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Bakaleaf rated it
Chaotic Sword God
May 23, 2016
Status: c465
Enough is Enough If I don't drop this then I can't help but help to think I am wasting my time reading this The never ending filler (Chapters that is irrelevant and just making the story longer) is very annoying. To many Plot Twist. The NO ROMANCE theme. To much its to much!

I drop after
... more>>

After The prince sent an assassin to kill MC. What did MC do? He let the prince go, since MC doesn't want to have a conflict against the prince country. I call that BULLSH*T! MC just destroyed 5 freaking Kingdoms! And he was afraid with one kingdom. The hell was the author thinking, He could have just given the prince a beating before letting him go! To much! I have enough with this whimsical author!


The major reason I hated this novel is how MC approach things. We see an OP MC that can destroy kingdoms! Then another part we see a very coward MC who can't do a thing! Then the Never ENDING Loop of killing here and there! There are times that MC status makes him invincible so I can't understand why MC is so coward at times!


To hell with MC disappointing the princess who waited for him for years just for MC to annul there marriage! The reason? MC is afraid since he has to many enemies! Still afraid after he can destroy kingdoms! And has the backing of a major Empire not to mention the two saint ruler who is MC's friend!
And how can I forgot to mention MC is beyond OP already! Still afraid? Seriously! Go jump on a cliff or something! After you killed lots of lots of people! Still afraid? Its not MC fault its the author way of writing!


Will I might as well read this again next year but right now I seriously don't feel like reading anymore. <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
The Magus Era
May 18, 2016
Status: c125
At first it was kind of decent remind me of a certain novel (Perfect World). The savage way of living and the simple plot looks decent
but as the chapters goes by the annoying copy paste scene starting to appear. What do I mean copy paste? It is when a scene that has happen in the past chapters appear in the latest chapter. It is so similar that the only changes are the place and some minor characters added.

What is more depressing is the never ending cornered MC. The annoying... more>> family of MC especially his father who keep on ignoring obvious thing which could have avoided various tragedy but because his father keep on insisting of the clan's priority now his clan is clearly disappearing and slowly gotten destroyed which is clearly can be avoided if he take actions. (So much for a Legendary leader)

What I like about this novel is:

MC little army of mystics, The Tree Man. The stone man. The nymph and so on.
MC little adventure every know and then (MC is still 10 yrs old)
OP MC is already common so its not really worth mentioning.

How the Enemies died brutally, but some things also quit disappointing how that annoying girl died so easily in 1 hit after all her plots and attempt to kill MC and His father


What I hate about this novel is:

The MC encounter powerful people befriend them and then left MC side. Seriously what's the point? Appearing before MC and then after they leave MC is then put into a life and death situation. (This has became a copy paste so expect a lot of scene with this sort of plot)

MC meet a girl same age but much stronger than MC and the girls father was the ruler of there place, and made MC her man servant. And what happen next? They got almost annihilated. The prostrating part MC got blamed? Seriously who is in there right mind blamed a 10 yrs old kid? At this point I already feel like not reading at all. Imagine after all MC effort saving the little girl when he return he saw his father got beaten up and his mother almost dying (its not really surprising since like I said the copy paste plot this is not the first time MC sees his father and mother got beaten)

After This the girl and the mysterious old man went back, Surprisingly not a single reward for MC! They just gone left disappear!

MC is always get cornered and often almost died. The obvious Enemy has never been punish, The father of MC always insist not to take action although he already know who the mastermind is.
As a result they are cornered again.

They send MC to get help, I was like WTH!? MC is just happily traveling and encounter another random thugs and beat the crap out of mc?

You see it once, Twice and in the 3rd time it got annoying, Father and Mother got beaten badly, MC and family always got cornered. Plot please move on with the copy paste sitting!

The new scene where MC ask for help, I no longer look forward to it
Reading almost 100 chapters of this with the repetitive scene which is like copy paste. Can you blame me if I don't expect anything new?


Well when I read this it remind me of the novel Perfect world but sadly it was world apart, my bad for expecting to much.

MC journey is really harsh, yeah brutally harsh. I still read it but maybe once a month if I ran out of novel to read. Like I said this novel is not something which you well look forward to for the next chapter.

