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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
Taming Master
December 22, 2016
Status: c32
I wish sometimes some who would critize a web novel should read a bit more before saying its bad (unless the beginning is too horrible to look at)

I just can't help commenting about someone saying the author have never played an MMO..

First most (as far as I know its ALL) MMO would not let you just change job I mean I've played a few MMO and i've been using priest class never had I chance that I could just suddenly change class without creating new char or rebirth.. So... more>> if there's a new job obviously you need to create a new char.. The old players just have a difficult decision to make, not denying them the chance and players make the guide though there will be official guides don't expect it to be too informative this is not a visual novel..

And speaking of min/max.. All I can say is your a sadist? The MC took about 4 months (i think) to raise his char to lvl 93 and its not even max level and the reincarnation item is even 5.2mil. For getting the best bonus and you expect people to abuse resetting? Just remember the MC has plot armor so the average player would take longer so only those who are rich and not interested in being in the top 10000 would do that..

And the this is not like LMS in the taming process, , he (not the MC) might not have played a lot of games since there are games where to capture a monster you have to reduce there HP and inflict stat debuffs to increase chance (DQ monsters), so the MC naturally a game addict will hit the monster first, and later when he gets his first permanent monster he will treat it kindly even feeding it delicious food. What is so LMS about that?

Well enough about the rant.. The only lacking thing about this is the transition of the MC from using the bow to staff, from how the story goes I won't be expecting the MC becoming a frontliner, he was practically shoved into a support, unless he gets a sword for tamers which I think is weird <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
Shen Yin Wang Zuo
June 24, 2016
Status: c362
I decided to write this review as to give a few counter argument to some negative reviews which I find baseless or bias

first is about they said the MC is killing the demons without reason, I mean for goodness sake are you sane? Invaders from another world came & started killing humanity which lasted thousands of years, are you just gonna wait like a livestock? Btw around the hissing cave mission it tells that the demons are not evil they are just fighting for supremacy & survival,

next someone said... more>> that the characters are boring, lets just say your just disappointed that you don't like good natured MCs you like ruthless MC that are illogical like ATG which I stopped reading where women don't care even if the MC massacres INNOCENT people just because they belong to the same sect & then the MC neglects his woman & child to marry another woman., the characters in SYWZ atleast are not neglected some even have their own romance, and LHC team member are very unique, I mean a priest that cant heal, a mage that cant attack, an unstable summoner, and they atleast show some personality, as for LHC though a good guy he is still merciless, and though OP atleast not the whole he can beat those above his level just because he's special.

and lastly though I kinda undestand his point on this one, the way cai'er's parent treated her is hypocrisy, well from my understanding her parents though reluctant still treated her harshly is because of their situation & position, they are at war with the demons & humanity needs those capable heroes with potential and unfortunately for cai'er she was born special so her circumstances wasn't something her parents can't ignore because its for the sake of humanity,

seriously they are in a world where the demon god emperor has a if in terms of level 1 million units while the strongest of humans are probably around 100k+ only and the demon side has insane numbers and 72 demon gods talk about unbalanced playing field <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
Versatile Mage
June 23, 2017
Status: c221
I have to say I'm pretty disappointed with this one. This review will be more of a venting my frustration so please forgive me.

At the start there were a lot of things I want to comment about like the advanced science turning into advanced magic, like seriously? Just one or two spells for the primary stage of element makes the world advanced? What happened to the guns, missiles, nukes were taken out of the picture just because of magic? I mean there are still a lot of ordinary citizens that... more>> are not mages so there should atleast be a group of people trying to advance or counterbalance magic with science I mean even low-ranked magicians should strive for this because in the earlier chapters during the enrollment there were even someone saying wanting to suicide because of the awakened elemnet. (I mean atleast something similar to that one novel/anime Irregular at Magic Highschool)

Also there are a lot of time skip to progress the story I mean I know its CN with cultivation that takes months to years of cultivation but for me it doesn't work that well. I remember there was a part stating that magic reinforce the body but not the IQ & memory. There was one chapter were the MC was doing his 2nd awakening and there was a time-skip of 1 year and guess what the examiner who saw MC for just a few minutes was able to remember the MCs face when he saw him again. I can understand if you remember the name but the face?. Also during the time-skips I always wonder what happens to his step-sister, father, etc.. The story is too focused on the MC and all the side characters are just there to make the MC look stronger. As for MC relationships just keep on dreaming. The MC had a childhood sweetheart they also tried to elope I think this was before & after he crossed the world as it happened when they were 13 years old (i think this was the tragedy they keep on saying) yet afterwards the MC was like "Are we close? But if want you can be part of my harem attitude" & didn't even try to make any effort get close again. Even after

the Bo City disaster he didn't try to contact her to tell her he's ok or anything he didn't even try to get to the same university as her. As for the Teacher Tang Yue after taking care of his mess about the magical artifact, receiving lots of tomes worth millions, then he just kept on taking advantage of her even when she was in danger, then finally it just ends up him s*xually harassing her to make a forced relationship, and the MC still acts like a victim and still expect more advantages from her, now that is what I call a thick-skinned MC.



