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Baasho rated it
Perfect World
December 24, 2016
Status: c2015
One of the few best novels I came across. Maybe the best and most likeable main character of them all. Extremly funny, good fighting scenes, enough originality. Cultivation process is nicely described, it reminds me a little of Er Gen's ISSTH, but cultivation levels are not well organized and explained like in most other novels, they are pretty vague, Chen Dong starts to explain them when Shi Hao is close to breakthrough, which was very refreshing to me.
I would put it on the same level as ISSTH and Deolate... more>> Era, those 3 novels are best of the best for me till now.

I've read fine number of novels, every work by IET, 4 or 5 from Tang Jia San Shao, Battle through the Heavens, Wu dong qian kun, Warlock of the magus world, Transcending the Nine heavens, Limitless Sword god, Spirit realm, Xian Ni, tried to read Martial god asura, Dragon marked war god, Peerless martial god, and few others, but gave up midway cause of the stupidity and lack of writing talent. <<less
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