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Bleeding Out
This novel walks on the edge of cringy and mediocre. Everything that happens, happens because the author says so. There is no explanation, no rhythm, no method to the madness. Ex: (did not happen, just what it feels like) oh look, there's a bad guy, let's take this gun out of my pocket and shoot him; oh look, he's still alive, let's interrogate him; oh look, he's actually a part of a huge plot in the background, what a surprise. It's as if the main character has a million trump... more>> cards in her back pocket. This style is forcing me to think that the main character just has a lightsaber in her bionic leg, because that's how outrageous these events have gone. Of course, what kind of novel would this be without a sharp tongue. And that's just what the main character has, it's so sharp that every other character has their IQ lowered by 70. This style reminds me of a Fairly Odd Parents episode; in that episode, Timmy wishes that he could be the smartest person in the world. However, what happened was not that he became smarter, instead, everyone else became dumb as sh*t. (Back to the story) The dialogue, story, and characters does not make the reader think, "Wow, that's pretty smart of them." Instead, the reader thinks, "These people are f**king retarded." The author also uses brute force in order to move the story along. Ex:

When Yang Yi or whatever forced the main character to become her concubine by actually trying to manhandle her.

There is no reason behind any action these characters take. It's just DO IT, MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. I would be surprised if anyone actually made it past chapter 15. <<less
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