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BookWorm65 rated it
True Martial World
December 30, 2016
Status: c768
There might be some spoilers below but nothing major.

I loved the story in the beginning. The world building was great imo and I fell in love with the world. The story did not unnecessarily drag on and the pace wasn't that slow. There were cliches (which xianxia doesn't) but they weren't way over the top and something I could ignore.

The story kept picking up as we got to know the world more and more. I really liked the whole Tai Ah Kingdom arc (with smaller arcs in it). This is... more>> where the story reached the climax so far in the whole novel.

After this arc, the story has gone down pretty hard. The pace eventually became slow as a snail and author just repeats filler after filler chapters. Fights take too long, cheap reactionary chapters, damsel in distress crap and so on...

The main girl's character never gets developed properly and we don't see her and MC's interactions much even though they are together for so many chapters and still are.


The girl falls in love with him and in here heart accepts him already. They are already supposed to be a couple yet we never see them tell their feelings to each other. We know the main girl loves him but we have no idea how the MC feels about her. There are only some vague lines in the novel.


This was one of my favorite novels but it has really gone downhill. It has an opportunity to restart because a big arc just ended and the new arc is in a new higher world. The only reason I would give this more stars is because it's not a harem, which is what 90% of xianxia novels are and is basically very cheap way to move the story forward. <<less
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BookWorm65 rated it
Against the Gods
December 30, 2016
Status: --
I am completely baffled by the 4 and 5 star reviews. This novel is one of the worst novels I have read. It's basically a wish fulfillment like MGA.

The MC basically goes for every single pretty woman he meets. In interaction with a girl, he acts like she is his entire world and there is no one else he loves more. The next girl he meets, same thing. Lol. All this guy wants is a harem of indescribable heaven-shaking beauties which apparently pop out of nowhere every single arc just... more>> waiting to be MC's.

Another thing is that somehow every single OP bloodline, treasure, etc., that is found in the continent falls in MC's lap. These things are one of a kind in the entire damn universe and it's all there in his world which is not even close being a strong world relatively. Oh and a bloodline he gets has condition: he has to be kind-hearted and not evil. Once he gets it, he goes on to slaughter an entire sect which has thousands of innocents who didn't do anything evil to the MC.

This novel is just plain bad. I suggest you do not waste your time reading it. <<less
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