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BlinkToThePast rated it
May 15, 2016
Status: c108
In terms of my enjoyment of this novel I would give it a 5 star rating.

In terms of how easy it is to read, at times, I would give it a 3.5-star rating.

I think this novel does the 'protagonist sent to the past' trope very well. In some other novels the character seems to regress in age mentally as well as physically. You don't get that with this MC. In fact, often times you'll find him amused at the antics (betrayal, attempted murder, etc) of the other characters because he's... more>> seen it all before and has a plan all lined up to handle them. The MC is a big picture kind of guy, he has been sent to the past to save humanity and if he needs to do dirty things to do that he will, you get the impression he does not enjoy it however. I like the way the plot progresses with the main character going through trials against other creatures or humans. The plot so far has been split into zones with the characters meeting more difficult challenges as they progress. These Zones can be massive in scale.

Other characters so far have been mostly transitional. There are a couple who regularly appear or are mentioned (most of the important ones have not actually been 'met' yet it seems). In the recent chapters we have been getting more in-depth with their characters. For example, he currently has a companion he seems to plan on sticking with, she's been getting some development. Due to the way the trials are set up in this novel it seems it has been mostly assholes who have survived to the later areas. So expect most randomers to be calculating, self-centered and manipulating. This may change due to changes the MC is bringing about. Now about that three star. This novel can be a bit hard to read at times, with the prose feeling strange when reading. At the beginning I thought it was purely a lack of editing but that has been improved as the novel went on. This coupled with a power system that can be a bit unclear when you are just introduced to it means you need to pay attention or you will get confused (I have a bad habit of skim reading power system explanations due to reading too many CN novels)

In addition the author likes to occasionally skip about in time and place from chapter to chapter. It can be a bit jarring without a transition. I find it fresh at times because the author will skip 'unimportant' things I could see a CN novel spending 15 chapters on. Some may find it annoying occasionally though as it sometimes skips minor boss fights.

All in all I would strongly recommend this novel, it's my current favourite KR. The MC is just perfect to me and the plot is engaging. <<less
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BlinkToThePast rated it
The Desolate Era
May 15, 2016
Status: v41c4
This novel is a very well polished IET novel. I like it, If I wanted to share CN with someone who has never read it I'd pick this as a great intro.

So lets get it out of the way and say this novel does nothing revolutionary when compared with IET's other novels. However, revolutions do not always end well or for the better. He has mastered the incremental improvement.

We have a reincarnated protagonist that ended that way because he was lucky enough to be at the crossroads of death when... more>> a larger (plot-relevant) events shunts him off course and into the beginning of the story. He reincarnated with his memory and proceeds to be a well-balanced MC. Except for the occasional bouts of "VENGEANCE, KILL KILL KILL, CHOP CHOP CHOP". He is a relatively level headed main character who develops in a nice steady way (as much as any genius can).

There is an established Karma system set up that means if you kill evildoers/do good you gain good karma and by doing evil you gain bad Karma. This can actually be used to cultivate by some and the concept is taken so seriously that Empires take heed to accumulate good Karma using different means. It also gives a reason why the MC can be righteous yet rain fire and brimstone on his enemies without karmic reproach. The thing I like best about this novel is the beautiful expressions of the Dao IET manages to convey in his characters abilities and powerups. It adds a great depth to his standard linear power setup. The Dao domains are a brilliant example of how simplistic concepts like rain can be made into a terrifying force or a beautiful attack. In fact, I'd say the battles in general in this novel have been well-written and brilliantly translated. It reminds me of how ATG draws people in with the same ability. I hope that is not lost as the scale increases.

Edit: At this point the MC has become so powerful that a lot of the small scale intricacies and description have now been lost, which is a shame. The abilities are still interesting but not much different to stuff you could find at the end of Coiling Dragon.

This novel does a *better* job of not forgetting minor character immediately but it still falls victim to the power creep effect where people simply lose their relevance as the MC grows in power and influence. However, IET does put some effort into making the characters relevant and fleshed out while they are there. So far the MC has collected a nice gaggle of loyal, likable and powerful friends and I hope they stay part of the plot later.


His enemies have so far escaped the trap of being one-dimensional, not that any are super intellegent by any stretch. On the whole, to me, they are nothing to write home about. Others might disagree with me given how linked some of them have been to the plot and the familial struggles the MC has gone through.

In terms of the Romance in this novel, it's OK. At first it was 'meeeeeeeeh' then 'oh, that's reasonable and mature' back to a rushed 'meh' to me. But then again it's still developing and it's IET. All you non-harem shippers will be having a hell of a time ramming every harem hopeful in sight.

Edit: (mild spoiler) Honestly I'm really disappointed by the romance in this novel. It's IET so my expectations were low but the main heroine is incredibly unlikeable or at least inspired no interest in the time she was actually a relevant character. Yet she becomes *the* main driving force for the main characters actions throughout the entire story. This result in he reader being entirely uninterested in his burning desire and goal making the decision he makes to reach it seem just bumb or misguided to me.