Warning: For some odd reason the author love to see woman as slaves in this novel. Most of the time Woman are seen as slave and some even put prices on them. <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
Close Combat Mage
February 28, 2016
Status: --
I can understand the depression of others reading this novel
just Imagine our reaction after we read chapter 250

It was a complete waste of time reading this!

First The author focus to much on beautification, to the point I gave this novel a new title the Close Combat mage beautician (with all those face and body modification turning ugly things to beautiful beings)
2nd The age gap for MC and the plot of the story.. To much happen and MC was barely in his Teen. You can see a mature... more>> and scheming little child to the point it feel disturbing..
3rd The unnecessary build of characters and relationship (after you read chapter 250 you well realize what I mean), It means all characters the MC well meet well be useless and well be easily forgotten. So to anyone who well yet to read it don't expect to much to characters that revolve around the MC or you well get disappointed just like us.
Major Spoiler! Well its not really major considering the author said it was still a prologue..

The 36 Fire and Wind Girls betrayal and this girls was left untouched and was just discarded as if they never existed in the first place!

I believe that this girls is where MC spent Trillions of Money, Show them Tender Love and Care, and with out doubt the most chapter consuming characters was really actually trash and unnecessary, it left a bad taste to me. The agonizing part is after there betrayal the author sugar coat its words twisted it and say this girls never betrayed the MC. Still no matter what the author say.. This 36 girls spent more time reporting to the 4th prince than supporting MC, This girls even said the only reason they follow MC was because of the 4th prince order. If this is not betrayal then author has yet to feel being betrayed. At the end this girl was never been punish and was just ignored by MC.

The punishment of the 4th prince and his wife was actually a big insult to most readers as the author only shows 1 single chapter for it! Imagine the 4th prince has taken everything, Everything from the MC and yet the 4th prince punishment was just 1 chapter! I can only see a childish revenge from MC, at least author should let this person suffer more!

This clearly show the authors lack of comprehension towards revenge. And we can also see that in future development the author might make this kind of approach and well end just another waste of time to various readers.


and finally with the prologue ended (Chapter 250) and new journey open to MC I feel that it is just a waste of time continue reading since I can clearly see the usual thing where the author well just make a random loop in the story and maybe after chapter 500 all the characters well also be forgotten and the MC well move on to another journey.

As such this kind of story is not really for me as I love character Building and journey with companions is also good. But not only this novel discard comradeship it also ignore the very basic of friendship, you can see the author attempt to make this story of friends betraying MC but the approach seems childish and morally lacking. <<less
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Inferior version of http://www. novelupdates. com/series/the-man-picked-up-by-the-gods/

I say Inferior because the timing of events is so mess up. At least the novel above balance from store making and still with in the flow of the plot, but this thing is just *sigh*

The building a store thing is a little bit annoying. Recruiting staff explaining various things to sell (and it takes 1 whole chapter!)
Yup its boring....!

MC is OP? so what! what good is an OPness MC when what he did first was run a shop! It would be nice... more>> if MC was like an average person that badly needed money but in this novel MC is for crying out loud a Noble!

As of Chapter 21 there is no Clear plot of the story (I think there would be none in the first place)

Seriously I was excited with the school arc but what was that after the enrollment the retard MC build a shop and start selling things!

*sigh* Yup this is one of those novel you would drop reading <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
The Portal of Wonderland
February 11, 2016
Status: c108
Rereading As I see Xianxiaworld has now plenty of Decent Editors

I was annoyed after reading 4 chapters. First the Story seems similar to the story of Arthur and Mordred (Arthurs Bastard Son from his Wicked Sister). The Novel is so annoying to read it feel like machine translated and an epic fail arrangement of words (But that was 6 month ago and it seems they have now decent editors)

After reading then I well reevaluate my review. As of Chapter 108 and yeah its really bad to the point where... more>> one can read 1 chapter in less than a minute (took me 20-30 sec)

First It lacks Direction of the plot (MC wanted to be the strongest?). As you read you well notice MC is here then there the ever changing scene. Second it Lacks Impact on Cultivation, MC is not OP but is hardworking to the point that MC was once a warrior, a mage, a summoner, and etc. Third its way to short, You are introduce something then the next thing its forgotten. You see MC is popular yet forever alone. Fourth lack of Enemies, It was a good battle when MC offended certain characters then after that it went blank. And Finally (To lazy to make a list) It lack ROMANCE! MC meet clam girl and was forgotten, MC meet another girl and was again forgotten, and lets not hope for another girl since it well also be forgotten.

