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BlackBlade rated it
Warlock of the Magus World
August 6, 2016
Status: c534
Updated: Perhaps the biggest draw of warlock of the magus world is the main character. He is first and foremost a survivalist. He refuses to take wild or foolish risks and always considers the risks vs the rewards of his actions. He puts his own interests ahead of others as a rule (although he will help those who treated him right if it's not too costly). He is extremely in control of his emotions and doesn't let them get in the way of his self-interest... well except for the whole... more>> warlock thing. He isn't afraid to hurt people but he isn't a hypocrite and doesn't pretend that he's a good person despite robbing/killing/etc other people, in all of those cases he is purely doing it for his own gain though, he doesn't do evil for no reason atleast... His ultimate goal is to not be 1-shotable in a world full of higher existences that could just wipe him out any time if they were so inclined, as well as seek the truth and attain immortality of course.

The world of WotMW is very brutal. There are very few "good" characters, most people are out for their own benefit. Villains aren't morons who think everyone is courting death, they are all pretty smart for the most part and their plots are often deeper than you would think. Information is strictly controlled.. to gain power you have to ens*ave yourself to various groups who are in control of said information, and even then they probably wont give you the really good stuff, unless you have absurd talent or are a bloodline descendant of course. There are no random schools where young kids are running around with insanely powerful cultivation methods their schools just hand over, the people in power maintain total control of incoming students/talents. In this world the weaker levels are seen as cattle/experiments, even if you are a rare human with magical talent, if you pick the wrong teacher as a mentor you may very well get turned into some sort of monster/experiment for the higher level mage mentoring you. There is no gaining enlightenment in the middle of a fight bs plot armor, breakthroughs have to be well planned out and based on lots of detailed information (except in a rare few cases), and life really isn't easy.

Leylin's time in the low levels is really stressful, he has to bust his ass to not die and to not end up becoming a weakling due to the procedures high level organizations have put in place to control the population. Once he becomes a mage things get a lot more relaxed and Leylin can really use his smarts and strength to do some fun stuff! I almost think of him as a magic cultivating james bond. <<less
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BlackBlade rated it
Dragon-Marked War God
January 11, 2017
Status: c396
The main character is extremely consistent. No getting nerfed or doing dumb stuff for plot/tension reasons. He was the greatest saint and he acts like it. Big Yellow is also the funniest character I've seen in an ln. The fight scenes are good and the magic/cultivation is well explained. The world building/history is fairly interesting, although not to complicated. The writing and plot aren't the most amazing thing ever but this novel isn't trying to be a masterpiece, it's an easy reading, kickass and often times funny kind of ln.... more>> Take it for what it is and it's highly enjoyable. In fact, its the best ln I've seen in the easy reading genre, hence my rating of 5.

Also the translator is exceptionally fast and will sometimes release 50+ chapters all on the same day. <<less
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