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True Martial World
June 27, 2016
Status: c488
I've read up to 488 now. This novel was pretty good for the first 300 chapters. But since then, it has been an absolute waste of time. It is 90% filler, and half of that is repetition.

Tournaments, tournaments, tournaments. This is True tournament world. A tournament starts. Each random character that you won't ever see again is given an entire chapter to introduce their back story, and why they are so strong. The next chapter is given to discussing this random persons technique, and why it is so good. The... more>> next chapter is a 5 second fight over in one move, followed by two chapters of reaction. Repeat, repeat, repeat! 20-30 chapters of this garbage to make up a tournament. However, this latest tournament is something like 60 chapters now, and we are only at stage 2 out of ?

Even if you save up 40-50 chapters to binge, and skim most of it, almost nothing happens. You can skip reading most paragraphs and only occasionally glance at the first or last few words of a paragraph. Everything is repeated at least three times, and the majority of it is some nobody who we'll never see again giving their opinion/reaction.

I feel very sorry for the hard working translators. This started out really great, and everyone was excited about it, even though there was no guarantee to the future quality. Then it took a nosedive and now it's one of my least favorite xuanhuans among a list of about 50 that I am reading. I'm dropping this for at least 1-200 chapters, of which I will probably skip even if this novel turns back around. TLDR; Started out pretty good, 3.5 to 4 stars even though it was predictable. The author has given up all pretense of writing a decent story, and is using every sleazy method to fill the character count without advancing the story, so for that it gets a 1 star as I am dropping it. <<less
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Boon rated it
Warlock of the Magus World
August 1, 2016
Status: c306
2nd edit. Downgraded from 4/5 to 3/5, now again to 1/5. Does this novel look interesting to you? Then go read "The Wizard World" which this novel poorly copies. This novel did a 1:1 copy of the main plot-lines, world, and magic systems from TWW while managing to absolutely ruin all character development and charm. In WMW every single person is a sociopath, which means that there is almost no characterization, no charming or unique characters, and a very bland and narrow cast of one dimensional villains. Go read the... more>> original before you read the second rate knockoff. PS. This novel also has the worst as*hole of an MC of all the trash xianxia I've read so far. (Which is far more than most)

Original review - "Pretty good. Not a typical xuanhuan filled with tropes. A scientist reborn into a magic world relies on an evolving supercomputer to plan battles, mix potions, and memorize/organize information. The MC is very methodical in his strategies, and is not a typical 'smash every bully with his awesome power' that you see in many of the weaker xuanhuan. Though the MC is a bit of a sociopath, as emotions getting in the way of his goals isn't a problem.

It's a dark world of survival of the fittest, where ordinary 'mortals' aren't valued much higher than cattle. There is little humor, and it's always serious.

It also avoids the mind numbing repetition, and over-explanation of the obvious that many generic webnovels fall into in their pursuit of word counts.

It's well above average, but is missing good humor, depth to side characters, and an overarching plot that isn't just 'to get stronger'. Though, everything else about this novel is excellent." - old review <<less
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Boon rated it
Monster Factory
June 12, 2019
Status: c199
Translation from chapter 1-183: A+

Translation from chap. 184-196: F-

Translation from ch. 196-current: C-

... more>> A great and fun little wish fulfillment work fantasy. It has a lot of standard tropes, but with some new ingredients and a fresh mix, it feels like a new and original story. It's a comedy, so it doesn't take itself too seriously, but it's clear that the author took time to research about modern machines.

If only the translation quality could do the story justice. The original translator did a superb job but unfortunately they dropped it. Someone else "picked it up" and just pasted a direct machine translation, which will make you muddle headed trying to understand. The new translator is superior to an unedited MTL, but it's just passable as there are constant mistakes of all types every other sentence.

Here is the first paragraph of the latest chapter (215) as an example:


This generous courtesy really made Ye Qing surprise.

In the face of the solemn promise made by the mayor, who tell the truth.

Ye Qing really can't find anything of it at this moment, because he has any difficulties to solve.

The huge heavy work is in progress, and Ye Qing is also wet because of the warmth and the sweat.