When you read this you don't really need to understand everything since its as simple as it can be. It has to much repetition and there is no improvement in MC's part. When MC learn something, after a few chapters MC well again learn another thing and it well repeat itself. In short it is a total waste of time trying to understand this novel.

Well I just read 100 chapters but sadly it was not really improve on my first impression. The Translation is OK but the novel is just a big disappointment on my part.

It lacks the ROOT that wanna make you read it. I just feel I well read it but the desire to read more is empty.

The Good part is since I had a bad first impression and so I never did expect anything from this novel. So like I said some chapters can be read (at least for me) for just 20-30 sec. I feel bad for TL who translates this and to the Editors since I am aware how long it takes for each chapter. But I can't help it that is just how boring this novel is. (Still this is not my Final say since I am still reading this) <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World
July 6, 2016
Status: c215
I think most people who read this have some high expectation (especially when they see the harem part).
They failed to notice that this is a slice of life, It means it follows a day to day basis on how MC grow up into a new world (so technically its expected to be at slow pace). Actually there's a plot if you fail to notice it then its your lose not mine.

... more>>

MC was sent to another world got a certain legendary title (The Hero Tittle duh..) by accident.
Along the way he was force to choose between two paths (If anyone still remember the dream thing) It was to live a simple life in this new world or follow the path of a legendary hero in the past.

This is your average person we are talking about not some other MC who have some experience in novels, anime and etc. So we can't blame MC to be extra careful. Next is the coward part of the MC is a side effect when MC Mana is almost depleted which is normal in that world (when mana is near zero one well have negative emotions).

And while at it we must not forget that this Novel is called Slave Harem for a reason, and yet this can't be called a hentai novel which give to much details to s*x. (People who over react on the s*x part has just super wild imaginations.)

Another thing is its not that the plot is not moving, base on the latest chapter a lot already happen. (MC already joined a secret organization and got himself an ELF is already a big achievement in my part)
(when we talk about slave having an Elf is a must..)


I guess some people just half halfheartedly read it and miss some minor details which is important in the story.
Although the dungeon exploring looks like a Loop which is repetitive but for me it isn't. There is always something new and if you fail to notice it then this novel is not for you.

I hated repetitive chapters and never ending fillers but surprisingly this novel is different. I have been following this since the very start and I can say that its one of my favorite novel. People who focus to much only on the s*x part of this novel serious something is wrong with you guys. There is more to this novel than s*x (moderate your wild imaginations or just read another H-novel there is plenty at Novel update just search for it)

And I say people has bad habit of putting to much expectation to any MC. The MC in this novel has Zero Knowledge in another world so comparing them to other MC with vast knowledge and theories from novel, anime and etc. Is kind of unfair. Those MC can have major achievements since most scene is already expected base on there fictional knowledge.
What we have here is an MC that has no idea where to start. So what if he got Hero stat epic skill and so on. He has no idea if this is good or bad.

I usually don't like speaking and comparing but when it involves certain novel that I love I can't help but react. Its not the novels (authors) fault if there tiny little brain can't comprehend and appreciate the truth about the story. But I hope they moderate there insult and bad impression towards the author and the novel.

Its because you don't like it doesn't mean others won't. And just because we like it, it doesn't gave anyone the right to downgrade the reader who love this novel along with the author.

This novel is great for people who love simple Living, expect a slow plot (Read twice if you think you miss something or find it repetitive, since its not)

The s*x part is just a little fan service, ignore those people who have to many to mention about s*x in this novel (This is a mature novel but not a H-novel who gave to much details on s*x).

It might look slow pace but MC is a total newbie in new world stuff, his PR is very low, MC is not a coward but more of a overcautious type. What I love in this novel is how MC grow stronger along with the girls, He always focus his relationship to them and always do his best to improve them. He always try to do things on his own pace which look slow to readers but it can't be help since he basically have no idea where to start.

If you manage to appreciate this novel then your one of the few who see the truth about this novel. Its definitely a good read for my part. <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
Beauty and the Bodyguard
April 23, 2016
Status: --
Note: This is a bias review anything I say that might hurt any real person is just a coincidence.

