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BitterSweetTea rated it
The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System
May 30, 2017
Status: v1c6
One of the best BL novels I've read in terms of comedy and plot progression. The MC is hilarious, the ML is such an adorable bun and the side characters are all vivid in their characterizations. I've kept rereading all of the six translated chapters and yet I couldn't get enough of them!
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Enjoyable read so far. The interactions between the two main leads are hilarious and I couldn't stop laughing in some of their scenes, especially the bathing scene.

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To answer the question of reviewer, yes spanking is still being done in some parts of Asia. Asian countries are different to Western countries. There are some customs in Asian countries that are being pratice today that Westerners souldn't understand. The translator already explained it in their notes.


As for the MC's view in homos*xuality, we have to accept that not all people in the world is as accepting of homos*xuality and considering that he obviously came from from a conservative family from China, it was actually a surprising thing that he actually accepted that his first brother is gay. He seems like a strict guy based on some of his paragraphs. <<less
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BitterSweetTea rated it
I Want To Enjoy A Country Life!
June 7, 2017
Status: C16
Disappointing. I was expecting a good yaoi novel with engaging novel with entering characters but I ended up really disappointed. Especially about the MC. He'd spent years working in a farm and yet he almost got raped and was pyshically so weak he couldn't even fight off his attacker and he's such a pushover it irritated me to no end.

And what creeped me out was that in the early chapters he was still noticeably a man but in the late chapters he sounded so much like a woman I have... more>> to stop myself from reading just to look at the tags again to make sure that I'm still reading BL.

This novel is such a waste of time. <<less
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