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Berzerker354 rated it
Unrivaled Tang Sect
October 23, 2016
Status: Completed
Much like most of his other works, TJSS has done a fantastic job with this novel. Granted, it is wayyyy longer than his original flagship novel Douluo Dalu, but I personally feel that it was worth the extension.

The flair of writing is not lost. The depth in his writing is very clearly shown in the development of the characters, the excellent setting, the lengthy battles etc. One thing I really enjoyed in this book is the emotional aspect. Though TJSS has implemented romance as a key part of many of... more>> his novels, I feel that it is very well brought out in DD2 especially. The ups and downs in the relationships between the MC and the heroine becomes a driving point in this novel, and its really, really goddamn good. I was very emotionally invested in the characters XD. It becomes quite clear that TJSS has really done a fking great job in making a set of characters who don't randomly slaughter their way into the peak, but have emotions that are not just limited to rage and pure killing intent.

Combine all that with a new type of spirit master specialization, a new side-job, a great new set of Shrek's Seven Monsters and characters, beautiful fights and wars; and you have this wonderful novel. It was a joy to read, and I do highly recommend it to all those looking for a classically well-written novel by TJSS.

TLDR: It's a pretty goddamn good novel, much better than the vast majority out there. Read it and you won't be disappointed. <<less
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Berzerker354 rated it
Transcending the Nine Heavens
February 6, 2017
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.75/5.00
... more>>

TTNH is an amazing story. There's no question about it. A lot of that is due in part to the author, Fenglin Tianxia. I consider him to be on par with Tang Jia San Shao, the author of the awesome Douluo Dalu series, HJC etc. Both writers have such incredible depth to their stories and to their characters.

Now on the novel. It took me a while to finish the nearly 2700 chapters. Not to say that the novel is too long though. The story is extremely well planned out, with the transitions between places and settings being clearly thought out and very well written. Plot lines are clear, character motivations are clear, and the story has a sinuous, smooth and enjoyable flow to it.

The part that I enjoy the most about the book, and about Feng Lin's writing style, is without a doubt the emotional depth of his characters. Emotions is a major part of what constitutes a great novel, and Feng Lin uses this to great advantage. The emotions of the MC and his companions are constantly shown and highlighted throughout the novel. The brotherhood love that bonds them together, the willingness to die for each other, the sorrows they go through together; so on and so forth. That really helped to keep me grounded in the novel. This is a long way from the atypical slaughtering, raping, bloodthirsty MCs that I've so oft seen in a large number of XianXias. So this was a major refresher for me, an actual HUMAN-like MC, with actual emotions not limited to lust, anger and the need for revenge and vengeance.
The villains are not generic, one-dimensional creatures with a hard-on for making life absolute sh*t for the MC, but are people with actual motivations and emotions to justify their actions. Honestly? This was one of the first times where I've actually seen intelligent Villains in a XianXia, and this was one of the exceedingly even fewer times that I feel sorry for villains. That speaks volumes about how goddamn good Fenglin makes his stories. I have teared up more times reading this book than attempting try not to cry challenges.

The comedy in the novel is also off the charts. I've laughed out loud more than once reading about the jokes made and the antics played by the characters in the novel. The fight scenes and war scenes are amazingly well written. The fast paced fights, the conflict of both men and minds during the wars all contribute greatly to the action part of the novel. Its not simply the MC curb-stomping hundreds of thousands of people at one time, but there are actual tactics and soldiers involved as well.
Though it is a harem type novel, the MC does show his love/appreciation at all of his gals and doesn't just keep them around as s*x toys. I really like the fact that the MC's harem does have a measure of power and are actually strong enough to help him either in battles or with strategies. (Also in bed XD)

Granted, there's gonna be some people who won't really enjoy some of the typical troupes of XianXia. For example, the occasional massive power growths, actual strength exceeding cultivation, plot-armorish luck etc. But, I thought that Feng Lin actually spaced these troupes out very fairly, and the plot doesn't always depend on them to proceed.
If there's one thing I don't particularly like about FLTX's novels, its probably gonna be the ending. It could be just me, but I feel like he has a tendency to rush through to the ending after tying up all lose ends in the plot. It leaves me a little bereft and lacking after reading such rich content and ending along the lines off "They had kids, then brought the whole family and transcended into another dimension".
So all-in-all, TTNH was one of the greatest XianXias I've finished thus far. Its rich in plot, romance, action, politics, comedy and its one helluva emotional roller-coaster ride as well. It was an amazing read, and I'd definitely recommend giving it a read. Though some parts may not translate too well, I think the translators have done an amazing job so far.

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Berzerker354 rated it
I’m Really a Superstar
June 23, 2016
Status: c100
It's a huge leap away from the typical cultivation maniac novels. Granted, all the typical Xianxia troupes are in there, but they've been altered and fit really well into this new entertainment world. It's a really funny, action-packed, face-slapping novel. It's been a wonderful (binge) read until the current chapter, and I'm looking forward to a 1000 chapters more of this sick Dope.

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