As of Chapter 13

This novel is just your another harem no touch novel (It mean Girls surround MC and that's it don't expect any romantic relation ship or any future harem development). I was disappointed of how MC was introduce. What I just read was a retired MC who is easily trick and was slave driven by his adopted grandfather. (Imagine doing Assassination Mission and only get 100$, that's how weird this... more>> novel is) and most chapter (as of Chapter 13) was wasted by a certain female complaining. Seriously all those chapters just to complain about the MC.

This is one of those novel who need frequent follow up, since if I can't read this in a week I well completely forget that this novel exist.

Contrary to this Novel Description I can say its a huge lie (base on chapter 13)
An MC who is easily cheated and being fooled by his adopted grandfather
An MC who is continuously insulted by a certain female character
An MC who doesn't even have a decent dress? (Seriously he went to the city full of dirt?
How his cloths got Dirty is one of the major Mysteries of this novel)
We all know MC is OP but if it is not shown then it is useless

Well I swear that after this I already drop this novel as I just rated it 1 (-5 would be good) not that this novel is bad but it lacks the impact or it makes reader easily forget this novel existence (as of Chapter 13)

Maybe just maybe this novel has potential but so far I well read this later (maybe 1 yr from now?) reading 13 chapters of nonsense was enough to make me lose interest from it.

Reading a lot of novel makes you wanna compare but seriously the other one novel (same author) is far from this. There is potential but as u can only read it 2-3 times a week I can bet even the TL well lose interest in this novel so might as well give up on this early until some TL who can translate daily pick this up.

(I usually don't give early review but after reaching 13 chapters I don't know why but it really tick something inside me and I really want to complain!) <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
Strongest Abandoned Son
June 12, 2017
Status: c113
Finally Drop after chapter 113


... more>>

The Desert arc disgust me

I have no idea what the hell the author think if you don't want a romance or any thing then don't even write it.

To hell the 2 girls went to a deadly desert just for the MC and when they finally meet it was like "Hey its you two, ok good bye" so annoying I was like GIVE ME BACK MY EXPECTATION, I thought this novel was different to the other novel this author written HELL NO! they are all the same Tragic MC with ZERO to EMPTY ROMANCE!


I am disgusted how the author use girls here to justify MC greatness they are like tools or decoration. I wonder if the author feel that is good for girls to just expect something to a man and by the end they are left behind and crush there expectation

What I hate on this novel is how the author make you think that MC and the girls has connection, you are in a false expectation that something will happen after the girls separated then search for MC and they meet again. And when they do MC was totally indifferent about them.. author why not let MC say to this poor girl.. who you?

There is no plot just your boring story where MC wanna get strong

and when you think there is ROMANCE on this novel TRUST ME there is NONE ZERO NOTHING EMPTY NADA...

So when you read MC meeting girls blah blah blah the ending is clear the girls are just decoration to waste chapters a huge empty and useless fillers of girls struggle to look for the MC and the MC was like WHO YOU? to them.

If you are a man who love to give empty promises or expectation towards a woman then this novel is for you...

BTW Author is amazing all his novel I already drop after reading hundreds chapters since its a boring never ending loop of

MC-->Want to get stronger-->Meet girls-->leave Girls--->Girls search MC-->girl find MC -->MC want to get stronger-->leave girls--->Girls search MC--->girl find mc-->meet girls... and so on... yup this basically sum the story and I was LIKE the GIRL has no reason or meaning on this novel but just a decoration to waste chapter... <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
April 28, 2017
Status: --
I don't really know why none of the reviewers ever mention

WHY!? A 5 yrs old kid is being hated!?

I see so many spoiled little children but then again they are technically LITTLE children, I don't like how to author have a very bias view to the point it is pretty ridiculous. In the first place a 5yrs old kid being hated by everyone including his parents and still mentally able is questionable, and he never ever question this oddness. Well I am reading this since it is translated by a... more>> trusted translator but the early chapter give me some creeps. Imagine a 5 yrs old being hated by everyone!

I am still reading this but I just feel like shouting this question out loud as I read the reviews and no one point this out. A more detail review later after reading a hundred or more but I don't expect much as I really feel weird.