This is a nice round 5 star for me (now 4 near the end). Partially due to the fact that I can clearly see how IET has improved from the earlier novels that first introduced me to CN and mostly because this is just an enjoyable read with a great translator. Never bored here. General this is usually a fun time, latest chapters have had some down between the awesome though. <<less
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BlinkToThePast rated it
The Nine Cauldrons
May 15, 2016
Status: c113
So far I'm enjoying this novel nearly as much as I'm enjoying DE and I enjoyed early CD. This tells the story of a reincarnated super-assassin from a world with declining Qi powers. This means that the cultivators of his original time had to get creative in how they powered themselves up. This gives him an initial advantage when he is inevitably reincarnated elsewhere.

This novel has one of the best pre-reincarnation prequels I have seen in a CN. It takes time to build the MC's character before the transition so... more>> you have a pretty good grasp of him and his abilities in the new world. IET also does a great job on the emotional depth in this part.

This is one of the more grounded IET novels (so far) in terms of abilities and power progression. So far the combat has had a very skills based wuxia/ martial arts feel rather than energy beams and elemental powers. This is a nice shift for IET. I guess he was trying something new. We also get to see the MC utilising his assassin skills, so those aren't forgotten. The Tag says Romance but so far the 2/3 romantic interests mentioned or shown have fallen flat in terms of holding my interest. The second had a chance but plot progression interfered. Given how IET handles romance I'm not holding my breath for anything magnificent. However, outside romance, he is doing a better job with semi-important side characters. They have a lot more sustained characterisation so far. You feel how much the MC cares for his new family for example which in turn makes you care for them as well, this growing affection he has is especially important given his past. All in all, if you like the initial periods of IET novels you'll probably like this one. Plus the MC uses a spear which is different, sword cultivators are a dime a dozen nowadays. <<less
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BlinkToThePast rated it
God Of Slaughter
May 15, 2016
Status: c50
This novel takes a rich adrenaline junky and dumps him into the useless body of a young man in a cultivation world. He is promptly given his special power and off the story goes. The story is obviously aimed at an older audience so this means you get descriptive brutality and some s*x to spice things up. The MC, most of the time, is calm and calculating but I have notice that at times he switches into acting kind of like a petulant manchild making rash decisions and throwing (really)... more>> minor tantrums. Which to be frank probably fits the image drawn of him before the story started. But the first is more likely than the second (which usually happens when women are involved).

We're still early in the novel but the author has taken a bit of time to draw out some of a wider world I can see this story growing into. For example in tandem with the normal cultivation methods there exists bloodline powers, something that I can see being cool if handled well. My main gripe with this novel is that occasionally a character will do something that does not fit in with their personality prior to that point. One notable example is a female in the novel who was eminently likable until suddenly she's a haughty bitch, like, wut. No foreshadowing just a switch at a point in the novel. Overall I like this novel, it may have that R-18 tag but so far it has not degraded to smut. It's walking a nice line, with a cultivation novel setup and a modern male MC that is aware that he is male, his penis exists and that females also exist. (There has been a s*x-based cultivation powerup tho haha) <<less
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BlinkToThePast rated it
Sovereign of the Three Realms
May 15, 2016
Status: c131
This is one of the better novels where a person is taken from a high level/ class and transported back to scrubdom. The MC starts off as a person who is so knowledgeable that all problems he faces should be inconsequential, then author realised this is bad so then underpowered him. This results in a bit of disappointment in what is otherwise a solid novel, it will probably be better in the long- run though. So, Initially we have a MC who was previously a super super important cripple. He... more>> had access to the highest level information (so far) and was well researched in cultivation methods, power-ups, alchemy etc etc. Man, the way the novel spun it he was the scholar to end all scholars. The only problem was he couldn't cultivate, super cripple FTW. This is all fixed as he has now reincarnated into the body of some backwater scrub, whoopie!

Happy days right? Well initially yes. He sets about being awesome with his knowledge and powering up his new base body in a pretty rapid way, as you'd expect with someone so knowledgeable. But then suddenly it's like the author realises that this will become boring if he simply steamrolls everyone so he abruptly makes it so the access the MC gets to that massive store of knowledge is limited. This feels like it came out of nowhere. Couple that with him now struggling against what to the past him are minor scrubs and it gets a bit offputting at times. I do realise however that this will probably be better in the long run because OP people get boring if they have nothing to challenge them. It just feels like a cop-out way of doing it because we know how strong he should be.

One way a novel with an OP protag can still be interesting is by having good character interaction. This the story could do that better. This has a romance tag but so far it feels like while the female characters may be trying to live up to it the MC couldn't care less. He is a super prince at heart and all these people are just stepping stones, that attitude colours his interactions and makes them feel transitional. One of the things you *do* feel from him is that he really enjoys being able to cultivate now, being a super cripple was sad for him. This in part drives one of the better character interactions with another cripple, empathy is a beautiful thing.

