
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True Martial World
June 3, 2016
Status: c448
Alright, this one of the chinese novels that I hate and love the most.

Love? Yes, love. Why? Because this story is amazing in it's own right. Yes, it's low-paced, but the sheer quality of the content makes up for it. The story is amazing, with an interesting cultivation method, and the MC is a badass. It also has it's own funny moments.

Sadly, lately, the author got sick, and the story got rather low-paced, to the point where:

Chapter x - MC gets up from his chair
Chapter x +1 - People... more>> react to the MC getting up
Chapter x +2 - MC opens his mouth
Chapter x+3 - MC speaks
Chapter x+4 - MC finishes speaking
Chapter x+5 - People react to the MC speaking
Chapter x+6 - More reaction
Chapter x+7...
Chapter x+8...
Chapter x+ 9...
Chapter x+10...
Chapter x+11...
Chapter x +12 - MC sits back in his chair

So, if you wanna read this novel, when you are about to catch up, stop. Let it increase by a 50-100 chapters; while you wait, you can read I Shall Seal The Heavens (Epic + Genius +Awesome +Dao + Immortals + Conning + Awesome Love-relationship), Martial World (Same author of TMW + Harem + Fast-paced), Against The Gods (Harem + Harem + Heaven Defying Beautis + Harem + Harem +Arrogant Prick + Harem +Trolling + Battle), Martial God Asura (Cruel + Ruthless + Rapist + Harem + Harem +Harem + Foolish + Blood +Gore +Battles), My Beautiful Teacher (Modern World + Harem + Harem + Banging + Devils), I'm Really A Superstar (Amazing + Will make you laugh like a hyena + F*CKING HILARIOUS + Chinese Insults + Reactions.) <<less
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Breaker12 rated it
Against the Gods
July 21, 2016
Status: c536
This used to be my favorite novel. This is also the one which introduced me to the world of Wuxia and Xianxia. Originally, I thought that it was the best one out there, but after reading other novels, I realized how wrong I was.

Against The Gods is good. Yes, it is. However, it isn't original at all. It dearly lacks originality more than anything. Why? Well, let me describe a few of the many examples:

... more>>

Let's start with the basics. This novel is almost a rip-off of Martial God Asura. The similarities between them are ridiculous, and we can link thousand of things. Firstly, the cultivation system is almost the same, and the method to go up a realm is identical. Then there's also the fact that both main characters are ruthless, smart and handsome. The difference? Yun Che knows medical things and doesn't r*pe girls like Chu Feng. By that point alone, I believe that Against The Gods is better than Martial God Asura. A remastered version, if you will. Then, there's also the fact that Jasmine is basically Eggy, and many other thing.

Anyhow, there's still more. Remember the banquet arc of Against The Gods? 'The Battle That Shook New Moon City' arc? Well, just a few days ago, Martial World began a new arc (It begins around 365). It's also an exchange of pointers, and the other powers bully the sect or clan the MC belongs to. Even the battles are almost the same, specially the first few ones, with the reactions of the people who lose and the elder exactly the same. However, it must be noted that Martial World is finished, and over 2000 chapters (2253 to be exact). The author has already begun another series, True Martial World, which is 524 chapters long so far. Against The Gods is only 676 chapters long at the moment. It's obvious who thought of the idea first.

Now, let's continue our analysis. There are many other elements, but I'll speak of another who which made me angered. You guys remember the arc in which Chu Yuechan was injured, and Yun Che had to take care of her? Yes? Then, isn't the similarity between it and the arc in Battle Through The Heavens where Xiao Yan takes care of Yun Yun (Or whatever her name was) rather uncanny? Again, Battle Through The Heaves is already finished, with 1648 chapters. It's more than obvious who came up with the idea first.

Also, Yun Che uses a heavy sword. Xiao Yan uses a heavy sword.... how strange, don't you think?

There are also many other similarities between Against The Gods and other series, but I won't go too much into that. There are also many cliches used: Yun Che has a mysterious past, he gets a legacy left behind by someone, and a peerless master in his head. The only different point is the fact that he has some superb medical skills, but he rarely uses that anyways.

Anyhow..., what I mean to say is that Mars Gravity is a great author. Superb, even. However, he could really use some originality. In my opinion, he would be better off writing fanfiction or something.... Anyways, if you haven't read other Xianxia and Wuxia, Against The Gods is a great place to start, as it's amazing. As long as you don't have previous knowledge of other novels, that is.

However, if you're looking for more originality, and much less cliche, along with an amazing plot and everything else, then, well.... You should give World of Cultivation a look. It starts slow, but I can say that it, along with I Shall Seal The Heavens, are the best novels I have ever read. I'm not talking about Xianxia and Wuxia Novels... I'm talking about ALL kinds of novel. They are simply amazing in every single way. Martial World is also an awesome novel, and although it's rather cliched-ed, I believe that it's pretty good, much better than Against The Gods and Martial God Asura, at the very least.

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