Yeah my first impression when I read this that this novel is weird or at least the mind set of an author where he can easily write a novel where a 5yrs old child is hated and bullied by all including his parents.

Do forgive my sudden rant lol Like I said I needed to shout this out loud lol <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
Red Packet Server
June 6, 2017
Status: c84
I give it 5 star since I love to read a novel that makes me thinks of possibilities

To many novel now a days are just to blunt and boring with the repetitive plots and predictable outcomes not to mention the never ending filler and trash chapters.

1st Let's Ignore the Harem part I am not one of the hypocrite readers who denies and say they hate harem yet they still read it. What this novel have that made me interesting is the mix of god and human. Take MC for example... more>> an idea just made me think WHAT IF MC is not really a mortal? That make sense and explain why he got invited in that chat group as most reader who read novel such as this can tell that some gods tend to reincarnate and forget most of there past until they reach a certain realm. To many What IF in this novel and that is just one of the example that make this novel interesting. I also love the balance on how the author represents the girls in this novel. Not the old classic harem where all girl should reunite out of no where. The girl here has decent character build which we can enjoy reading. To little to None Filler that makes you wanna read this daily.

The plot is a big mystery? Well that is if you don't expect that the outcome is this and that still it should be good enough to manage to outlast the story.

The biggest flaw of this story is the lack proper setting, for once we have an amazing MC yet you can't help but say why the MC is amazing? The backing or support characters are a little bit not clear as MC interact with some people every now and then. And there has yet to appear a really decent enemy that can threaten the MC.

I rarely give 5 star so I can guarantee this is a good novel to look forward for.

for the readers who give below 3 star

I can't help but notice that the comment was base on the MC being arrogant and the harem part. I feel pity as to this people is reading and can only see HAREM? This shows how hypocrite of a person they are.. I mean if you don't like harem why the hell do you even mention and explain this and that like a pro. If you really HATE harem tag genre then STFU and stop reading lol.

remind of a bunch of lolicons saying that this and that are pedophiles and yet they are the only ones who notice the pedo part as the majority of the readers can't even tell which part is being pedo lol.

Next is MC being arrogant, This is an old and really ridiculous reason of assaulting an author. Which person is not arrogant? Wake up reality is all humans are born arrogant. Humble? Is a word use to submissive people who need to vow down like a dog to impress someone and you really think people would read a novel like that? MC should be superior he is called main character for a reason and you want him not to be arrogant? And yet when you read a lame MC with down to earth humbleness you then shout out loud! Why the hell is this MC like that? Lol such a paradox.

Sadly to rate this novel below 3 just for that Harem Tag and MC being arrogant and still have the shame to review is really pitiful, yet it can't be help.

Like I have the right to do a review this people can also say anything they want. I know since I often say my bias opinion yet I don't force people to believe in me. <<less
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It's annoying as hell reading this novel

It goes like this character A B and C in Chapter 1. Chapter 2 POV of B, Chapter 3 POV A and so on.

There is no sense on skill magic or whatever it's like I got this skill and I am amazing, kind of writing. The MC is annoying as you don't know if he is just being passive or seriously has no care. The surrounding characters are rather dull. I mean the MC mother took a whole chapter of POV and was left... more>> just like that. The relationship in this novel is rather miss up. Who in the right mind would isolate a child of 6 yrs old? And it was like I want you to be an amazing MC so let's make your life as tragic as possible kind of feeling.

And MC was like I am very OP and yet I want to lay low so people won't notice me cliche again. MC should be an expert but keeps on making childish and beginners mistakes so I was like what's the point of reincarnation again?To many repetitive thoughts the redundancy on each chapters are annoying.

Well it is a rather good novel if you can just stand the annoying random POV's and the popping of skills out of nowhere (The norm is you get skills from level up or learn it) this novel was like I got an amazing skill with out explanation.

I only give 1 star (.5 if it was possible) since like I said this novel annoy me like hell and that is just my own POV and has no intention to attack the translator and especially the author. I mean they are the most amazing people in this world lol <<less
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With OP MC comes with problems that can't be solve by OPness

but this novel doesn't have a counter for the OP MC which make it boring, It's more of a slice of life where MC spend his time in the most boring way one way or another.

