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Bassel rated it
The Book Eating Magician
May 29, 2018
Status: c245
Fairly mediocre.


1-Good concept... The grimoires, power levels, history.. etc.

2-A couple of good characters, but not many.

*Worldbuilding is so-so. It's either the author is good at it but has neglected doing it with all his heart or the author sucks at it and tried to force-write it. Either way, it's a half-good.


Politics sucks.. If you don't know how to write it, DON'T. How is is this possible:

... more>>

The Lairon Crusader has stepped on Sudon kingdom soil without royal permission and is acting against the throne, but if he's killed, it would be enough Justification for Lairon to invade? What horsetail product is this? If this was acceptable in Central continent reason then invasion without reason would be acceptable too. When someone goes on an illegal mission like this, they have given up all rights to their lives if they can't keep it. -------Another thing is how nobility is pointless, and powerless everywhere. If nobility was that weak then it would have been abolished. Nobles who didn't have experts supporting them would have perished without the backlash


This is just part of it.

2- War is pointless.... If masters decide the end of it, then don't fight please. 50 thousand men won't matter if the enemy has a master with 5 thousand men? Then just fight with masters instead of the bs. The fact that people can equal armies instead of having an major (but not total) effect on wars makes it seem like a distorted immortal world. If it's a world of that kind, there wouldn't have been kings and emperors. Just powerhouses ruling the continent. Anyway, this part is blurred. The author doesn't make it clear. Sometimes he makes it seem like armies matter and sometimes not.

3- Powerlevels of masters are without reason. If an 7th circle level master is defenseless against an 8th circle level master then mutual elimination of weak masters between Andras and Meltor would have happened long ago. The 7 swordsment of Andras would have become 3 while the weaker 4 would have been eliminated by the 8th circle experts of Meltor. The 7th circle magicians of Meltor would have been eliminated by ultra powerful swordsmen of Andras... (more on that part later because it's ridiculous when it comes to the mc)... The ridiculous reason which the author gives is that the two strongest masters of Andras don't move from the capital.. yea ha ha ha. I think the author himself felt that it would shameless to call it a reason in the novel so he didn't mention it clearly. He just said it as hanging information.


The MC is never given the recognition of a master when he becomes a 7th circle magician. They keep sending assassins after him like he's still a sapling. Why haven't they assassinated all the 7th circle magicians of Meltor if assassinating them is that easy? Fearing that he would become 8th circle.. ugghh bs. Any 7th circle has a chance of becoming 8th... They're all people beyond reason and powerful enough to achieve it someday if they're lucky. The author trying to cause adversity for the MC through bs reasoning. And an empire that lost nearly half of its masters (Andras) is still sending them out recklessly because apparently their royalty are morons. If they can send master assassins after Theordore why isn't Veronica or Blundell going on a hunt for one of the weaker masters of Andras? It's because masters aren't supposed to risk it and go out for too long for the security of the nation, but that rule apparently only applies to Meltor, the allies of the MC, but his enemies are stripped of all reason because he exists.


5- The world seems to perceive the MC as too important. If the MC is the center of the world and it revolves around him then the story is pointless from the beginning. He's never exploring, the world is just making him way. Everything is falling in place to make his story instead of him carving it out of an already existing world.

All in all, this story had potential but like usual ruined by weak writing. It's not awful but not as good as it should have been. <<less
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Bassel rated it
Monster Paradise
May 20, 2018
Status: 542
Very underrated.

It's a good read for those who like systems and world building at the same time. No ridiculous comedy that irritates you, no drama and harem bs. Just a talented young man being pushed by the waves. He doesn't offend everybody he meets because he's "awesome" and because he has plot armor along with his pride.

The world building is top notch. It doesn't give too much or too little. The exposition is just enough every once in a while.
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Bassel rated it
Age of Adepts
March 24, 2019
Status: c650
This is absolute rubbish. Don't waste your time. I know, I know you want to try it because it has a setting similar to WMW and The Wizard World. But resist it, otherwise you'd be sentencing yourself to hundreds of chapters of bullshit.