So I highly recommend reading this up to chapter 184, but then putting it into a "needs editing/needs translating" pile and waiting for someone else to finish it. <<less
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Boon rated it
Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
June 29, 2017
Status: c57
A bit of a cringy wish fullfilment xianxia with a female lead. Standard stupid enemies picking fights and lifting rocks to drop on their own toes. As a novel for female audiences of course there is a beautiful shota right off the bat...

Perhaps a 3.5/5 if you are a female who hasn't read too many xianxia and wants the gary sue MC powering through obstacles without issues. 2/5 for men who have read their fair share of this genre already.
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The Gate Of Good Fortune
June 5, 2017
Status: c257
Extremely underrated. I don't understand how this can have such a low rating compared to a lot of the popular generic xianxia/xuanhuan.

A very moral MC who gets transported to another world, who tries to get stronger so that he can go back. Yes, bad things happen to the MC, but he does not become some savage psychopath because of it unlike most xianxia novels. He is simply an honest and upright guy from humble origins who works hard. He has the general OP item that helps him advance, like every... more>> other novel. What he does not have is a tremendous amount of luck and plot armor, which apparently causes poor reviews... The MC gets screwed over quite a bit in the early parts of the novel, but it is not a tragedy as it does not affect the MC's character in a negative way, and he keeps on moving forward. That isn't to say he doesn't get his revenge, but that he is not a vicious sociopath like most MCs.

There are times where you need to skim a bit, but it is still far less than the vast majority of 4.0+ rated xianxia/xuanhuan.

A solid 4/4. This is far and above average xianxia like TMW, ATG etc etc. <<less
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Boon rated it
The Great Conqueror
March 14, 2017
Status: c55
(4/5) Once you ignore a few glaring plot holes / unbelievable circumstances... such as (minor spoiler)
... more>>

A gamer being absolutely unparalleled at fighting because he was good at a fighting game on his computer. Simply remembering that he was a gamer allowed him to instantly beat trained and armed warriors who are stronger and faster than him barehanded.




Him being able to analyze magical techniques that are brand new to him and improve them beyond anyone else in the world the day he first begins to study them, because he has a science background... Also a minor inconsistency with people not recognizing him in the "virtual battle world".


I simply made up my own plot device in my head to cover these points, as the given explanation is obviously flawed. However, once you overlook them, it is actually an entertaining story.

I nearly dropped it at chapter 5, but I'm glad that I continued on reading it.

It's a gary stu story in the same vein as battle frenzy and tempest of the stellar wars, in that he also combats in a "virtual space" incognito in a disadvantageous condition, creating a crazy win streak against the strongest challengers. If not for the glaring plot holes I might actually rate this story higher than the other two, as it scratches the itch of bringing a science and engineering background into a primitive world. (not nearly as much as release that witch however) <<less
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Boon rated it
I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World
July 1, 2017
Status: c61
edit. Lost another star for the gratuitous sex. 2.5/5

~3.5/5 Interesting plot device for him to spec up and become bad-ass in the normal world, while also advancing in the alternate apocalypse world. It would be a solid 4/5 if it didn't constantly have him running into old acquaintances who slighted him in the past, just so they could slap their own faces. The wish fulfillment here is very strong, and done poorly. The day he gets strong, he runs into an acquaintance who despised him for being useless, who needs... more>> someone strong to help out. The day he gets a lot of money, he runs into someone who despised him for being poor. Etc. <<less
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Pursuing Immortality
May 21, 2018
Status: c167
4/5, or 4.5/5 if you can ignore the info dumps.

The cultivation era has returned and the MC is just a regular citizen who is now paced to become one of the influential and top cultivators of China with an outstanding technique, location, friends, and an early start over almost everyone else.

The pacing is not rushed, but not too slow. While the changes to the world and society are becoming more apparent, the plot line is almost a slice of life of the MC without too much drama. He does get... more>> in fights and the Gary Stu action boner is achieved, but things are progressing steadily and he isn’t setting out to save the world or being forced to right away in most novels.

As as some have said the MC is a bit bland, but the love interest and some of his friends are interesting characters. At this point the character development isn’t really deep, but it’s not shallow either. It’s not really a character driven story.

The story and general plot is interesting. It’s a different take on the ‘normal person thrust into the cultivating world’ trope. The MC is a good natured person and makes smart decisions. While there is action, it’s a much more peaceful and relaxing read than most xianxia. There no severe tragedy or violent emotion seething from the MC.