There is no plot atm moment which won't make you think what might happen

The abnormality of MC is unlimited which consider him in the realm of OP yet sadly that is the only thing and there is no more. I was expecting about a... more>> romance part but oddly enough I can't expect this novel being near romance as MC just SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP and did I already mentioned SLEEP! to become strong...

To sum it up this novel is boring as hell for me I don't know about the others but I easily read chapters so fast and yet I can still ask why the hell did I read this. <<less
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Castle of Black Iron
May 3, 2017
Status: c7
After reading a few chapters this novel is not for me to read

First is the level of vulgarity I admit that most novel can get as vulgar as they could be but surprisingly my first impression was what a vulgar novel

... more>>

15 yrs old student Masturbate in the classroom? MC explaining about underwear in the first chapter? A random teacher who suddenly propose in the gate in front of many student? And the worst part the setting is in an all boy school


I admit that the whole mature thing doesn't suit my reading habit and this novel I can feel a depressing atmosphere which is I want to avoid since I already have enough depressing situation in real life as reading is one of my fun habits.

My review is technically one sided and should not be taken seriously as this is one of those moment that I thought I found a good novel just to realize that it is not for me to read <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
One Sword to Immortality
May 16, 2016
Status: c25
At the first chapters I was looking forward and have some expectation (although not that high) but as time pass by the story turn boring as unnecessary thing happen and the MC as usual is very useless.

... more>>

MC got awaken into some amazing power and a very rare bloodline? What happen next? Got kidnap? No force to submission by an unknown individual who force train MC so he can send MC to a suicide mission just to find some unknown item that he need. (Seriously side characters where did you all go?)

I was like, Did the novel just turn into a monotone story focusing on MC being slave driven by an unknown enemy. Did all the side characters just disappear? It feel like all the characters the MC meet didn't exist in the first place (such a big disappointment). Why? Since the MC is like Go to school after school MC train with that unknown character.

"As for the training from Sun Bo Fang, every day he had to go through the same thing over and over again. Sun Bo Fang would just summon an unknown type of monster from the Void world and let Xu Liao battle with it." - Chapter 23 (MC forever alone even the demon girl left him lol)

First where did the demon girl go? (Suddenly drop and was forgotten?)
Second where did the OP Grandma guardian go? (Also drop and forgotten?)
and Finally, what is the point of MC registering into that demon organization?
As if that demon organization doesn't exist in the first place?
MC was like serve in a silver plate to the unknown enemy that well send MC to a suicide mission? If this go on then well drop this novel if the following chapter still continue with this boring plot where every character MC meet was easily drop and forgotten!


I just read 5 successive chapters a big disappointment if the next chapters is the same might as well drop this since its not even fun reading such boring monotone lines.

Officially Drop after reading another 3 chapter with another repetitive training making it a monotone reading about training is dull and annoying. <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation
June 1, 2017
Status: c60
its a good novel at first it looks promising that you wanna read it daily

but after chapter 60 it turn to the point I need to drop it since no point reading it since it is to predictable, then for some odd reason we have a long wasted chapter of battle of a minor character who came out of no where. Even the battle of a Very strong boss and some Mysterious Person was not that long but I was disappointed how a nobody from a certain something is wasting... more>> chapter just to make the battle OP when all reader or at least majority knows what that person ending will be. Such thing is beyond me, what I hated the most next to filler is reading wasted chapters just to beautify a minor enemy who is bound to die and has no important rule.

Another part is MC's relationship to his surrounding, I have no idea what the author is thinking why with the this and that to female if they are just forgotten later. What is this ignore character play? It is hard to judge if the character is a minor one or a supporting one or so on.

Even a certain Character that I thought would guide MC was just brought down so fast and I was like WTH!? what's the point of there meeting? all those chapter I just read went down to nothing? the characters was technically forgotten? Even the clan was one dimensional. Mysterious people at the background? B*tch please author just give them way to LITTLE line and here I read so many chapters for a minor enemy to hell with this novel!

It uniqueness disappear in my eyes, although this is just my bias opinion so do not take it to heart... <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
Ryuugoroshi no Sugosuhibi
March 30, 2016
Status: --
One of the Biggest disappointing novel I ever read (well at least I already read much worse, It helps when you read a lot)

Contrary to what anyone would expect I suggest not to expect much on this novel. At first I was interested since there was some Dragon slaying (everyone loves Dragons!) yet it was the biggest joke of all time (can't spoil it). MC was OP yes but like so retard MC who's only wish world peace, we can't help it the author has made it that way.... more>> One thing I hated was the randomness, I rather read fillers that a plot which suddenly twist then connect to the main plot.


