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BaramII rated it
Release that Witch
August 16, 2017
Status: c368
I usually hate CN, but this one, I like.

It's Kingdom Building. The MC might be a little too smart, ... more>>

he just wrote a science book, word for word, who the hell even remembers the glossary of those books from high school

Maybe it sounds better in Chinese or the translator just added their creative thinking, I don't know. But most CN I've read has that issue.

It's still a novel that I would come back and re-read. Not your typical CN that you will drop after 100 chapter or so.

The MC isn't gonna go "Oh, I know I'm getting strong, but we have to lay low, we can't provoke that person" every chapter for the next 300 chapter. Or

There are plenty of flaws, but once you start reading it, you can't stop.

You might start comparing Maoyuu Maou Yuusha and this Novel. Just remember this is this, and that is that.

They're completely different, although there are similarities, but they are none the less, different. It's like saying all cheese are the same. But if you can't help but compare the two, suit yourself, I will recommend this novel regardless. If you don't want to read it, you don't have to. In my opinion, this Novel is truly worth a read, a 5 star rate, in MY opinion. <<less
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BaramII rated it
Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter
September 4, 2017
Status: --
The story, is great, well should be great. But unfortunately, it isn't written well. So Unfortunately, it's a horrible 2. Not a 1, since the story setting is pretty interesting. As to why I ranked it that way.

There are too many missing links. A single paragraph can skip a few days, a single chapter difference can be months apart.

It's a diary where the author writes what the MC did for Day 13 and then the next chapter it's day 97.

... more>> Exaggeration? No.

in chapter 11, the MC planned to create a business by selling a certain product, mind you from chapter 1 to 10, there's no mention of said product, so at that chapter, you have no idea where the heck it came from, anyways, the plan was suppose to take 3 months.
In chapter 12, The chapter title is Conglomerate Established. That means between chapter 11 and 12, you have a missing link of how that happened, what did the commoners, the nobles think of a business suddenly rising. What happened in that 3 months. And that Business was concluded without you knowing anything, and on that chapter 12, it took 6 paragraph to end it and start a new topic.

Basically, you have no idea, much like the product mentioned in chapter 11, you have no idea, how, when or what.

The story itself? It's nice. But the way it was written, was horrible.
There are stories out there with too much details, but this story does not much detail to the point it killed the characters.

Do I recommend it? For the novel, It's a big NO,
My ranking might be horribly low for this novel, but there is a manga out there. The manga created what this novel lacked, atmosphere and life to the characters, The author for the manga also added in bits and pieces to fill up the missing days that the author of the novel somehow just skipped thinking the reader can just guess what happened.
For the Manga for this Novel, I sort of recommend, mainly because the chapter updates are so slow

A year and a half for the Manga and only 13 chapter are translated to English, don't know how many are raws. So be warned, don't get hooked. <<less
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BaramII rated it
Hail the King
September 27, 2017
Status: c189
First few chapter, is undoubtedly a 4 star.

But after that few chapter, it goes downhill.

Every chapter it's.

Enemy comes. Bad mouths the Chambord Kingdom, Alexander says 'Dumbf**k", "Go to hell, you can't look down on my chambord" Beats up the Enemy, Citizen "Hail the King!", Some random who-the-f**k says "Oh wow, this Unknown (emphasize on the unknown) has big potential!" Then new enemy comes. King destroys them and citizens goes "Hail the king" all over again OR if the enemy is stronger, a Diablo chapters just comes out and makes... more>> the MC stronger. Repeat the process.

Well after repeating that for like 200 chapter, I think 2 star rating is justified.

Again, the first few chapter is undoubtedly amazing, the plot is great. The side characters were well thought out.
But unfortunately, it's your typical CN where the MC is overly arrogant, every side characters on the side of the MC is overly loyal, like so f**king loyal their initial personality given to them at their introduction is destroyed and became a Yes man puppet. For example, the character "Lampard?" (I can't remember anymore), compare him to chapter 1 and later chapter.

His personality goes from Mysterious Master to Yes Man, and the other characters with strong personality, Yes all characters, not just him. Hell I can't even remember their names anymore since all of them are a f**king YES MAN PUPPETS. No personality of their own, all they do is say "Wow, the king sure is great", "All hail the king", "What a kind king". <<less
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BaramII rated it
Great Tang Idyll
September 17, 2017
Status: --
The start was great.
But unfortunately, it's just weird.
1 year old baby, can speak fluently, and everybody just thinks "Well, they have a good family, so they must've been taught well"
The Male MC wants a normal life, experiencing parental love. But the MC decides to act "normal" resulting in the father to mention him as a monster. I agree, what kind of 1 year olds can push their bodies to the limits, Children's bodies would "shut down" to prevent injuries, that's reality, but nope, they spent hours after... more>> hours of exercising. They can speak fluently when their tongues, mouths and facial muscle shouldn't even let them be.