Also somehow it's really annoying how a lot of side characters keeps on dying. I know it makes it more realistic but at the same time it makes the MC a lot more stupid. The final thing that made me drop this was when the same thunder-guy from Bo City (forgot his name) just to make it more miserably for him his entire family was killed all except for him, and then he was captured by the MCs enemies and he was drugged/converted by the Black Church and him ending up killing his girlfriend wow the author must really hate this guy he didn't even standout or find trouble with the MC

I dropped this because I feel like things like this will keep on happening.

For the cultivation aspect I find it hard to understand. (I would call the stage/boundary/realm as tier) I mean I know there was tiers & skills tiers doesn't relate to cultivation tiers, but maybe because I was skimming for the info dumps I have no idea of the boundaries for advancing to the next tier.. And I don't really get how much stronger each tier is. And like any other CN novel a bunch of old dudes in the first city is like a god and going to the next city it turned out that he was just an ant that even those the same age of the MC can kill him effortlessly. Isn't it annoying how they keep on repeating the MC is such a genius then after moving on there were more geniuses like him. I would like to ask a solemn question about this novel, is the internet also removed from the advancement of science. Can't keep up with the news? They have mobile phones but no internet, how terrible of a modern world is that, people there need to learn to adapt like those in "Cultivation Chat Group" even cultivators adapt through advancement of technologies even when they can move mountains/planets.

All in all what really disappoint me is the attitude of the MC, he is a fillial son (His father sacrificed a lot for him then MC just gave him money because he knows his father can take care of himself), caring brother (Yup, just call a few times a week, then neglect her for weeks, months, help her a few times and from his actions its like his expecting incest, we'll not really I guess because they are not related by blood), a good friend (yeah like that the one he saved but let others friend die just because they are not his friend, then afterward he would only call them when he needs them), will probably be a good lover (yup he's a pervert, though he said he was not a gigolo from his relationship with his teacher I would not think twice that he's a gigolo). He is an upright citizen (Yup, stealing magical artifact and let a teacher deal with it, steal the holy spring and blame it on the situation, take advantage of others and still feel no shame about it, take others cultivation resources and justified that he is poor and needs it more than them, made enemies and let others take the misfortune.)

And also the atmosphere of the story is really weird for me as sometimes I keep forgetting the setting that it was set on a modern society as like the characters act like ancient people. <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
Gourmet Food Supplier
May 5, 2017
Status: c148
This is actually good but in my opinion the attitude of the MC kinda irritates me so from my original 4 star rating I'd deduct 1 star...

This is pretty much a battle of the customer against the chef to get what they want.. although at first the attitude of the MC is ok for me but after awhile I feel the same as the customers as I want to punch the MC.. If after chapter 100 and still no improvement to MCs attitude I'd probably drop this..

... more>> [edit]

I'm now on chapter 148.. there is somewhat of an improvement on the attitude of the MC but.. I don't know how to describe it, it's just now even though I'm still reading this I'm a bit to the point of just dropping this.

The story is somehow getting more boring, the MC's life is boring, yeah he has lots of money but so what? he's not even using it, he just keep on working everyday. the time the restaurant is open is kinda annoying as it depends on his mood, though it got a little better when he got a part-timer.

The missions given by the system is BS. it's not even a mission for the MC more like a mission for the customers. Some of the old customers are rarely mentioned anymore, the newer one are mostly just there to complete his BS mission.

Though I may have a lot of complaints its just that I don't even know the direction of the story anymore. Its not good but its also not bad to the point of rage-quitting.

So really from my previous 3 star rating I'd deduct another star to make a 2 star. <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
Running Away From The Hero!
August 9, 2016
Status: c3 part7-8
I've read a lot of web novels and surprisingly this is good.. I'm not really fond of evil protagonists but the MC here is in the grey-zone so it's tolerable for me & as of yet even if he's in a evil organization he's not really that evil, I'll try to describe this with as few words as possible...

