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Barezzi rated it
City of Sin
May 18, 2018
Status: --
Well, it's my first time writing a review and since I'm from Brazil and my English is not so good there can be mistakes. The novel begins in an incredible way, well-built world, deep characters (even the secondary characters), but then the story suddenly turns into garbage, the MC is not in control of anything, I even doubt that he have authentic feelings after what passed with the first girl that he liked (including after what happens with her the real face of the novel shows). Good points of the... more>> novel: It shows the dark side of people well when they have power over the lives of others. The world is very well built and the history in excellent. Weaknesses: an MC that I can not seem to like, does not show the good side of humanity at any moment (we know the world well and we know that although rare goodness still exists) and worst of all, women with miserable lives + women with even more miserable lives + women with such miserable lives that it scares. The conclusion is that the author has prolemas with women: OMG, IT IS VERY SADISM AND HATE AGAINST WOMEN IN A SINGLE NOVEL. <<less
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Barezzi rated it
Soul of Searing Steel
December 17, 2018
Status: c200
I've just saw so many bullsh*ting comments that I need to say something, it's a perfect novel for MEN, the MC loves battles, love fight and love kill his enemies, whats wrong with that?

When I saw that was some "ISEKAI" novel I thought that this was just some cliche as always, but no, this novel is amazing, well wrtited, no indecise MC, no sh*t dramatical romance (sadly not even a bit of romnce till chap 200) and this novel makes my blood boil.

In simple words: this novel is something like... more>> hunt a dragon in skyrim very hard difficulty while listening the guitar solo of through the fire aand the flames.

PS: If u like some ga... ops, novels with MC going to another world, getting some stupid girls with some tyrant guy lusting for them and making some stupid things, please go read another novels u will not like this one.

PS2: I'm sorry for my poor words, I'm brazilian so I'm not that good speak english and i've just wake up and saw so many guys low rating and saying lies about one of my favorite novels so I'm not at my best. <<less
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Barezzi rated it
Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
June 8, 2018
Status: c196
No need to say that there is no perfect novel, always has something in the novels that leaves us unsatisfied and in most of them always is some fault (be it at the beginning or the end) with MC. This novel has one of the best MCs I've ever seen, he is arrogant when it can but knows how to be humble, seriously he was humble at heart without pretending to fool an enemy or to get something, he knows when to retreat and when to advance the only thing... more>> missing so far is some romance.

For those who like Emperor Dommination, Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao can be a good read (until c196). <<less
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