This story is a magic fiction infected with Xianxia cancer, exhibit A : antagonists that pop up for ridiculous reasons (like looking at someone wrong). Exhibit B: You beat this guy, some tougher guy that is backing him comes around. You beat them, a god comes around to... more>> beat you or something.

Now let's get to the really infuriating part. Asspulls. Yea, those. You know them, and so do I. Everyone does. But if there was a tournament for the world's most numerous asspulls, then you know your gold medalist. Oh yes, it's not only our MC that gets asspulls, it's his enemies too. And don't even think it's 'fair'. Once you actually understand the reasoning of the author, all fights will be predictable. BECAUSE EVERY FIGHT HAS TO BE EQUAL AND ON THE EDGE OF DEATH. Our MC is stronger than his opponent, what?! How can this be?! INSTANT POWER UP FOR THE OPPONENT. Yes, now they're exactly equal. This is every single fight. The MC becomes an X powerhouse who is rare in the world (1000 in a few billion people continent). but of course X powerhouses are now everywhere and in every plane and world. They're potatoes now.

I've read on hoping that the author's style will change, but he seems adamant on the asspulls that happen every fight. You expect the MC to be the dominant side (justifiably so), and you get a drawn out fight that lasts for dozens of chapters; in which you will get walls of text like: [this fire didn't penetrate the blue scales of the dragon that had frost power, but if they were purple scales of a thunder dragon they would have been scorched. Of course if it was just an adept in the way...... bla bla bla bla].

The world building of this is actually good. It was the only thing that kept me reading. You know when a novel has bad storytelling but good characters and good world building so you keep reading it because it's worth it? Well, yea no, this is not in. RUN. This one has good world building, fine characters, but story telling SO BAAAAAAD that it is absolutely not worth it.

I hope I saved you a terrible journey, and a lot of time. <<less
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Bassel rated it
Castle of Black Iron
June 9, 2018
Status: c535
Great concept ruined by moronic writing.

I have to say, the author of this webnovel is an amateur and this might be an insult to amateurs. The writing is bottom notch. He just sucks to be honest.

plotting is Zero. The writer is so slow over trivial details and tells us the story of every hour of everyday in the most boring way, only to skip over the important details later, which is annoying to any reader.

The author is also trying constantly to sound philosophical and "explore the truth of life" with... more>> his boring paragraphs but he sucks so much at it that I don't know how his Chinese readers never called him out for it..

I won't go on with this so that it doesn't just turn into a rant. But if you want to read this webnovel, you need to have great patience. <<less
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Bassel rated it
Perfect World
May 5, 2018
Status: --
Weak writing. Author is not sure what he wants his characters to do (kill not kill?). 4 year old fighting it out with mountain-sized beasts and talking like an adult.

Awful story-telling. The kind that doesn't let go. From fight to fight without rest, from battle to battle all day long. There is no respite for the readers. There is no "victory" although the MC is always the victor but the battles never end.

One of the most infuriating reads I've had in my entire life. Thank god I dropped it when... more>> I did, otherwise I would have been torture myself more and more. <<less
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Super God Gene
May 9, 2018
Status: c234
The great concept of this story is wasted.. wasted wasted on this author. His plotting is awful.. just BAD.

The idea and world building is decent. But when it comes to storytelling. My god, is it stupid.

Let's start with how the author makes the MC not just simply "op".. no no. He's god. He can do everything everywhere everywhichway. Nothing is beyond him and he gets all the prizes and all the things and all the shoes, I'm slightly worried he'd end up getting all the shitty things as well. I... more>> mean, there is nothing more to get out there.

Most authors who op their MC too much end up in the same dilemma which is that they have to make things difficult for their MC somehow, but they were stupid enough to make him god. This author has that exact issue, but not just the cliche normal way of chinese authors. No. His MC is op from day one. Which makes all conflict useless.