Hero/villain theme..
Cheat disciples..
Good humor..
Behind-the-scene schemes
Oblivious MC (I think)
Neutral/evil MC

Yandere disciple (probably/hopefully if I'm not mistaken)

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I would like to say that I'm disappointed, I had a few expectations but it all went down the drain.. The story is too fast paced and doesn't have any depth, so far the two female character just instantly fell in love with the MC, then this and that was said then next day bye bye going to another town, and acting like they were lovers.. And btw the personality of MC is pretty much random as I can't get a good grasp of it except for being a pervert... more>> & a coward & a hypocrite.. With godlike equipment with explosive increase in stats he doesn't even try to confirm his current limits or how strong his boosts in stats.. The characters are so honestly accepting that it somehow feels stupid. I would not recommend this to those looking for a good story. For some reason it kinda reminded me of 1HP WN, OP MC but too stupid to take notice or advantage of his strength.. Probably all the heroines will be left behind without some romance. <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
Cult of the Sacred Runes
April 14, 2016
Status: --
So far I read as far as the current chapter 40

I read the other reviews and I agree with their ratings of 4 (only gave a 5 to somehow offset the 1) except for the the one review below with 1/5 which I couldn't understand maybe he had too much expectation because of TDG which I also read..

Don't mean to compare but I'd put TDG and CSR on the same level in the way they introduce the story at the start (not just because both started at sleeping in class... more>> :D) I think the MC of TDG will act the same as the MC of CSR if Nie Lie did not restart with his memories, I mean even he did not have a high level of self-esteem when he began, I mean if you compare both MC one has a few dozens of years of experience (memories) while the other is only a 13 year old kid with low self-esteem.

Although there is already the cliche clan fighting at least he is not one of those 'geniuses' who can defeat those several ranks above him while being low rank himself.

The only reason why I made this review is to ask 2 questions

1. Do you think MC in CSR will meet the Sage Emperor in TDG?
2. Do MCs need to deserve the power/knowledge they get accidentally/plotwise armor? I mean personally I'd skim this kind of chapter since it will just be another info dump and I'd be guessing cliche developments like working hard from previous lives to deserve their power/knowledge like Nie Lie (no offense I like TDG) or Yun Che from ATG.

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I write this review into two parts and I have only read up to chapter 11 & will edit my review after a couple more chapters

Its not really that good at the moment (chapter 11), there were a few instances where I find it annoying like the attitude of all the people introduced so far.. The MC keeps talking about his previous life and nobody even cares to check if he's mentally ill or not? I also find the attitude of the MC towards his parent annoying.. So far... more>> he's what you'll call "trash"..

The story is somewhat mocking itself,

Around the chapter the MC goes to the weapon shop and argues with the shopkeeper, there was an argument of how strong the countries army is and there is a low chance of bandits, demons, etc. (I kinda forgot the exact argument but let's just say enemies attacking) attacking them then boom chapter 11 (his parents got killed due to the stupidity of the MC), the bandit demi-humans probably only wants to steal the wheats (the writing shows that there were no other ulterior motive other than stealing & killing the resident, so why risk fighting to death? Just give them the wheats in exchange for leaving them alone) & and the MC's parents can probably escape not for the MC running to his parents and getting the situation out of control, and seriously where's the goddamn army? Did they even capture the demi-humans, and why so late? There's a friggin burning house so there's a lot of smoke & bright fire (its said it was late in the day so I'm assuming that its around evening or around sunset) to alert the guards or are you telling me the house just started to burn exactly the moment the MC came home? Where's the guards on horses running to his home? Why is a 10 year old brat faster & able to walk so far out of town (assuming that there house is really faraway due to the guards not noticing the fire)


The story so far is in his childhood. If I remember he's still in his 10 year old body so I'm expecting a LOT of serious character development for the MC.. And with the latest development of the story (chapter 11) although I don't like how they forced to make the MC takes things seriously, it makes you hope for a good character development later on.

I've read till chapter 16 and I've still not seen anything that could make me change my mind as I can't read ahead because I can't read the RAW Japanese.. And like I stated my review is only up to the current translation so my review only covers the first few chapters & honestly if I could binge read it until 100 chapters I would've done that first before making a review but sadly I couldn't do that.. <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
Gourmet of Another World
May 13, 2017
Status: c639
Though it has the same concept as Gourmet Food Supplier this one is much better.. As the attitude of the MC is more likable than the other as of ch.33.. The concept of the system is more acceptable here than GFS as in the other one I've been wondering how stupid the people eating there are, they are not even asking when/what/how the boss gets his ingredients.. Although in Gourmet in Another World it doesn't explain how he got the ingredients atleast the customers here actually know what they are... more>> eating..

[edit] by c639

Ok I've been reading the mtl so I've read upto c639.

