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I hope this one can get a lot of attention.

  1. The story is promising, cuz there is a solid logline. There is still a job for him to do, but he was chased away.
  2. Its a slow life, where you can get enough of cuteness (hopefully) and a life.
  3. No OP (for now) and hope it will.
  4. And I think the MC is not a dump man.
  5. And this review is not certified yet.
  6. Enjoy guys
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BiawaKeren rated it
FFF-Class Trashero
October 10, 2018
Status: --
i love how KR series always tickled my interest at the start of their novel.

But sometimes, it was just for the beginning. After long enough reading, I lost my interest. Simple, just because they had too much explanation. Too much raw information come at the middle story. To put it simply, too much waste of word.

But for this series, where our heroes is pretty much is anti-hero type. I put my faith in this series. Hoping for a good read one.
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its good, somehow. The logic behind his action is reasonable.

With romance, our MC become a symbol of lolicon. Just like allmight.

Maybe we can see the darkness of the world will be cleansing because of this new symbol, the lolicon hero.

I looking forward to the future of this series. Hopefully this not gonna be boring slice of life with slow pace.
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BiawaKeren rated it
Another World Transfer in Game Character
November 23, 2018
Status: c3
The story is generic, a little bit interesting in my opinion. But the author style is too boring or more like too stiff? Just like every other LN/WN Japanese, but more inexperienced.

This long, I'm entertained by this series. I'm looking forward for the story goes to main plot. Hope it will not boring me.
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BiawaKeren rated it
Invisible Dragon
October 14, 2018
Status: --
Yup, this is just the best.

Forbidden mean never read it, don't waste your life for something like pandora box.

There is so much victim already. We don't want you to be the next.

It may beautiful work. But not as much your life.

Think before open this forbidden novel.

Every choice you made, your own responsibility.

Behold for the best. Shall thou never see it anymore.
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So far this series tickling my interest. Like something new but not in the same time.

The fact the one meet him after broken is not a women, which is the normal cliche. Make it fresh and new for japanese series.

There is no yaoi or shounen ai tag (i hope it was not a mistake from publisher), make it more epic than any new age adventure japanese.

My review so far is really looking forward for this novel development of characther. Especially, the fox guy.

  1. And of course, will our MC revenge himself or not?
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