The start introduces some side character to have a very strong personality, but a few chapter in and, well like in most CN, they're just a puppet to the MCs greatness. I.e
A butler was introduced to be strict, after it was known that the MC was a "genius", the butler goes "Well if the young mister allows this, it doesn't matter, well if young mister says so, then I'll do it, even if I don't understand"
Where the hell did the strict butler go? Nobody wants a puppet with no personality as side characters. The mother that was supposed to be soft, in contrast to the Strict butler. The maid standing in guard was scared sh*tless in the mothers first appearance where the hell did the softness of the Masters toward their servants go,
With that said, any new characters introduced that are beneficial to the MC will act like that, they lose their "personality" so the MCs come out as strong, great, smart.

Another big NO for this novel, is the typical CN issue, where when the characters are talking to each other, it's always question.
P1: Look at this, amazing isn't it.
P2: I don't know where P1 got this?
Like sh*t, we know you don't know where you got that, even P1 knows for sh*tting hell you don't know where he got that, he just showed it to you after all. For every single sh*t, somebody will ask a question that is f**king obvious but he can just say outright with a word or two. Regardless of the situation, they ask a question.
Also they start reciting some philosophical poems every now and then, which is just weird and seems to be out of place. It's probably how they show how smart they are.

Then worse of all, the MC's personality from the prologue seems to be vastly different to the one they have after reincarnation. It's understandable for some aspect, but the female MC, Wang Juan does not show any sign of what is stated in the synopsis. She just lets it be and even tell the Male lead to do some swindling every now and then. And the male lead should be a f**king international criminal swindler. The first swindling he does, all he did was say "Liar" and points at the thing he wants, then the other party just f**king gave it to him, a 1 year old. And the opponent was a swindler as well who has swindled a hefty sum! Imagine that.

Wang Juan: “Ever since I came to this era together with an International Criminal Swindler, I declare that this world no longer has any swindlers.” (In case you forgot)

I cannot recommend this, only the start is great. It has the typical CN stupidity where the Author pushes the MCs greatness no matter the cost. Even if he has to kill the main or side characters initial personalities/setting. Even if he has to dumb down every other character to the point of there's no difference between a rock and his characters.

Too many great ideas come from CN, but unfortunately it's rarely written well. IF you still want to read it, here's the good thing. The translator are doing a good job at translating it, but be wary if you don't know the measurement, like catty, et c. <<less
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BaramII rated it
Black Summoner
January 16, 2018
Status: --
If I could, this would have ranked 1 out of 10.

The idea was great, cliche but, it sounded interesting.

What made me rank this so low, is that it's so boring. Plain and simple. Boring.

No character development, and in the description "steadily" leveling, that's a lie. He was lv 1 then 2 one moment, then few chapters later, suddenly he's like 17. The writer didn't even bother writing about his leveling progress. Did not even bother mentioning how many days has passed or whatever, you'll be reading "Slime quest done, level... more>> 2 now!" then next chapter "MC lv 17 meets typical arrogant adventurer". You have no idea what happened in between, cause the writer never wrote it.

Do not read it, unless you're really bored and don't mind reading something boring. <<less
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BaramII rated it
I Said Make My Abilities Average!
September 27, 2017
Status: c134
Story is Good.

Translation is getting worse. Previous translator did a good job, the new translator Estellion did fine on the start of their translation, but there was a time that it got bad. Then it became decent again, after that few chapter of good translating it went back to being bad. At first, I rated it as 3 star due to the fact that the story was pretty interesting, regardless of bad translating, and some chapters were actually edited, but now it's closer to google translate. So I'm dropping this... more>> to 1 star.

I recommend this as a story, but I don't recommend picking it up to read, translation is bad. If you're fine with it, then it's a pretty good story. Just that translation is bad. <<less
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BaramII rated it
Ore no Isekai Shimai ga Jichou Shinai!
August 31, 2017
Status: --
I can't recommend this.

What I liked about this story though

-The synopsis sounds great.