In terms of side characters, they started off impressive. You get your standard idiot young masters but the "big baddy" in the initial part of the story seemed sort of intelligent, the other sides were calculating. There was political machinations and such I was enjoying. That is until around the time the MC got info capped then everyone except for the MC just sort of became dumber at the end, IDK. A major arc just ended and the story looks like it will be heading into bigger and better things. I look forward to how that pans out. Like other have said this novel feels like a better TDG, I just hope it does not fall into the same pitfalls. I have not read OEM yet so I can't comment on that parallel.

All in all, this is a good novel. It deserves its 4 stars overall but I feel like it could drop off if the author isn't careful. I may have been harsh but that's because I have high expectations of this novel. <<less
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BlinkToThePast rated it
God and Devil World
May 15, 2016
Status: c321
I like reading this novel because It different to most of the CN novels I read, that and its brutality.

Edit: Just to other reviews complaining about people not giving perfect 5-star ratings; to its niche this is enjoyable but it is not a 5-star novel. A novel can be 18+ without bordering on propaganda. Reviews are here to give people a realistic view of what they can expect from the novel, fluff pieces don't help anyone. This novel has game based leveling system but exists in the 'real world'. The... more>> characters level up by killing the mutant beasts and zombies in this world with system weapons (if they use non-system weapons like random guns they don't get points for killing things). Magic seems to be a thing but it is only mentioned sparingly at the moment, that seems to increase as the level of the characters does.

The MC starts out as the 'just above average Goe' then rapidly becomes a powerhouse when the apocalypse hits. He does this by making the correct snap decisions at the start then continuously working to increase his level. He is not yet OP because he often comes across things and people who threaten him at his level. This is especially true since this novel exists in the real world so modern weaponry is a thing and the MC is not yet impervious to the more powerful ones. A nice result of this is that he has also become proficient at using those weapons, so we occasionally have a minor superhuman running around with a rocket launcher which is fun. I think the combat is what the novel does best. It is really enjoyable to read the gritty 1vmany fights the main character goes through. You can always be sure that he makes rational and almost cold decisions when he is in combat. The development of him as a general is also interesting, group warfare on this scale is rare in the CN's I read. It was odd initially given he was essentially just some random kid and not a tactical genius but it's grown into the story now. He puts in effort to cultivate talents around him even if the author has something of a bias when it comes to type.

The problem with this novel is that it marginalises everyone who is not like the main character, I.e. Male young and fit, aggressive but "righteous". So everyone who is not the author's view of himself or his target audience (I'd assume). Women in this novel are bastardised, they are mostly portrayed as useless 'whores' unless they are attached to a man (or more importantly the MC). I mean god damn it the characters literally trade pretty girls in their business deals, MC included. This makes no sense to me in a novel where the women would literally be able to become powerful if they were used as more than birthing units and cheap labor. At least the MC's harem gets treated slightly better, they can get powerful if they have the drive.

The rich/ powerful are generally portrayed as cartoonish villains who regularly do the worst possible things until the MC can come through and shoot them for it (in a powergrab). Criminals are rampant, the poor are mostly good serfs and god forbid you're a foreigner in this novel. I think part of the reason everyone else is portrayed as such unless scum is so that the morally questionable actions of an increasingly aggressive MC are overlooked because everyone else is worse and he needs to be strict to get them in line.

As of 288 the plot is starting to get repetitive as the MC goes through a cycle of:

-Wander around, gain power
-find people of varying scum level
-together fight off zombie/monster/human mass of increasing size
-take over and establish power base
-somehow get lost

Meh, there have been hints of a wider plot (villages anyone) which I'm sure will shine through eventually. <<less
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BlinkToThePast rated it
Against the Gods
May 15, 2016
Status: c454
My enjoyment of this novel slowly but steadily decreases as time goes by but I still like it. One thing this author does very well is building hype. He is very good at pumping up the audience with the cool actions of his MC. The fight scenes are done very well as they are easily mentally envisioned and create some cool imagery. This novel has some of the best combat move names out of all the CN I read. I have to give props to the translator for bringing out... more>> how cool they are. The MC in an unrepentant chauvinist badass who will take advantage of a pretty woman in heatbeat. He goes about life with the attitude that the pretty women in front if him is the most important pretty women in the world and should be treated as such (never mind the other peerless beauties in his stable, they are currently out of view). If the Peerless beauty is stupid and falls for his tricks, well, that's their own fault really.

He is also a subscriber of the idea that you brutally deal with a situation you don't like so that in the future no one tries that sh*t again (until you go into a new zone). This means he can do some heavy handed things. He is also arrogant, with all the problems and funny moments that brings about.

The story has proven it is very good at doing tournament arcs but I'm not sure if it can do anything else because frankly it hasn't. All the plot in between tournament arcs just feeling like setup for the next one if I'm honest. The cultivation system is pretty clear and the abilities available can be imaginative. The MC, of course, regularly comes in and messes up their nice system by being broken and jumping levels like it ain't no thing using his collection of cheats. His immunities also lead to many cool moments of collective jaw dropping. The reaction chapter in this novel are glorious.

As I said earlier the novel is good at building hype, but each hype peak gets a little lower each time for me. The peaks are too similar. <<less
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