Now what I want to say is that for me GOAW is a nice read. Though be warned that most antagonist have the same pattern as other xianxia novels were MC offends small time antagonist then goes upward to big boss antagonist. Although the MC doesn't really kill any of the antagonist, so what? He has a lazy OP dog whether he kills or not the result will be the same as most CN novel I've read antagonist cares too much about their "Face" whether you beat him black & blue he will come for revenge, kill him his "master" will do the revenge, then kill the so called "master", the "master's" sect will try to kill MC, exterminate the sect allies of the sect will be next on the kill list, so being indifferent really doesn't make any difference.

Now what I've like about this is how the MC grows although most of the times he is indifferent atleast he knows how to clean his own mess (though not proactively if not within reach as he cares more about doing business). Though a lot maybe irritated by his somewhat indifferent attitude, remember he's just a chef, why would anyone ask a chef to interfere with politics, conspiracies, etc.?

Side characters also have their personalities but after a few time where MC needs to go to another place most side characters get sidelined,

Upto c639 the most memorable characters so far which might be the most important are Little Black, White, Yōu, & MC, any others would be forgotten, so I don't place too much importance to them, side charcters are good for what an arc or two, MC's main customer are there only until MC needs to move on to other place, others for MC taking them as his chef apprentice,


Story so far maybe be a rinse & repeat of:

Quest-> get ingredients/artifact -> make enemies with same goal -> enemies find MC for said ingredient/artifact ->enemy too powerful that MC can't defeat->Restaurant Guardian to the rescue->make recipe reward

But the way the story is told is quite good and not really too irritating (again beware its a CN novel so you will most definitely be irritated at the stupidity of most antagonist). The author really likes stupid antagonist so don't get your hopes much on that department, they don't even try to barter or trade with MC, they just get straight to point with "give me your treasure or die". <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
Ultimate Scheming System
November 29, 2017
Status: c92
I originally rated this 5 since I liked the beginning but following that it starts to deteriorate maybe around ... more>>

when MC met and raped (I consider it rape no matter what anyone tells me as I think it is pretty forced and maybe the author just wants a justifiable reason for it not to be called rape) the Fire Princess


I'm a bit biased on the review as I really don't have much affinity with shameless protagonist. At the beginning I didn't mind and kinda looked forward to it but later on he is just plain evil. I could understand that some of the sects deserved being robbed or annihilated by the MC but doing so to sects unrelated to MC it starts to be annoying especially when acting tough just for the sake of acting tough. He is pretty much disregarding everyone else's life and he's treating everyone like NPC that he can just kill. Sure some may say it's because of what happened with the first village that the MC don't like cultivators but so what? Not every cultivators are the same like not all ordinary people are good.

I don't mind MC being ruthless, perverted or shameless but there needs to be a line that one mustn't cross and for me the MC just crossed it. So this novel is pretty much dropped. <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
October 5, 2017
Status: c56
Well it was good at the start but along the way it got confusing for me.. Also some characters were gradually forgotten but I'm kinda expecting them to reappear later on ... more>>

his first slave was released and sent to a magician's school, they promised to contact each other from time to time yet the MC contacted her only once then forgot about her


Is there Romance/Harem? Nope none don't get your hopes up, though there are many female characters (an obsessive slave, bikini armored battle junkie, regrettable monster researcher, big boobed sheep-girl) they are mostly just quirky characters no sign of romance whatsoever..

MC leveled-up way too fast as of ch56 he is already lvl95. He's pretty much OP but you'd rarely see him fight as he occasionally uses his tools to exterminate pests. So there is not much tension in the story. And as for the comedy there really isn't much or so to say I think there were times it tried to be funny but since it's overused it's not really that funny anymore.

The MC is mostly carefree and does what he wants to do put it in a more positive tone he's in control of his life, but the downside of this is his lack of ambition. He is true to his occupation as an exterminator as he takes on jobs to exterminate pests.

As far as I can remember correctly & simplified as some pests are renamed because it's another world, so far he has exterminated rats, cockroaches, wyverns, snow foxes, grizzly bear, zombies, etc. (Demon beasts)


Now for the main plot which was suddenly revealed I think it was around chapter 50, the MC now is starting his own company as an exterminator.