There are however many cultivating info dumps of Taoist techniques and the Taoist organization hierarchies and characters. It makes no difference to your understanding of the story if you skip them, so I highly recommend doing so it the novel will seem to drag and be boring.

Overall a pleasant read with a good translation. The only detriment is that it is hosted by the villainous qidian. <<less
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Boon rated it
Valhalla Saga
January 14, 2018
Status: v12c1
2.5/5 mediocre at best. Below average time waster.

Rpg gamer becomes his character at lvl 1 in a war. The MC comes to terms with it and fits in immediately at ch.1 and begins grinding levels. There is nothing to this novel but grinding for xp against mobs, and creating new skills once for each boss fight. There is absolutely no substance to this story. There is the occasional beauty he interacts with, otherwise there are no side characters. All the other characters are one dimensional idiots cut from the same... more>> mold. I stuck it out for much longer than I thought I could, but I’ve dropped it. Even as a filler this is barely tolerable. It’s only saving grace is the only moderate amount of repetition.

Tldr. Mindless rpg grinding, don’t expect anything more. <<less
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Boon rated it
Chronicles of Primordial Wars
May 30, 2017
Status: c172
5/5 It starts off slow, and I felt that this wouldn't be better than a 3.5/5 at the best. But as the story progresses, it just keeps getting better and better. The world is far more complex than it would seem in the beginning, and the story is also not as simple as you would have thought. There is plenty of mystery to keep you hooked, and the MC is a fun character to follow.

A great story that ended up surprising me.
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Boon rated it
Sovereign of Judgment
November 13, 2017
Status: c145
This novel gets better with each chapter. At the beginning I had to struggle a bit to get through it, but now I can't get enough. The story is more complex than you are first lead to believe, and there are many more mysteries to keep your interest. Interesting and likeable characters, good story, interesting world. 5/5
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Heaven Awakening Path
August 1, 2016
Status: c57
Pretty good. It has an atypical cultivation system, and avoids the annoying word count chasing repetition that you see in a lot of xianxia/xuanhuan *cough* TMW *cough*. The MC is strong from the start, and likeable.

I'd probably put this in my top 25 of the 50-100 xuanhuan I've read.

Worth reading.
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Boon rated it
April 30, 2018
Status: c213
I recently read mmorpg rebirth and was surprised that it was actually a decent read. So I made the mistake of trying this too. Everyone claims that it gets better after 90 chapters, and it does, but then it gets worse again.

The characters and and character interactions are very poorly done. The MC is bland, untalented and uninteresting and he spends far too much time playing by himself and interacting with nothing but npcs.

I don’t know if this is the worst mmorpg story I’ve read, but I can’t think of... more>> a worse one right now. This is worse than even Zhan long which most people agree is pretty bad. <<less
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Boon rated it
June 28, 2018
Status: c36
2/5. A boring sub par generic cultivation novel. It includes every annoying trope and word count filling practice.

This is about on par with TMW and PMG, but maybe with even less inspiration.

Very lengthy and constant fake esoteric cultivation. Check.

... more>> One dimensional MC and enemies. Check.

Boring standard villainous plot line of angry young masters waiting to get beaten. Check. Young masters grandparents ready to jump in next. Check.

Repetition to fill the word count. Check.

Martial arts tournaments. Check.

Crowd discussing the MC and multiple chapter reactions to every fight. Check.

Every trope that you have or will grow to hate, all bundled into one terrible fast food burger without real meat. Also, this TL needs a new editor. <<less
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Boon rated it
Monarch of Evernight
June 27, 2018
Status: c611
Update. Now 4.9/5. Outstanding in every category. Out of the several hundred novels I've read on novelupdates, the vast majority of them being chinese xianxia/wuxia/xuanhuan, this is one of my favorites. The only criticism I have is that I need more than one chapter a day!

4.9/5 Underrated for a wuxiaworld novel. WW novels are usually slightly overrated, albeit very well translated, and so this novel should be at least a 4.5 by WW rating standards.

The first 30 chapters are the setup and feel a bit rushed, but you should... more>> stick with the novel as it gets better after the long intro.

The overall story is good, with sufficient mystery to keep you involved. The setups are deep, the foreshadowing really builds up the anticipation, and the pacing keeps you entertained without straining at endless action or filler.