-Prologue was amazing, written well. Connected very well with the synopsis, you can really understand the weight of "Live freely for my sake, remember to be happy."

What I hated

... more>>

-MC development, is next to nothing, or maybe there is something, he deteriorated.
-Decision done by the MC is Dumb but the author is making it seem like it's the smartest move ever
-You'll see something build up, then suddenly, it vanishes, you'll be wondering "why the hell did that happen" and not the good way. He killed characters that could have built the MC, killed the characters that could have made his sisters shine.
-You can tell at the later chapter, the author is trying to make an antagonist, but it's not doing so well, he's rushing the problems to be solved without much explanations.
-The author rushed the "sisters" personalities to change so much, you can say they're completely different characters, well the characters that could have changed them were wiped out, it's like the author smacked the characters in the face with a bat, either change or die.

The MC should have been smart, he spent his last year collecting knowledge, but apparently, his sister that got resurrected as well, who was 3-4 years younger than him and hospitalized, is smarter than him, oh and she got better spec, he calls her a cheat after all, then his sister from the world he resurrected in, is apparently able to manage the territory, he could have done it behind the scene.

But nope, all he did was tell his sister to have the starving commoners to build a new mansion for him so they have a job instead of giving them food relief and using his knowledge to make products bring in income to his territory, and then start improving everything in his territory

He also had built a school to teach farmers children that got sold to slavery how to f**king farm, farmers children being taught how to f**king farm. And the author made them all women, cause why not.
The only thing that really happened in that school was the students got fairer and smoother skin, and his sister made a school uniform that creates a white beam of light whenever the students skirt would flip up.

still I gave it a 2 star instead of 1 star, because of the prologue and the synopsis, the translator did a great job as well.
Would be great if someone else takes a chance to writing a similar story, but that probably won't happen.

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BaramII rated it
Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
August 31, 2017
Status: --
It's your typical transported to another world japanese novel.

Minus the cringey, socially inept MC.

Minus the harem every chapter (chapter 1, OP girl get, chapter 2, loli get, chapter 3, tough gal get, chapter 4 villain, chapter 5 MC blushes)

... more>> The MC is OP, and She doesn't really experience any hardship (No sh*t sherlock, there's a tag "Strong to Stronger" and 'Overpowered Protag")

But as the tag say, it's a Cute Story. Easy to read. Since it's a cute story, don't expect any plot other than some "aww" moments every few chapter, if not every few paragraph.

The story follows Yuna, an OP girl with no common sense in a Bear costume, doing things what a young girl in a bear costume and no common sense would do. Read what she does and what happens to her surrounding and how she affects the other people around her <<less
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BaramII rated it
Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki
August 16, 2017
Status: v4c1
I gave it a 5 star.

The story is great, the MC is average, he didn't come in and suddenly went "Oh, let's make a bomb that will destroy my enemy"

The MC isn't "Oh me strong, I kill everybody, you loyal to me or I kill you too"

The MC is just your typical man with Knowledge here and there. He understand some things, and he has his own common sense he gained by growing up. He's not a pre-teen that can be dyed black if the country he got summoned in... more>> decided to dye him black.

The MC will act to his own standard, Although it's been 2 months since the last update, but up to here v4c1 8/16/2017. The story went well, the MC created progress, real progress. Not like in some other novels "Oh me MC, I give you potato, you eat potato, everybody eat potato, food problem solved."

He's not overpowered, he's not overly knowledgeable that you wonder how the f**k a xx year old know all that sh*t.

He's your average guy, in an unexpected position.

It's story about management, Kingdom building, Domestic affairs. It's about that. If you want to read something where the MC can destroy a country by himself or somehow a potato solves the hunger issues, then this novel is not for you. <<less
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BaramII rated it
Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne
September 1, 2017
Status: --
It's a heartwarming Novel, that's all there is to it.

The Male MC reincarnated as a baby girl. The story is slow, up to the recent chapter, she's not even 3 years old yet, so unlike the normal Japanese novel where the MC resurrects as a girl, becomes 10 years old in a chapter or 2 and still say stuff like "No, I'm a man in mind, although I've become a girl". The MC accepts it as is and just deals with it, to the point you'll forget he was a... more>> man that resurrected.

The MC's previous self was only mentioned a few times, so you don't have to worry about imagining his previous self, in fact even when it is mentioned, you probably can't imagine it, since the Baby MCs' presence is so strong. So the 'Gender Bender" tag is correct, but wrong at the same time, since the Previous MC's gender is hardly mentioned.