Well since I was reading a poorly mtl'd chapter the suddenness of the plot was shocking as I couldn't even grasp it properly as the pace was too fast. In a short summary, Get to a port city to repair their ship -> Go to inn -> Find job -> Go to a brothel -> Heal a prostitute -> Get Panties -> Go to church->Wear Panties on Head->Talk to God & Evil God->Get Main Quest from both


Some things are too weird for me so I'd probably wait for the translator to catch up as maybe I was just misunderstanding something since I've read a mtl.. But for now I'd give it a 3 star. 5 at the start but starts to go down fast after meeting with another transported person. <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?
October 26, 2016
Status: v17 afterwork
Just gonna give a summary for each volumes in my OWN OPINION since the other reviews already covered what I wanted to say and to avoid repeating the other reviews.. this does not actually represent how good the story is as I have toned it down as to not give too much spoilers

Volume 1-7 - character introduction & overall prologue to the main storyline without reading the first 1-6 you cannot get the feel of the oncoming volumes or appreciate each of the character growth especially the MC

Volume 7.5 &... more>> 8.5 - just treat it like an OVA in animes though it has a good story so I wouldn't recommend missing it along with Shunkashuutou side story (like a recap episode)

Volume 8-13 - story with a good balance of action & slice of life, just don't expect too much on the action, there is progress in the main storyline

Volume 14 - volume dedicated for slice of life

Volume 15-16 - I guess this one focused more on action with less slice of life I guess its to balance with vol. 14

Volume 17 - another volume dedicated for slice of life, but this time focusing more on the conviction of the heroines, I guess this is to make the harem peaceful & to avoid having a bloodbath over the MC

Rating for: (?/5)
Satomi Koutarou (Male Lead) - I'd five 3.5-4 at vol.1-7 and 4-4.5 on vol. 8-17 with each volume his character growth makes him more badass but still having a likeable personality (rant: unlike SOME MC CN novels with harem where he doesn't treat women right or becomes too arrogant after becoming strong)

1st group of Harem starting volume 1-7 - (3.5-4.5 overall score) the main harem member as what I like to call it (includes the ghost, the two aliens, the underground girl, and the magical girl & knitting girl) with each volumes you will really see how each member grows especially the Theia & Yurika


2nd group of Harem starting volume 7.5-17 - (4.5 overall score) the next group of harem with an addition of another magical & alien girl and the landlord.. though enemy at first except for the landlord obviously, each member has a likeable personality and good story to tell so even though they started out late they are as likeable as the first group or even better.


Antagonist - (3.5-4.5) - in my opinion the early antagonist is somewhat 'lukewarm' they do not really give you the feeling of a last boss, if I had to give an example it would be like a boss in the early level only to find out that its a common enemy in mid-level.. then the antagonist starting 7.5-12 it would be 'warm' the antagonist started to become better.. then vol. 13-17, they are now starting to look more shounen antagonists, who said that only the protagonist can grow?

rant: unlike Team R*ck*t, the antagonist after losing also started to grow on their own way... I even like Maya & Elexis


Plot -
Volume 1-7 - I'd give it a (3-3.5) not bad but also not the best story at the beginning, you'd even wonder where the story will go

Volume 7.5-12 - (3.5-4) after the introductory volumes I could finally get a glimpse of where the story would go, though the problem is the direction is as many as the heroines + maybe a harem route?

Volume 13-17 - (4) I'm 95% sure we will have a harem ending by the end of the series <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
X- Epoch of the Dragon
December 15, 2017
Status: c401
This is just a quick review of mine.. From what I've read this has a lot of potential yet it also gives me a feeling that it will have a rushed ending or an open-ended ending..

First of all the the world is too big there are a lot of chapters mentioning MC travelling to some places which takes months of flying just to get there.

Also the author likes mentioning info dumps some are useful some are just plain annoying which sometimes takes a whole chapter just describing one thing. Which... more>> the author also likes comparing by mentioning from MC's past life or Earth culture.

Character developments are ok for me. Don't expect the original personalities from MC's second life as since the beginning the MC already change a lot of things at the start like for Yi Luo Xiang

It is mentioned that YLX is like a cold-beauty which hates men, well with MC being a hero-saves the day, though I can't blame it as her being too easy to fall in love (?) with MC, YLX's personality turned to be more like your regular uneasy wife character with all the mushy things they do.


Power rankings are explained kinda late so just think of it based on metals, ordinary person>bronze>silver>gold>crystal, amethyst, diamond, king, with 10 stages for each rank. IMO this is not really important at the beginning since it's hard to imagine the power difference for each rank due to the miniscule amount of action in the first 100 chapter.

The dragons here are not really dragons, I forgot which chapter it was but it was explained that most dragons are just like animals with dragon parts

there was a mention like pig-dragon, horse-dragon, insect-dragon, fish-dragon, snake-dragon, you can tell just from the name that you can just ignore the dragon part and based it entirely on what animal it is.


A downside of the story in the first 100 chapters is the MC's money making ability. Although it was acceptable until MC got his dragon after that is just plain over exaggeration IMO.

An eight year old kid, making profit ten times earning a hundred million, during the auction made from a 10K gold to a priceless treasure just by trading. With a lot of people seeing the transaction happen nobody even dares try to steal from an eight year old kid.


