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Trash of the Count’s Family
November 30, 2018
Status: c74
I will be honest and say that the premise of the story isn't exactly a one of a kind nor is it the best of it's kind, but it is enjoyable to read, which could be argued by others, and the the character development isn't completely dull. One thing it lacks, NOT a negative just something I wish it had, is that I want to what goes on in the other characters minds, but not too much pov just at certain moments. I believe this would help give the characters... more>> more character and lay a foundation on how the characters behave. The only problem to this is that a lot of the authors that i've read that have done this seem to jumble the characters personalities making all the characters have similar personalities or just make all of them inner perverts to make up for the lack of character. I am not saying the characters are dull in this story, but rather just a small curiosity on what and how the other characters think. Also, having characters show a different side to themselves, without them breaking out of character would be a nice touch. Other than that there aren't really too many complaints, the way the setting is introduced to the different abilities are displayed are something to be admired. Power in this world can't be explained through simple math because it isn't a game world nor does the MC have some heaven defying game element, which is a plus sense it allows the readers to challenge their imagination, but it would be much better if the MC has some way of measuring a person's power instead of using powers that "might" be able to destroy a continent when the person could only just destroy a building. If you've read this far than please do read this and support this novel, I might have criticized it, but that's just to help other curious readers to know what to expect and help them get over the bitter feeling that his novel is missing something and instead actually enjoy the positives in this novel because it certainly is a good novel to try and read. <<less
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