Now that's explained, I know most of you are hesitating to read it because of that tag, or because of the fact that a Japanese "man" resurrected as a girl and are worried that they'll act like "Nooo~ I'm a boy, I swear but in a girls body, nooo" Well, don't worry, none of it will happen. I guarantee it.

As for my ranking, it's 4 instead of 5. Mainly because of the pacing, although it had its charm, but the pacing is way too slow. Being a toddler, the MC's world is small, Sometimes it takes a whole chapter to explain 1 thing, when it could be done with just a paragraph or two. But it's still worth 4/5. There are plenty others that rate it as 5, most likely because "cute is justice"

Do I recommend it? For heart warming story a big YES, but for your typical japanese resurrection story with conflics here and there, No, I can not recommend it. There hasn't been a decent conflict, I think the only conflict the MC had to deal with was potty training and that her "special someone" had to leave for a time. <<less
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BaramII rated it
Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho
September 1, 2017
Status: --
It's good, but unfortunately, when it starts getting good, the author kinds of, wipes it out. Axed it or something.
I feel that the Author is prone to get Mind Blocked. He's a fine writer, but he can't do long story.
... more>>

The village she was in started improving, what happens? She gets sold, the territory she got sold in is improving, what happens? She got kidnapped. The group that kidnapped her started improving, what happens? The bandit group left her to a friends territory that needed improvement, since they didn't have any magician. BUT the author didn't bother doing anything in that territory, and just went directly to school arc. The story stops there, since there's no more updates, I'll bet when the School Arc gets interesting, she'll run away and/or stolen by another country or something.


Anyways, when the Arc is reaching or on it's climax, the author decides to suddenly restart it to a new setting.

Read it, it's "ok".
It's written just fine, translated just fine, but as I said, each Arc feels like it got axed and ended right on it's peak. <<less
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BaramII rated it
The Other Side of the Last Boss
August 31, 2017
Status: --
Finally, Ashtal became bored out of his mind; and after a certain incident, he decided to attend school. Sometimes he has to beat down a demon that gets carried away with itself, and sometimes he has to become a bank president to counterattack a great nation that got carried away with itself. This is that kind of Evil God story.

That summary is great, so great.
But the story is destroyed by the MC...

... more>>

The MC lived 1, 000 years, 1, 000 years and he still act like a damn 13 year old with all kind of mental disorder regarding social aspect to the opposite s*x.
A man, that watched the world for 1, 000 years, claims to have no s*x drive, but every paragraph mentions something about the other s*x. and the MC mentions it himself! "MC: I don't have s*x drive, but she got nice boobs" something like that

A man that lived 1, 000 years, does not have a full grasp of his abilities, apparently, his aura, causes others to be s*xually attracted to him, or lose composure, peeing whatever. Like this bitch mentions he has no s*x drive, but in the first few chapter, his abilities seem to be focused on s*xual aspect.

A man that lived 1, 000 year and created subordinates, can't talk to a woman, oh that issue applies to his subordinates since they were created by him.

Not being able to talk to new people? I understand, he could've been using telepathy to speak with his subordinates, but NOOOOO, he can speak to other men just fine, and he seems to only have issue talking to beautiful women, (I didn't read far enough to know if he can talk to ugly or old women).


And the incident mentioned in the summery? Well, get ready to torture yourself with cringe.

Anyways, I expected to read story about a Demon God, whose bored enough that he went to school to raise promising Hero and spread the Demon God name so people would actually visit and fight him. But with the rise of young heroes, Other nations would try to get them or kill them, so he protects the countries.

But nope, it's your typical japanese novel that focuses on a teenagers tits and ass, MC acting like a socially inept idiot. I gave up after a few chapter.

I do NOT recommend it, honestly,
But, go ahead and try anyways. But I'll warn you.

What you'll read in the first few chapter, how f**king cringey the MC is, it'll be the same even after around chapter 70. (I didn't really read that far, I just read a chapter around 70ish to see if the MC changes from socially inept pu**y to someone that actually observed and lived for 1, 000 years, but nope, apparently, 70-80 chapter and the only growth the MC gained is that he can at least talk normally, still panics, and he can somehow flatter women now, woop 70-80 chapter for that big improvement) <<less
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BaramII rated it
Otherworldly Evil Monarch
September 29, 2017
Status: c340
The first few chapter was amazing, but like most CN, it's affected by MC that is too arrogant and side characters that have no personalities.