One major Disappointment was the MC and the girl he save Horun. In normal plot they should be together but yeah author love to troll MC and Horun well never be a pair. The girl just married to some random guy who randomly appear and ask for her help. Seriously at this point I feel like dropping the whole novel.

Another thing is the God's. They can't decide if MC should be guided or destroyed? seriously you gods brought someone by mistake at least take responsibility to the very end. What annoy me the most is how the MC easily believe others and has no sense of achievements. Its ok to be an adventure doing ODD jobs but at least try killing some random bosses like a certain MC together with his gorilla wife! And MC is scared of the nobles plotting against him? Seriously those noble was scared very much to the dragon he just accidentally killed!

Also one of the thing is the author love to destroy or cut plots. To hell with the introduction and the plot of the very start. Nothing that matters. It went fly away to another world lol.

"The sky. That was the first thing that the young man saw. The deep blue sky."

"Without a warning or any reason I, Watase Kousuke, was thrown into another world. I killed a dragon and saved the noble girl Horun who was sent there as a sacrifice" (seriously this girl should just die so useless waste of words to speak about this girl who just went somewhere and marry some random nobles).

After killing the dragon, his power greatly increased and he was granted the chance to live in a different world. (Another this he was not Granted a chance he was FORCE to live in a different world).

Together with Horun, they went to the home of the Witch Alice to ask about this world. After learning about the events leading to Kouske appearing in this world, they went to the city Berassen in order to test if he will be able to survive. (yup I hated that B*tch horun already lol and alice is like an old baba 80 yrs old witch, They forgot after a few chapter they left MC alone lol poor MC the girl he save just got NTR with another random noble guy)

This is his adventure." (The last thing you wanna read in this novel is the MC start a REAL adventure!)


"lol just read the TL message today (chapter 21) sorry for some misunderstanding as English is not my major language so I wanna rephrase it with out changing the original message, This was like A big impact when I read that chapter and I just feel like complaining sorry if you thought I was firing at TL when I was just randomly complaining in the air, I mean author is god"

I understand why the first TL drop this (I really didn't mean the original TL about this I was like If I where the TL I well drop it kind of feeling).

I am also amaze of the current TL no idea where the story well take (What I mean is the author mischap about the sudden twist the TL is amazing on how the bomb was drop) but base on my experience reading a lot of this kind of thing (over all I was liking typing so fast that what I think was less of what I manage to write sort of thing, I was also honor to be special mention hopefully this well clear some misunderstanding, That is just how big of an Impact to what happen to Horun).

I can say it won't be good (I still decide to continue reading as long as TL is alive and kicking!) but as long as one does not expect to much then think of it as a random story you can read before your sleep.

Just passing by

It amaze to see 5 star rating lol I feel like they have a different outlook of the story, even after a year the frustation of that girl still remains in me. (one of the female characters in the novel so hard to forget)

Another one mention that if a cop save me should I love that cop?

Well duh the novel is like that B*tch was save by a random noble and fall in love discarding all the effort the MC gave to her...

I think being save by the MC or being save by a random noble majority of the readers will chose the MC...

In the first place a Girl in the book cover highlighted in an amazing manner in the very start of the novel and got discarded not even recycled is what most reader feel bad about.

It's not about the B*tch falling in love with a random noble who appears out of nowhere and may not be even part of the plot. But how the B*tch got discard pared by a random noble and change the over all story in a way that you start asking to your self why I read this again? For the most part I can say majority of the reader start reading this because of the introduction and the potential of the characters which the AUTHOR clearly did not see. Some said about Alice and MC pairing, to bad for you guys if that B*tch see the MC as a brother figure then Alice see him as his grandson lol (she is very old you know if not she would had been sacrificed to the dragon).

The novel keep in shifting phase introducing and discarding characters keep on changing plot and so on and it all started since that B*tch married some random noble.

