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Bloopy rated it
Mob… Sore mo Waki Mob no Hazu Nan Desu Kedo!?
July 10, 2017
Status: c16
So far, I enjoyed reading this WN.

The protagonist is a reincarnated person with the usual plot; remembering his past life, wanting to avoid his death flag so he intends to change his future etc... Since he used to be 26 y/o, he's kinda mature so his way of speech is SOO not childlike [ 13 y/o currently (chp 16) ]

Some chapters are a bit draggy btw..

Since this WN is tagged with shounen-ai, we all know that he's going to have his reverse harem phase later on. *cough* And... more>> up to chapter 16, there's no action yet.

Simply, Az is a dense, fluffy feminine main character and I think that the protagonist was an otomen in his past life... Oh btw, I can't stop imagining the other male characters as buff, muscle headed man TT_TT Help

Oh, the translations are okay * thumbs up* But honestly, I love Happy Life more.. (Translated by the same group)

edited 1/9

So I think I'm going to drop this novel for now.. I can't handle babbling and naggy MC's.. There's an explanation nearly about everything making it a bit lengthy causing the pace of the story to be a bit boring.. Yes, he's explaining things in the story to us so that we understand what's what and such. But ugh, like the communication between the MC and the gentlemen. They are flat and slightly one sided since the MC didn't give them an chance to refute. <<less
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The FL is VERY likeable, and a bit silly. The story is very fluffy and heart-warming :3 I smiled like an idiot and giggled for most of the chapters 💕
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