The characters are all very well done. There don't seem to be any cliche characters or setups, and the enemies are all intelligent.

Its a cultivation novel, but even that part is interesting as the MCs path is unique, dangerous, and has several mysteries surrounding it. The reader and the MC don't know where his cultivation is leading.

The translation quality is excellent. It's a breath of fresh air after dozens of engrish novels I've read recently.

So far it is a unique and interesting story which avoids most of the common tropes. If the first 30 chapters were better I would have given it a 5/5. <<less
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Boon rated it
When A Mage Revolts
May 8, 2018
Status: c610
This is an excellent mage novel with a supportive AI

Mage revolts > age of adepts > wizard world > WMW

Not much needs to be said about WMW as it was a terrible ripoff of wizard world, of which age of adepts created a superior version, but "mage revolts" creates a parody of the AI with much less OPness.

Its a classic weak to strong with the MC eventually becoming stronger to defeat his enemies. It has good pacing with plenty of action, and periods of buildup and rest. The magic is... more>> interesting, and the MCs strengths and limitations are interesting as well.

There is a decent mix of characters and intelligent enemies that the MC interacts with so it doesn't feel like a power grind.

Its quite good. I presume that it has such a low rating because it's by qidian who we all know and hate. I give it a 4.5, perhaps due to my expectations being very low and enjoying this novel quite a bit. <<less
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Boon rated it
Shinka no Mi
September 26, 2018
Status: c22
A good example of a generic trash Japanese novel.

Cliche plot and characters, with boring overused jokes, endless “cute” monologues, and trying to appeal to readers with perverted fan service...

Not to mention the weebo translatiom with endless japanese words teying to be cute...

This right here is why I generally avoid Japanese novels, and mentally take a star away from every Japanese novel when deciding the next novel to read.
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Boon rated it
The Strongest Gene
January 12, 2018
Status: c174

A standard cliche xianxia/xuanhuan with a gary stu MC. Not terrible for a time filler, but there's not much that is special here.

An alchemist with a cheat to be able to produce and modify any formula on his first try. Most of this novel is about him grinding potions, selling to obtain more potions, and entering contests in potion making and selling. There is a small amount of combat where his cheat lets him win with any method he can think of, as long as his cheat is charged.

Side characters.... more>> There really aren't worth mentioning. Only one OP girl who looks 12 helped him a couple times.

Enemies. Lazy author. Standard idiots without much depth of thought or action.

Competitors. Every obvious thing that should be done in the highest level of competitions are new to everyone but the MC. Using terrain to your advantage? Unheard of!

Spectators for hype. Very lazily done. It's just people on the internet hyping or flaming the MC at convenient moments.

Lazy spectators, check; everyone but the MC is useless, check; enemies are one dimensional, check; side characters are one dimensional/forgotten; check, OP cheat ability; check, reincarnation forgotten, check.

Absolutely middle of the road. Skimming is required, but there is not a tremendous amount of repetition so it gets a full 3/5. <<less
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The story may be brilliant but the translation quality is very poor. An editor picked it up at chapter 37 but the quality remained poor, and of 5-6 edited chapters I selected at random all of them had multiple mistakes in most paragraphs.

It is nowhere near as bad as machine translation, with the common mistakes being mostly incorrect tenses and misuse of singular/plural, but it is not at an acceptable reading level imo. I recommend that the editor open up a google document with all of the current chapters and... more>> allow the public to edit it.

This one is going into my TL needs an editor list. <<less
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Boon rated it
Advent of the Archmage
February 12, 2018
Status: c33
3.5/5, tentative early review.

Not poorly done. Nothing done really well either.

The characters and relationships are pretty shallow and forced. He forms lifelong bonds and budding hopeful romances within minutes or hours. As this is clearly going to be a harem, the romances will certainly be shallow. None of the secondary characters stand out and their roles seem forced.

The storyline is very cliche and has been done many times already. Gamer takes over the body of a game character in a game turned real with an OP cheat ability. At chapter... more>> 33 the first arc is already over after saving the day and being a hero, and now the second arc and the next legendary quest has started. Like the relationships the plot feels forced and rushed.

While it has its lacking points, it's not a terrible filler read. It's a bit above average with little filler at this early point. <<less
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