Do I still need to continue explaining WHY WE HATE THAT B*tch character? yeah it all started to her without her in the story I think this novel is very amazing! <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
The Six Immortals
April 28, 2016
Status: --
As of Chapter 99

I drop this once because Novelsaga's annoying chapter dividing. I return reading since they fix it and you can read it normally. Now This novel is full of repeated scene. For example, Adventure --> Kill Steal Enemies --> Train then repeat again. There is no main plot MC just keep on training without fix goal and when the MC enter the Abyss to Train it start to get annoying.
... more>>

MC with his Friends Started Kill Stealing over and over again. Never ending training. The battle scene is like a huge recycle of the previous battle. To much similarity that only the names of enemies had change. It good at first but once you keep on reading the same thing it becomes annoying.


Author I think has bad habit of explaining useless and unnecessary side characters!

I mean most of there Enemies are famous this famous that. From some Major exaggerated Sect so on and so on, It took must words in every chapter explaining backgrounds how famous this characters and by the next chapter they Died in a few sentences.

Seriously disappointing and like I said it often happen a couple of times when random person appear came from some famous major sect then they want to Kill and steal from MC group and end up dying. If they are just gonna die at least save as a trouble of having to read there backgrounds. The story can move forward even if this random characters is not introduce.


After chapter 99 I decided to drop it.


MC and his group still inside devil abyss TRAINING. Yeah its so boring. A repeated Kill this Steal this train that kind of thing. The battle scene already lost its meaning

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Bakaleaf rated it
Sekai ga Death Game ni Natta no de Tanoshii desu
February 18, 2016
Status: --
To early to decide but since the author is putting a thin line between ecchi and hentai

I can say it well get worse if the author well force to remain neutral and make the MC stay as it is.. (the cowards type who don't explore)

I have read novel with similar genre what made them unique is how the MC approach things.. just showing an ecchi scene made the reader want to drop this novel on spot
As of Chapter 18
... more>>

MC is collecting undead beautiful girls at his special room (1 of MC skill where MC can choose a place as his room and inside MC is like a god)

The Worst part is MC is acting as a retired virgin who is" just look and no touch principle"

Under normal circumstance this should be good in typical harem or vanilla type novel but for crying out loud this is end of the world zombie type of novel

Who is sane enough to see beautiful undead girl naked and well just nod and say "o look they are beautiful" I was like just have s*x with them already!...

His Bias view of the world is ok in Kill the men and spare the woman but in the end MC just became another hypocrite because of this a living person died..


I well read it just for the sake of reading but don't expect to much out of it
I myself can only give it a passing score of 1 (or might be no score at all since its not worthed) <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
Peerless Battle Spirit
January 26, 2018
Status: c385
Finally Decide to Drop this novel, Compare to the hundreds of novel I currently following in novelupdate this one is rather boring. The repetitive scenario that the author is showing made me give up as even simple line are being recycle to new chapters.

For example MC remains trash It's ok once twice but every time is rather annoying.

Enemies are so copy paste you wonder if in the future if another enemy will appear that will say the same line at the same scenario and only the place change.

What attract me... more>> on reading this novel is the unique antagonist at first it was rather interesting but trash enemies who will die at the end keep on appearing in a recycle manner to the point that even if you skip reading chapters you won't miss a thing as it's just another boring battle with same reason of this and that.

Following the flow of this story, I can't call my self an expert but after reading 300+ chapters with same boring repetitive scenario and stuff I rather stop reading since its a waste of time.

If you just want to read this to pass time then this novel is for you but don't expect epic plot line or amazing characters especially romance since there is none! <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
God Of Soul System
November 1, 2017
Status: c4
Drop it after chapter 1

I thought a character from one piece goes to another world might be interesting but vice versa I feel reading it is a waste of time.

I mean there is NO creativity although I only read chapter 1 but since we are talking one piece won't it reflect the real one piece then where is the fun in that?

... more>> I read a novel who use Naruto System it was good but bad ending but this novel has no potential what so ever for me.

One piece fan might find this interesting but people who barely know one piece might be thrown out of the loop.

If one piece chinese then it might mix will but this like mixing to different culture japanese and chinese and as I read chines novel often it is not hard not to notice the bias approach of some towards japanese.

well this might be annoying as a review since I only read a few chapters in it but since I am not a One Piece fan although I watch the anime and read the manga to pass time but this novel is not for me. <<less
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