What I like about for now is how the MC with his 3rd chance makes most of best opportunities yet keeping all his base talents from before, so MC even though he got the best 9.9 dragon stone (?) with his mediocre cultivation talents his genius party members will keep up with him in power rankings or maybe they will get stronger than MC at the beginning.

So for now I'd give it a 4/5, I'll update after another 100 or more chapters. I just hope there will be less info dumps or useless comparison in MC's previous life, with the translation speed now a lot maybe frustrated as the chapters are short and for each chapter mostly a few things happening

It took 10 chapters just to get out of the well while the manhua took like 1 or 2?, you can see how slow the story is.



from ch401 P.S. I will be using terms shown as mtled.

went downhill fast at around 190-200. MC keeps getting OP treasure and finally began cross-rank killing at late 300s.


school arc might have been too much for author since the MC started going to school the author keeps on finding excuses for MC to take leave of absence or find a way to make MC not attend school, yet at the beginning MC keeps telling how it is important to go to school. Also at the beginning the MC forbids using shortcuts in cultivation yet when they arrived at gold rank MC & co. Keeps using elixirs, etc. To increase their rank..


For me it was actually pretty good until around 190 but with the sudden 1 1/2 year time skip it was actually more like reading a report. I know it is to advance the age of the MC but IMO it wasn't done in a good way.

Also for the gang war

after the MC beat the 2nd year Chief it went further downhill, MC & co. Ultimately stopped going to school without much explanation just because they killed a diamond expert. Then during this arc MC found a way to revive people so fights are no longer as intense as even though anyone can die including MC they can always revive & hide at their base which could defend against 10000 diamond experts. Also MC finally began to exceed the 3 future Nine Masters in Cultivation which further made me lose interest as those 3 began to lose their personalities as they worship MC too much.


If author actually tried this 400 chapters can be compressed to 100-150 chapters, that is how much info dumps & useless comparisons are used just to make everything seem more amazing when it is actually just annoying. And the format of other chapters are more like history reports of what is happening which further becomes boring.

I will probably drop this until proper translation caught upto ch401 since IMO it would be a waste of time to actually read the rest of the novel in mtl since it is not worth it.

I'd give it a 2.5/5 or just 3 to round it up. <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
Virtual World: Conquering the World
September 20, 2016
Status: c510
It was good in the beginning but after awhile it started going downhill.

There are a lot of OP or probably cheat-like skills in my opinion, there are plenty instant-kill skills, the healers heal are too under powered... the skills of the hidden professions are too OP

Death penalty for PKers are too severe,

Rhe VR system is not really explained well, like for example when changing to hidden profession it doesn't tell if there is stats redistribution, and around the time the mounts were introduced I just straight out ignored the... more>> stats during the monster introduction, at the start I wasn't really bothered when the damage or heal was rarely mentioned but it started bothering me when the HP had a sudden boost because of the mount & was now in the ranges of 50-100k,

At the start I kinda like how the profession (archer) of the MC is different from other VR but when he changed to his hidden profession I was dumbfounded

Dragon Words... I kinda thought ahh it kinda starts to feel similar to Zhan Long, OP defense skill, also the MC somehow learned a stealth skill, OP attack growth, then MC also has the life steal equipment + bounded OP weapon, OP pet (though different since humanoid) and don't forget the OP Female Profession Trainer


It introduced a lot of skills for the MC but from time to time it will make you annoyed about why he is not using his skills, though I'm not an expert or knows any serious fighting I'm sure that I would have done better in some occasions in place of the MC,


I mean in the early chapters he had an equipment with 6 seconds invincibility & he's not even using it to guard against the OP skills of the enemies.. he had learned a 5 min duration 100% critical (with 10min reduced stat afterward) & he only used it once and never used it again still not using it against boss monster when rushing to kill when boss has maybe 1-5% hp left, he also learned alchemy skill that makes items with good effect but he only used for one tournament then forgot about it, then later he remembered and suddenly gained a new recipe he made a new item with OP effect when used against high-HP boss, will probably forget about it again after awhile..


I was kinda interested in seeing how he will develop his real life relationship but regarding Qin Yun I somehow feel she was too pitiful, this is why I don't like serious harem, somehow I was more interested in how their relationship will develop instead of the VR world <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
Zhan Long
June 22, 2016
Status: c529
I have read some of the reviews & I agree to some while I disagree to others. Well mostly yeah it kinda gets repetitive but what do you expect its wuxia/Chinese novel, why I like a few wuxia/xianxia novels so I already accepted the fact that there tends to be a repetition to the flow of the story..

