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Rebirth: The Journey of a Wife Spoiling Her Husband
August 9, 2018
Status: Completed
*The female and male dynamics are completely flipped in this story. Females are the heads of households, physically stronger than males, and essentially Amazonian women from mythology. Men are the fairer s*x and give birth. I picture it like tall, handsome, athletic girls with beautiful, thin, bishounens/flower boys. This dynamic might be hard for some people to understand, but the way the author tackles the rest of the plot well and the writing is great.

I like how this story is about redemption and it's not over the top in its... more>> revenge episodes. The main character is a piece of garbage human being and has two husbands. The first being your typical cold, distant beauty and the second being a cute, ditzy cinnamon roll. She and her entire family are framed for treason and executed in the first life due to 1st husband planting evidence and framing them. 2nd husband runs to her execution screaming that he wants to be killed along side her. She realizes at the end that she was an abusive d*ck to her second husband and completely fell for 1st husband's trap. She promises that if she gets a second chance, she would definitely treat her 2nd husband better and become a better person. It's a story about how she learns from her prior mistakes, changes her life around, and tries to be better.


She was absolutely terrible and a downright villain to her 2nd husband in the previous life. Negligent, emotionally, and physically abusive. She just sat around, wasted resources, and didn't know how to cope with anything. I wanted to punch her. After her rebirth, she gets flashbacks of how poorly she treated the people in her life and feels immense guilt and disgust at her own actions. She gets her sh*t together and becomes serious to avoid her past mistakes. Instead of being a waste of space, she becomes a top rank scholar and solves issues of the Empire. She treats the 2nd husband significantly better and promises that she will completely devote herself to him. She takes care of him and protects him from the scheming of others. She isn't too over the top with her revenge schemes (feeding 1st husband food he can't tolerate so he gets the runs), like in other novels where it is complete overkill.

The main lead Chechun is freaking adorable (and sometimes annoyingly dense). He's been in love with the main character for years due to encountering her in their early teens. She saved his butt from getting kidnapped accidentally. He was spoiled, sheltered, and chubby, making everyone think he was a waste of space, including himself. He has an epic cute bonding moment with the main character as they share their insecurities with each other and he falls in love with her. He promises that he'll become the type of guy she likes, slender, smart, and graceful. He's really dense and fails to pick up on cues, but he is adept at finance and business. His devotion to the main character borderlines worship, but he's one of the very few people who has seen her good side and believes in her.


I really liked this novel. It's refreshing to actually see and feel the main character grow as a person. Other revenge novels' characterization fall incredibly flat, with very undynamic main characters. It's not a perfect novel, but is definitely worth reading. <<less
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