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BapukBgt rated it
The Lazy Swordmaster
September 3, 2016
Status: c4
This novel has a potential this far.

This is the story about a Man who defeated the Demon Lord. He is tired of struggling, takes many expectation as a hero, losing countless companions. After he died, he reincarnated as a third son of a noble family of swordsmanship. Yet he just doesn't wanna hold the sword, yap because he is indeed lazy. So the people call him Lazy-Sword

On c4, he finally held a wooden sword. YEAY
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BapukBgt rated it
Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu
August 6, 2016
Status: v3
OP MC, check. MC Strong From The Start, check. Harem, check. Busty, check. Flat Chest, check. Comedy, huge check.

This novel is hillarious, the story about OP MC who pretend being a demon king, with his fake ruthless speech. Typical tsundere male. The writing is solid and easy to understand. Therefore, a 5 star review is just right
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JUST PLEASE TRANSLATE THIS NOVEL, I really like the story. The translation order is mess up, BUT not with the story itself.

The story indeed interesting, not only about the demon captain (MC) who fall in love with Hero's Party Healer, but also about the human world itself. (MC was a shut-in demon before he went to human world)

Solid story, Nice characters, Epic humor, that are the things you will get from this novel.
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BapukBgt rated it
Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki
August 6, 2016
Status: v3c2
Hell yeah, EPIC STORY!

The story about a boy become a dragunir race, not a normal one but his power is far beyond the other dragunir. He face a cruel world, a world where demi-human considered as a trash, EVEN THE BEAUTIFUL ELVES!!!

I like the way he trample anyone who oppose him.

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BapukBgt rated it
Saikyou no Shuzoku ga Ningen Datta Ken (WN)
August 6, 2016
Status: c19
OP MC, but he is such a wimpy guy.

He has the power to destroy the moon, yet he just stay in the cave with one s*xy elf and a slime. Well the elf girl just afraid his power will be used by some country, so maybe the choice is just right at the moment.

Its short in chapter, but its fun for casual reading, so yeah I recommend this novel
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This is my favourite novel. The story not only focused on MC, but also the other characters as well. At first this novel is about action and adventure, but lately it became a casual novel about the OP MC just sightseeing the world while casually kills many Demon Lord. Still, I give this novel 5 star rate for the solid writing and consistent mark of the other characters, nodesu...
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