The trash->then cultivate->beat others above your level->get called a genius->offend someone from same family->beat em'up->then cultivate again-> then offend other people from bigger sect->then beat em'up again->get called a genius->insert some TINY romantic... more>> subplot-> rinse & repeat from cultivate

Well I kinda agree that it repeats a lot of the same jokes more the ten times.. In my opinion if you plan to read this you should read this by arc, don't start reading until the arc is translated/over..

for those saying its nonsense, I kinda agree but at the same time I don't, I agree its nonsense for the female players (no offense & I'm not s*xist) even if its VR I don't think that the female players are able to endure the countless hours of killing other players, unless something is wrong with their brains I mean its VR so there's a lot of gore & stressful playing I'm having a hard time imagining them playing for 10+ hours of killing; I disagree especially when the 10 vs 10, 000 players because its VR, STATS makes the difference well I can only say this because I have played the disgaea series.. If you played it you can feel that higher STATS really make you OP, here's what you can call nonsense -> https://www. Youtube. Com/watch?v=VI6lNkH4hPk


read mtl upto c1176

around ch600 I stopped reading this for awhile so I can binge read it then reading it till the latest chapter it wasn't enough so I started reading the mtl. I'm actually sad that this novel isn't really getting a good rating. This novel is actually good in my opinion (maybe it's just me being biased since this is the first web novel I've read). Although it can't be called perfect or great this is enough not to be called bad or worse. I know there are a lot of plot holes or plot that has been forgotten but which novel doesn't have these? It's just in ZL it's more plain obvious than the others.

Right now I still stand to say that this is a good novel even though some jokes kept being repeated for awhile but later on in the country wars the novel actually begins to get better slightly.

Still for me this novel deserves a 4/5, will update when I finished reading until last chapter. <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
March 7, 2018
Status: c347
This is one very annoying novel, I started reading this with an expectation that it will get better in the late ch90's to early ch100's but all I can say is you will get disappointed as it is still bad like in the beginning. My early impressions of the first 135 chapters were "Like what am I reading, why should I suffer like this?, If I was like the MC I would get a Patience or Endurance Stats for reading each chapter"

Now if your a trooper and still trudge... more>> through another hellish 30 chapters and finally arrive where the MC finally have the IQ and thinking ability of a normal/average person that's where the story truly picks up. Here there will be a very obvious character growth for the MC and finally the Naive/Arrogant/Selfish/Greedy protagonist will slightly get better

MC will really start to truly be like a protagonist after the National Competition


This is really hard to comment on since the quality of the story started really bad so for me I'd rate it like this to make it easier to see (w/ min-max during each part) :

1-140 (2.0~2.5/5.0)

141-315 (3.0~4.0/5.0)

316-330 (1.5~3.5/5.0)

331-346 (3.0/5.0)

There are a lot of side characters yet they don't really stand out much, and like every other novels you shouldn't really get attached to early characters since after awhile they will slowly lose their personality. Take for example the the MC's first Guild Leader Jishuka (IIRC) she at least started with a strong personality with commanding ability yet she just turned into one of the MC's harem-in-waiting, Regas the taekwondo fanatic, strong, simple-minded with a sense of justice yet he just turned into a good damage dealer, talking? Nah he just turned into a part of the yes-crowd, All Hail God Grid!!, although MC interacts with other characters but it still feels lacking as pretty much a solo player..

If you got time to read this I'd rather suggest LMS, from time to time OG reminds me of LMS with the former being an inferior version of the latter.

I'd probably drop this while I still think the story is good rather than keep reading only to find out that it gets worse..


Damn you MC, what's so good about being a sword saint!? Being a legendary farmer is much better!! MC is so stupid why not look in a mirror your just a blacksmith if you like sword saint so much change your class to a warrior, , sometimes the author really likes making the MC so annoying (ch316 the point where a smart MC out of nowhere suddenly turned into an idiot! Also the story starts to degrade starting this chapter), MC also starts to underestimate an NPC just because MC is so stupid not to check his stats, yet the author shows that the NPC was feeling sorry because of the mistake of the MC, trying for a funny misunderstanding? More like annoyingly stupid

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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
White-Robed Chief
August 9, 2018
Status: c112
I don't know why a lot of people gave this 1 star but I think this novel deserves better IMO at least maybe a 4 star. Though I'd give it a 2 if not 1 for the translator but I'm not one to judge a translator since I'm reading for free. So mostly I judge the story itself rather than the translation.

The story is really simple & there are also filler chapters but still this is decent enough. The MC starts out weak but really gets OP fast. It also... more>> mentioned MC being a particle physicist in his previous life but he is more like a gardener in his present job which pretty much makes his past life irrelevant to the story other than MC having regrets having no power.