CN tend to introduce side characters nicely, but as the story progress, they are forced to lose their "personalities" so that the MC comes out as amazing. Unfortunately, turning side characters into sh*t puppets doesn't make the MC great.

His friend that's a son from a huge business clan is with him, supposed to do business. You'd expect that friend to be great on business on his... more>> own, but nope. He's doing business word for word, letter by letter according to what an Assassin says.

You'd expect him to drop off the "asshole" personality after a while when people start seeing contradiction to his actions, but nope. He just level up the asshole personality into a super f**king faggot asshole personality instead!

What do you know, an MC who was an Assassin in his previous life that would kill for half a dime if the target goes against his justice, turned out to be an even bigger asshole than a spoiled brat who was called the #asshole in the city.

You'd expect the best asshole, I mean, The best assassin in the world to be able to handle women, but nope, he can't. He's an arrogant pansy that was "supposed" to be great.

And expect the story go from "We can't provoke them yet." to "We're improving, we got a lot of cards to use, we can f**k them up in secret, BUT we still can't provoke them" maybe after 200 more chapters it'll be "Well, he already control half of the world, but we still can't provoke them"

That's the story of the "Otherworldly Evil Monarch" The great assassin that turned out to be a bigger asshole than the asshole guy he reincarnated to, Lives his second life to avoid provoking anybody, Gets praised by his close family and friends because why not, there's gotta be time where he comes out as great.

Do I recommend this? Hell to the No.
Huge potential, unfortunately, it's just your another CN that the MC becomes stronger and stronger, but still can't provoke anybody. <<less
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Overlord (LN)
September 5, 2017
Status: --
As usual, it's an OP protag.

If you came for kingdom building, well, there's not much kingdom building going on, any domestic affairs or political issues, nothing like that.

But Kingdom Building isn't wrong, if I say anymore it might prove to be a spoiler. So, don't get your hopes up for the novel to be like Genjitsushugisha, Release that witch, et c.

If you came for interesting novel, then you're in the right place. Although the MC has the japanese mentality (being no balls typical japanese man). He doesn't cry about... more>> it, there will be times he'll mention it, but he's pushing through as a Guild Master.

The MC, himself is interesting, although frustrating at time, since everything that happens is a misunderstanding. Even after he acknowledges the misunderstanding to be reality, everything that happens after that is still a misunderstanding, a fluke. It's like regardless of what happens, what he does, what he says, it'll be great.

And, I feel like the MC didn't grow much from prologue to the recent chapters. And it's all because the Author keeps on pushing the idea of "misunderstanding carries the MC"

The characters has their own distinct personality, They feel very much alive, like when a side character is talking about another side character, you the reader knows who they are talking about, you can tell the characters apart. The characters growth are visible, excluding the MC, the story should've taken several months, but he's still the "Japanese Man" he was before instead of an Overlord. Although some might disagree, since he can kill at will, but remember, It's a game reincarnation, do you care about killing those bandits you killed in an mmorpg? Over the fact that his feelings are restricted by his racial passives. That is not growth.

But the story is, none the less, great. It's written out very well. The world is massive, the story, itself is about that whole world, you'll be reading about not just the MC's story, but those who were affected by the MC, there will be chapter focused on them.

Although there are a lot of flaws, it is still a 5/5.
I highly recommend it, be wary though, each chapters are long, extremely long. And skipping some paragraph here and there might lead to a confusing later on, everything connects, what the MC or other side characters has done will affect the later chapters. Also, if you skip some stuff, you'll get confused, from the sheer amount of characters. <<less
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BaramII rated it
August 16, 2017
Status: Completed
This story is about Lyle Walts journey, His journey. Not your typical sword and magic story that focuses on OP power, destroying this and that, getting this and that. It's a story of how a Boy grows into a Man.

It's a great story, lacking in some aspects, but great story none the less.

If you read a few chapters and gave up on it, I suggest trying to push on. Lyle Walt from the start is truly cringey, Even his Ancestor doesn't like him from the beginning. (This is not... more>> a spoiler since that's literally the beginning)

Character Development is great. Not just the MC, but surrounding him, his comrade. They all grow up, their personality changes as the story goes on.

I put 4 star in, because the Romance aspect is really lacking, although some may be satisfied with it, but you can't deny it's really lacking. There were plenty of chances where the author could have built up the romance properly, but it just got buried by other events. He could've slowed it down a bit to build it properly, I guess he just didn't know how to write it out.

Also, because Shannon isn't #1

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