For example, I Eat Tomatoes has the habit of making his MCs get all the things at the end of stories. But that's the END. I don't have to suffer through it forever. Supergene is just that but from chapter 1 all the way to where I am. The MC is the best at everything and he breaks all the records.

The only redeeming qualities here are the decent worldbuilding and the above average character building.

Honestly, I will not drop it entirely, because I like its world. But imagine that this rant is actually written by someone who reads stories for their worldbuilding.... Yes, that's me. Now imagine someone else who actually cares the most about the plot and imagine their reaction to this. <<less
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Bassel rated it
Epoch of Twilight
August 16, 2019
Status: c184
Epoch of Twilight is another Apocalyptic novel with the trope of the cheat system for the MC. As usual, the MC is OP compared to most other humans. He won't contribute to the crumpling society or try. He won't give advice... etc. And he doesn't want to be part of society. The story so far follows the nomadic sequence that we've seen in all other Apocalyptic stories. About time authors actually tried something different, whether its base building, or in the case of this MC who like all others (doesn't... more>> want to be a leader) maybe join a city that actually survives. I'm beginning to think that he's a jinx. Wherever he goes, everything collapses momentarily.

You'll begin to notice that the author has a good idea going but lacks a lot of skills. He forces the plot to certain directions to create tension. For example as mentioned before, the MC moves to A, A is relatively safe, A collapses, MC has to fend for himself, I'd hate to call it rinse and repeat because the author has been trying to get creative, and I haven't finished the story yet. Another example would be the Mission system that sorta ruins the expectation from anything 1-MC receives hard mission, 2- he knows it can't be this easy since it's ranked B, and so do we, so he knows danger is around the corner. And of course a ridiculous inflation of mutated beasts' power that makes it seem as if the author is in some sort of bidding war with humanity. This inflation eventually inflates the MC's power and everyone's power tbh. There's a clear jump in power levels across the board in the middle of the story that isn't so subtle, and the author passes it off as if it's gradual or something.

You'll also find a very annoying habit for the author to ditch characters he doesn't know what to do with. If you don't have a use for them, DON'T CREATE THEM. Characters are less often forgotten, and more often dispatched in ridiculous ways, an unceremonious death, or even being ditched by the MC's group for ridiculous reasons. Like most of the Chinese webnovel authors (who are rarely ever good in my opinion) the author suffers from the Overprotectiveness of the MC's awesomeness disease. He removes all characters or being surrounding him that could take away from his shine, making everyone around him a helpless pup that needs his protection, mostly focusing on his harem members, which only makes the story more dull with the lack of any meaningful sidecharacters.

Speaking of side characters, their development is trash, they act oddly, and their characters change from grateful to ungrateful really fast, and I'm not talking in their actions or talk, the author sometimes reflects their 'good' thoughts, only for them to be reversed 2 chapters later for NO reason at all.

This review is pending an update when I finish the story.

TL;DR: As usual, check your common sense and maybe half of your brain at the door. Just enjoy the cheap thrill, and wish for the best. It's somewhat better than G&D World. <<less
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Bassel rated it
Stellar Transformation
May 19, 2018
Status: v15c38
I suffer when reading a story where the MC is a moron. And this MC is just that. A moron.

I'm not gonna drop it because I like IET's storytelling as always. But it's as expected, this is one of IET's worst.

Update: He gets dumber by the volume. Wow. Hey, I have a treasure that everybody wants, let me not assume that I'm being monitored by the greedy people who know I have it. Hey, I have a perfect disguise technique, but let me not use it although I know I'm... more>> probably being pursued. Hey, I just killed your loved one, let me proceed to kill everyone else on the field and let YOU escape so that you can come back and bite me in the ass later.

Damn. I want to drop this to 2 stars. TRULY INFURIATING.

Update 2: I guess IET was still learning because the writing was quite stupid. But don't make the MC jump through hoops and sh*t so that he can avoid people finding trouble with him and then, for some ridiculous reason, those people's attention goes to him anyway. I mean. What's the point?

Update 3: MORON! MORON! MORON! <<less
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