The start of the novel is pretty confusing as it's one of those that doesn't give much explanation then it's like a roller coaster there are plenty of ups & downs where there are interesting parts & boring parts. <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian
November 7, 2017
Status: c449
It's not really bad at the start but as the story progresses it's pretty much so-so..

It was actually good at the start it had potential the MC a tank that not only knows how to defend but also knows how to evade but later on he's just like any other tank that just takes everything relying on his HP & VIT. Yet When PvP starts he's moving like a Thief with max movement speed & DEX.

Another con for this novel in my opinion is the way the author calculates how... more>> the fight progresses although I can understand it if its just a browser or PC games but doing so in a VR game just seem wrong. The author just literally takes all the players DPS and exactly calculates based on that. Positioning and stuff seemed irrelevant as almost all melee players are always an arm away from attacking enemies and I always imagine them just standing still after attacking. Also the attack speed is also one of the major flaws which ruins it for me, I can understand the cooldown after using skills but for normal attacks it seems exaggeratedly stupid all the more for weapons with 3 second cooldowns. Imagining a player attacking then had to wait 3 seconds just to attack again what is this an MMO? The realism of the VR game is just not what you would expect it seemed more like just your ordinary PC game, to be fair I think "The King's Avatar" would be more like a VR game than this although the latter was a PC game.

Also the story on the said VR is one you would call a sh*tty game. Full of parodies, s*xualized female NPCs & some monsters which makes the game more like an adult game, and sh*tty quest where probably only the MC & co. Can complete in low levels.

As for the characters at the start it was kinda refreshing to see party members unhesitatingly cursing at each others but later on it's just repetitive and annoying as you can always anticipate the outcome.

All in all I gave up and just skimming it now to pass the time. The only thing which keeps me going for this novel is the MC's real life as I want to know how it would be compared to how it's done with Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World. <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
That Person. Later on…
September 1, 2016
Status: c101
hmm as of now (ch6) I feel that this will be of the kinda lighthearted web novel.

Though I was afraid to start reading at first because there was a Betrayal & Tragedy tags, it seems that "I" was the one that misunderstood it.. My guess is that those tags only relates to the prologue & doesn't (hopefully) in the future have any tear/rage inducing betrayal & tragedy... I think somehow it is misleading at this point in time as I have only read upto chp.6.. other stories have worse betrayal... more>> & tragedy plot yet they don't have those tags in NU like Arifureta though it has betrayal there is no tragedy tag & all though xianxia/xuanhua novels that had the MC turned into trash, betrayed, killed & forced to reincarnate isn't that a tragedy?.. as much as I'd like to remove those tags in this web novel I would refrain myself and let others decide..

This has a good potential but the downside is that the chapters are too short.. & based on my experience with WN with short chapters somewhere along the line the story will go downhill as the story will become more fast-paced & lack substance (ex. Conquering Hero's Heroines, I Bought a Girl, Humans are the Strongest Race)...

As the chapters are short & as of now there are only 6 chapters translated I must say that it's still too early to give a proper review but I will still give this a 4/5.. I will probably give another review of this when there are around 20 chapters translated so I will put this in my reading list for now..


okay I couldn't resist reading some spoilers & I found out something that I will definitely not like in the later chapters so I would now stop reading this WN though if it's the LN version I would probably try to read it as its more acceptable for me but still the MC is still pretty much a meh throughout the story as so the spoilers say.. so for me the WN a 1/5 now.. <<less
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Kinda disappointing for me.. The very beginning I thought that it had potential but then with the very quick paced story I kinda got lost with what was happening in the story.. It was at a lost at started around after getting the slave girl.. The personality or should I say attitude of the characters don't really show their age.. And when the character setting was released I was further confused by the race of the MC I think he's probably a half-elf..

I'm not sure if it was mentioned in... more>> the story what race the father was but when I computed he's age the father was already around 70+ when he got his wife pregnant who is around mid-twenties with the MC (unless he's a lolicon if you consider the age gap).. And I'm expecting a lot of time skip since his sister who is 4 years older than him is still at school then the school arc would last for at least until the MC is 20 years old, which would be boring because there probably be a lot of uninteresting business management (btw I like business management stories but as for this one it is boring..

[edited after reading c25v2]
The story is still fast paced & I can't still seem to grasp what the MC actually wants to do.. BUT! After the translator got an editor for the chapter the quality is a lot more higher, although there are still some parts that that could be improved, nevertheless before I had to trouble myself to edit it mentally which is tiring so now I could focus more on trying to understand the story.. I will still continue reading it until around c50 I think it's still too early to tell if it won't improve so for now I'd give it another star for the better translation quality. <<less
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